The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 1


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The sc.u.mbag

Jing Yue Xuan, VIP room

When Mu Huan entered, the birthday party was at its' peak. She pushed the cake forward and smiled sweetly, “h.e.l.lo Mr. Shao, this is a birthday present carefully prepared by Miss Shasha.”

“Hey, isn't Shasha going to break her engagement with you?”

Meng Shao puffed his chest up c.o.c.kily, “It's a gesture of goodwill towards me so she must be reluctant to break up with me!”

“Mr. Meng, you're pretty good! On your birthday, she still forgives you!”

“Of course! This lord's looks are so good. What about cheating?”

After Mu Huan opened the box of cake, “Mr. Meng, there is a surprise in this cake, please press this b.u.t.ton."

Mr. Meng looked at the huge cake shaped in a bikini and immediately smiled smugly. He reached out to press the b.u.t.ton.

“Mr. Meng, can I record this moment of happiness and surprise?” Mu Huan asked for permission, but she already had her phone up.

“Okay.” Mr. Meng struck a pose, which he thought was handsomely, beside the cake.

When he pressed the b.u.t.ton, the only sound he heard was a loud bang, followed by a spring bracket that bounced from the cake with a Z map on it, coupled with a string of words.

Meng Ze, may your life be filled with endless darkness with nowhere to go. And if you were to contract a disease, I hope it would be either AIDS or you end up being a beggar.

Thank you for cheating, for breaking up the engagement with me. To show my grat.i.tude, I sent you a small gift today. I'm going to be looking for my true love from this day on so I hope you'll appreciate it!

When someone read everything word by word, everyone in the room burst out into laughter!

Mr. Meng's face instantly turned black and ugly!

He was so mad, he reached out to get rid of the picture. The moment his hand caught the picture, the cake popped up and exploded, splashing his whole face with cream!

The man cut out an extremely sorry figure.

The laughter in the whole room grew even more unrestrained.

After recording the whole process perfectly, Mu Huan tucked her her mobile phone away and left.

What's wrong with cheating! What a real sc.u.mbag! Served him right!

Mu Huan was working with a firm called MasterCard. As long as the task doesn't break any law, the firm picks up any kind of work. Today, her job was to slay the former fiance of Miss Shasha, who cheated on her. She just had to screw up his birthday party and record his shame, to dispel the hatred in her heart!

After Mu Huan left, Mr. Meng snapped out from his shock and yelled in rage, “Seal the entire hotel and catch that woman. Don't let her escape!”

Dare humiliate him, see if he won't kill her!

The people in the room scrambled out.

After Mu Huan ran out of the room, she turned and hurried to the bathroom.

When she came out again, she was already a glamorous woman with heavy makeup. n.o.body would ever connect her to the little sister who had just delivered the cake.

She brushed shoulders with the people who were chasing after her and walked calmly up to the elevator, then pressed the b.u.t.ton going down.

When the elevator stopped, her employer, Ms. Shasha's message just reached her. She swiped her phone and raised her leg into the elevator. Unaccustomed to wearing heels, she forgot to change her stilletos and the heel got stuck at the elevator seam. She instinctively forced her foot forward and slid in.

Straight into a man's arms. She straightened up ready to apologize.

But the man pushed her away as if she were some dirty little thing. She was jostled away and almost fell again. She looked up in annoyance to see who this was, so rude!

She didn't mean to pounce on him!

It's just that the moment she looked up, her heartbeat stopped!

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