The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 3


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Got used to it

You should know. Although Bao Junyan looked G.o.dly with his unparalled looks, he wasn't as merciful as G.o.d. Legend has it that he was ruthless and cold-blooded. He was known for being stone-hearted so even if he didn't recognize her, she couldn't help but worry.

Now, she can finally put her heart down completely.

With her worries swept away, Mu Huan hummed cheerfully as she bent down to turn on the faucet to fill the tub.

When Bao Junyan followed in, his little wife has his back to him. She was bent on her waist, but swaying with the melody she was humming.

His indifferent gaze instantly turned hot.

Turning off the faucet and with the noise coming from the water out of the way, Mu Huan suddenly felt that the air inside was somewhat charged. She turned around instinctively.

At the sight of Bao Junyan standing behind her, she shocked and hurriedly lowered her head, “Water…. your bath is ready.”

Because of the matter tonight, she felt somewhat guilty so she didn't dare stay long with him. After dropping that, she scampered to get out.

Bao Junyan frowned. He was generally satisfied with his newly married wife. His only concern was that she was too timid. Whenever she speaks to him, she always looks down and whenever she sees him, she was like a scared bunny, who was on the verge of hopping away.

When Mu Huan pa.s.sed by Bao Junyan.

He stretched out his arms and brought her into his embrace.

Mu Huan suddenly got nervous.

Unde the light, the girl's white and clean face was dyed with a faint blush. Her shyness bore resemblance to a dainty flower waiting to be picked.

Looking at her pink little cheeks, Bao Junyan was reminded of the woman with heavy makeup he had encountered in the elevator today. Because of the powder left on his coat, he dumped it in the trash, “Never apply heavy makeup later on!”

His little wife is so clean and pure.

Mu Huan, “…!”

What did he mean by that sudden command?

Why wasn't she allowed to wear heavy makeup?

Did he….

Mu Huan's next thoughts were sucked away by the man's kiss. His kisses echoed himself. He was too overbearing to resist and doesn't allow her mind to wander away and think of other things other than himself.

The first time he kissed her, Mu Huan was frightened because she didn't like the feeling of losing control. But over time, she has slowly gotten used to losing control.

The next day, Mu Huan was awakened by hunger. The person beside her has long gone.

She got up and showered clean.

She could still remember the first day. When she woke up on this same bed, she cried for a day.

Because she had never thought that one day, her marriage would be like this.

She never imagine selling herself into a marriage just to survive.

So that day, she cried badly and miserably.

But even if she has never imagined it, what was the use of crying?


She was no longer the little baby who was held in the palms of her parents' hands. No one would ever feel bad about the little princess of the Mu family. No one would run anxiously to dry her tears and solve everything for her anymore.

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