The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 6


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Either the fish dies or the net splits

*Either the fish dies or the net splits – a life and death struggle

“Grandma wasn't to turn me over, but has grandma ever thought that the moment Bao Junyan gets his hands of those things, I won't be the only one suffering?” Mu Huan sneered. Her grandmother indeed has some things which can suppress her, can strip her off her t.i.tle Mrs. Bao, and can provoke Bao Junyan's anger.

Mrs. Mu was unsettled at heart, but refused to show it on her face, “Did you think I've nevert thought of it? If I dare hand those things over to Bao Junyan, of course I have a course for retreat!”

“Oh? Then grandma should try handing them over to Bao Junyan. Let me see how you'll well you'll escape unscathed.” Mu Huan retorted without care.

“Mu Huan, think of your grandmother!” The old lady's face turned chilly.

“Grandma, we're all in the same boat. Don't cross my bottom line. This way, I'm happy, you're happy, everybody's happy. If you have to force me, either the fish dies or the net splits! I'm not afraid of wearing shoes and since grandmother also isn't worried, I dare you!” For the sake of her grandmother, she was willing be manipulated, but helping Mu Kexin marry Bao Junyan, only in their dreams!

If Mu Kexin finally climbs Bao Junyan's bed, she'd be discarded away at once. By then, she would not only be unable to save her grandmother, but would also be forever constrained by the Mu family, and be slaughtered by anyone!

Mrs. Mu knew very well that Mu Huan would indeed struggle to death. Her temperament resembles her grandmother too much, which was why she does not like this granddaughter.

After a moment of silence, she took a step back, “The American expert you mentioned before, I can bring him in to treat your grandmother. But Kexin must live with you. Even if you can't help her, you musn't do anything to sabotage her efforts. That's my bottom line!”

“When that expert arrives and finishes the consultation with my grandmother, Mu Kexin can live in.” Letting Mu Kexin live in was completely no problem for Mu Huan. Without moving her own hands, she could still let Mu Kexin roll out of here on her own.

“Kexin will stay here starting today. I'll have someone send her luggage over this afternoon. Tell the Bao Family that you want your sister to accompany you.” Mrs. Mu was adamant.

Then, not waiting for Mu Huan's refusal, she added: “Xiao Huan, you should know when to cross my bottom line. It's very easy to let your grandmother suffer from improper care.”

Mrs. Mu's warning was just telling Mu Huan that even with the cards in her hands, she still got the upper hand!

Mu Huan clenched her hands into fists.

Mu Kexin immediately scrambled up from the ground. “Mu Huan, you'd better not do anything in the dark to stop me, unless you really don't want your grandmother's life. Otherwise, your grandmother will be miserable!”

If it were not her last resort, Mu Huan wouldn't have gone to the point where she has to fight to death. They are not worthy of payment at the cost of her and her grandmother's lives. So before she has enough power and enough money to leave with her grandmother, she still needs patience.

Mu Kexin stayed back on the same day. When Mu Huan called Bao Junyan to tell him about the matter, he only told her that she was the master of the house.

Speaking of Bao Junyan, this husband, Mu Huan thinks that he is actually exemplary. Basically, regardless of her needs and wants, they were provided for her as long as when he goes home, she is at home and whatever he wants, she will cooperate.

At the request of Mrs. Mu, Mu Huan also asked Bao Junyan to come back for dinner at night.

In order to make Bao Junyan's eyes shine, Mu Kexin spent an afternoon dressing up for dinner. At dinner, she came down wearing a deep V-neck miniskirt on the table.


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