The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 5


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Bottom line refreshed

Not only Mu Kexin, who thought that Bao Junyan should be hers, but the other members of the Mu family also believed that the one that should be married to him was Mu Kexin. But, at least they were sensible enough to know that they can't possibly let Bao Junyan marry whoever they want him to marry.

Therefore, they want Mu Kexin to first live within the Bao family, a a pavilion near the water (using one's proximity to the powerful to obtain favor). Then, let Mu Huan help Mu Kexin get along with Bao Junyan. Once the two have developed feelings, they will let Mu Huan get down from her throne and let Mu Kexin replace her.

When Mu Huan understood what the old woman was trying to say, she was unable to believe her eyes. She has met countless thick-skinned men, but has never seen such thick-skinned woman!

When she refused to partic.i.p.ate in Bao Junyan's bride selection banquet, they used her grandmother's safety to force her to attend. Now that she has ruined everything just because Mu Kexin feels that Bao Junyan is rich and handsome, and wants to marry him, they shamelessly let her return Bao Junyan to Mu Kexin as if he wasn't a person.

After seeing Bao Junyan's appearance, Mu Kexin thought she should have been the one to marry Bao Junyan and that he was hers. She could understand that, after all, Mu Kexin had water in her brain. But her grandmother and father also thinking that Bao Junyan was Mu Kexin's, she really found it hard to understand!

What were they thinking? How did they arrive to the conclusion that Bao Junyan should be Mu Kexin's? Where did they dig the confidence that since Bao Junyan picked her, he would certainly choose Mu Kexin?

Also, although she didn't want to admit it, Mu Kexin is her half-sister and he is her brother-in-law. She wanted to climb her brother-in-law's bed. They felt no shame about it. Instead of stopping her, they employed the wife's help to let Mu Kexin climb her husband's bed.

What the f***! Mu Huan really wanted to swear.

d.a.m.n it!

That's it!

“Grandma, although I know that you are shameless, you can't be this shameless, can you? You have to have a certain bottom line to be human!” Mu Huan felt that her bottom line was once again refreshed.

“Grandma, you listen, listen her, how dare she say you are shameless!” Mu Kexin immediately took the opportunity to point fingers.

Mrs. Mu's face turned gloomy. "Mu Huan, it seems that you don't want your grandmother!"

When Mu Huan's mother died, her step-mother entered the door. Since then, she has always been dependent on her grandmother, who fell into a coma at the beginning of this year and was now in the hands of the Mu family.

Mu Huan clenched her hands on both sides tightly.

“Weren't opposed to marrying Bao Junyan before? Now, I'm giving you the opportunity to leave. I'm just doing so as you wished, so you should cooperate well.” Mrs. Mu's voice softened after pinching her breath.

“When Kexin marries Bao Junyan, I will give you a house, and let your grandmother continue to receive the best treatment in the hospital, so that you'd be carefree the rest of your life.”

“Grandma, did you think I am still young and ignorant, that I'll believe whatever you say?” Mu Huan sneered. Give her a house after the event and let her grandmother continue to receive the best treatment in the hospital?

Oh, by then, she'd afraid that this old lady would only throw her grandmother out of the hospital immediately and cut her way out, so that she would never cause any trouble!

“Whether you believe it or not, you are going to do as you're told! Don't think that since you and Bao Junyan are married, your wings have grown hard. If those things fall into Bao Junyan's hands, do you think you will still sit as his wife?” Confronted by Mu Huan's tenacity, Mrs. Mu refused to tempt her with anything more and directly went straight to threatening.

In order to prevent Mu Huan from rebelling after she marries Bao Junyan, Ms. Mu has long been prepared.

After Mu Huan was selected by Bao Junyan, she drugged her, leaving photos and medical records that she could never explain. If Bao Junyan were to know of those photos, there's no doubt that he'll be furious!

Therefore, if she obeys the old lady's orders and sits as Mrs. Bao, she would let her and her grandmother live well. If not, she will pull her down from her sit and end her life with her grandmother!!


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