The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 2


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 2

Chapter 2: She is a gentle and virtuous wife.

Bao… Bao Junyan!

The tasteless man who pushed her away turned out to be Bao Junyan! Her husband!

Her mind sprang back to reality and she bowed her head low in a panic.

At Bao Junyan's imperial concubine selection party, she had tried her best to reduce her sense of existence and wanted to be a tiny inconsequential ant. Who knew that he was looking for a gentle and quiet wife, so she was selected.

As she was forced to carry his wife's ident.i.ty, after they got married, she had always been meek and obedient to his satisfaction.

If he were to discover that not only was she not docile and clever, but was also engaged in this line of work, he'll certainly be furious.

Just as she was pondering anxiously as to what to do best.

Another baritone voice sounded, “Little beauty, don't think about hitting on my brother. My brother is married so he doesn't like other women touching him. If you are looking for a man pounce, come at me, this brother will love you dearly!”

The corner of Mu Huan's mouth slightly twitched. Pounce on him, he dared invite her to….


If he said so, then it meant he didn't recognize her!

If really recornized her, he would never say so!

The man who spoke was Gong Zeye, a friend of Bao Junyan's. He was a witness when Mu Huan and Bao Junyan got married. Because he always ran to Bao Junyan's house more diligently, he was the only friend of Bao Junyan she was most familiar with.

He didn't recognize her, so…. Did Bao Junyan not recognize her?

Her heart was simply ecstatic. Mu Huan sneaked a peek at Bao Junyan and never spared a glance at her at all. Thinking back, with heavy make up on, even her mother won't be able to recognize her, not to mention Bao Junyan. But to be on the safer side, she still bent low and squeakily whispered, “I'm sorry, sorry… I'll get out here…”

Having said that, she pressed the elevator b.u.t.ton and opened the door that had just been closed.

Then she ran out at once.

“Bao ge, see, you must have scared off the little beauty. She's running like h.e.l.l.” Gong Zeye quipped as he watched Mu Huan's figure disappearing fast in the distance.

Bao Junyan just gave him a cold look, but made no comment.

When he looked down and saw a layer of powder on his coat, he frowned in disgust. Just how thick of a makeup did that woman have?

Mu Huan who escaped safely just relaxed when she heard a ding from the elevator, signaling the opening of it. Thinking it was Bao Junyan who suddenly realized and chased after her, she barrelled along the hallway to the safety exit at the corner. Running quickly this way, the pepole who were for the lookout for the girl who delivered the cake looked in her direction.

Realizing that she'd certainly be suspected if she were to continue onlike this, Mu Huan calmed down and peaked at the elevator. Seeing it opening, she swept those people with a glare, “What are you looking at! Haven't you ever seen a beautiful woman?”

Those people averted their gazes in embarra.s.sment.

Mu Huan pretended to be dignified and walked towards another elevator.

Mr. Meng's cronies in charge of the exits received the order to grab the cake delivery girl, short hair, wearing a sportswear. So with a wig and a delicate make up on, Mu Huan walked out un.o.bstructed.

At the corner of her eyes, she caught a glimpse of Bao Junyan's car driving away so she hurried home.

By the time Bao Junyan returned home, Mu Huan has already taken a bath and sprayed some perfume. She was sitting on the sofa in a pink dress knitting a sweater.

Yes, knitting a sweater!

Although it was now midsummer, as a gentle and virtuous wife, how could she sit idle!

Seeing Bao Junyan at the door, Mu Huan immediately put down the sweater in her hand, welcomed him home, handed him his slippers, helped him take off his coat and hang it on the rack.

“Honey, have you had dinner yet?”


“Do you still have to work?”

“No need to.”

“Then I'll ready your bath.” In order to maintain her image as a gentle wife, Mu Huan has watched a lot of TV dramas and novels related to this aspect. So far, she felt that Bao Junyan was quite satisfied with her.


When she entered the bathroom, Mu Huan finally ascertained that Bao Junyan has not recognized her today totally.

Although she had always thought that Bao Junyan would never have waited to get home if he did recognized her.

But still, she wasn't at ease when she came back.


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