The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 4


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Should return to her

So later, when she woke up in pain, she simply washed up and went down. After she had a rich breakfast, she planned on how to earn money. Money is now the only thing that can save her from all her troubles.

Mu Huan readied her bag and went downstairs for breakfast only to be met by housekeeper Li on the hall followed by Mrs. Mu and Mu Kexin.

Her appet.i.te instantly vanished.

“Young lady (Mrs.), your grandmother and sister are here.” Housekeeper Li, who told Mrs. Mu and Mu Kexin to wait in the living room downstairs, went upstairs to inform the madam, but didn't expect them to follow behind him.

Although they were rude, they are the closest relatives of the young lady, and so he could not say a word against them.

Seeing Mu Huan, the elderly Mrs. Mu rushed ahead of him and put up a doting front: “My precious granddaughter, why have you lost so much weight, haven't you been eating well lately? Look what grandma has brought you…”

Housekeeper Li: “…”

So what this old lady wanted to say was that they have abused the young lady?

Mu Huan looked at her grandmother's hypocritical care, and faught the urge to vomit. She first let Housekeeper Li go to attend to other

Housekeeper Li barely left when the doting guise on the old lady's face fell off.

Mu Kexin, who was behind her, rushed impatiently to her front and grabbed the collar of Mu Huan's shirt. “You are a curse. You are a s***. You dare seduce my Junyan!”

Collars of summer shirts are usually low. The traces that Bao Junyan left on Mu Huan last night were faintly visible, which sparked Mu Kexin's jealousy! She found it unbearable that she couldn't tear Mu Huan's clothes and transfer those traces on her.

All these should have been hers! They should be hers!

At that time, wealthy families with daughter of age for marriage in Yuncheng received invitations to the Bao family's dinner party. To increase the chances of embracing thethick thigh of the Bao's, the Mu family not only let Mu Kexin go, but also forced Mu Huan to return to attend the family's blind date banquet.

It was just that Mu Kexin, who was so determined to enter the entertainment industry and thought that her marriage would affect her path to stardom, was very reluctant. Not waiting for Bao Junyan to make an appearance, her reluctant mother took her home earlier.

When Mu Huan was selected to become Bao Junyan's wife, Mu Kexin saw that Bao Junyan was not only so rich, but also so handsome, and immediately regretted it. She must make Bao Junyan divorce Mu Huan and then marry her.

She felt that Bao Junyan was hers!

If she had not left half-way through the banquet, she would have been the one chosen to marry Bao Junyan!

Mu Huan who was caught in the collar frowned and viciously grabbed Mu Kexin's hand and pushed her away.

Mu Kexin, who fell onto the ground, was driven mad. “You b.i.t.c.h, you dare push me!”

“So what if I push you?” Mu Huan asked indifferently.

b.i.t.c.h? She, Mu Kexin, is the b.i.t.c.h, alright!

“Grandma, look at her!” Mu Kexin pointed.

Who knew, Mrs. Mu not only reprimand Mu Huan, but instead gave her scolding: “Shut up!”

This granddaughter normally performs fine, but a mere sight Mu Huan would driver her crazy.

Mu Kexin did not dare to swear under the harsh rebuke of Mrs. Mu….

Seeing her obey her command, Mrs. Mu turned to face Mu Huan: "Your father and I both think that you should give Junyan back to Kexin so I wanted to let Kexin stay here first. When the time comes, help her and Junyan get along well!”


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