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Sweetest In The Universe

Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 4

After Zhou Tian joined the team, the three of them waited for around half a minute before the last two team members finally arrived. 

Luckily, the last two players were accounts that were commonly seen in the Korean server's high-end bureau. At least, Zhou Tian had played in the same game as them more than once. 

"These must be the Top and Support players from the SF team? I remember that their account IDs were CPS in the Korean server." She murmured to herself as a habit and then picked up her phone to confirm. 

TL Note: Top is a role you can play in LoL and so is Support. CPS = couple (I think). And btw, she's confirming whether what she thought was true by using her phone, (probably searching it up). 

"Transferred." Xie Yi, who had his headphones on, spoke again. 

"Oh yeah, I forgot!" After being reminded, she also responded with, "They were transferred to the SAg's team a few days ago." 

Now, there was a professional AD, a professional Top player, a professional Support player, and two Junglers.  

TL Note: Basically everyone in their team, atm. 

Hence, Ye Bo firmly decided to subst.i.tute and went on to play as Mid. But even like this, their team still played like an actual professional team. 

But in the Korean server's high-ended bureau, there was a limited number of players that could play. As a result, in the other team, there were probably people that recognized her. As soon as they entered the server, they would've guessed that it was probably her.  

…And so, they chose Kindred. 

TL Note: Kindred is a type of hero, I believe, that you can choose in LoL. 

Usually, every single time Zhou Tian played, she would be streaming. A habit of hers had always been to say a few things that would make the atmosphere better. And so, when she saw that the other side chose Kindred, she spoke without thinking much: "Is this person a literal idiot? This version of Kindred isn't easy to use. And he or she is trying to choose our major hero instead of using the best hero in this version?!" 

TL Note: Major hero = the person is using, let's say, Zhou Tian's most used hero instead of using the best hero in this version. 

At the same time, in the chatting section, Ye Bo had also typed out his suggestion to ban pick. 

TL Note: Ban pick means that n.o.body gets to pick their hero. Instead, people have to discuss before they choose a hero. 

As everyone was used to playing in a round filled with professionals, the communication through the chatting was quick and efficient. Thus, in just a moment, everyone was able to get what they wanted. 

Especially Zhou Tian. She was able to directly get the best hero in this version, which had a BP rate of 100, and didn't get chosen - Dark Sword Demon Atox. 

TL Note: I searched around a bit and I literally couldn't find out what the BP rate was. So, I'll just a.s.sume it's some stats for a hero in LoL. 

Like other games, "League of Legends" was also a game that updated its heroes in every single new version. Dark Sword Demon Atox was the best hero in the entire version and was extremely powerful. It could carry all three positions: Top, Mid, and Jungler. So, to put it simply, if someone as one of those three positions knew how to properly play, then with this hero, they would basically be invincible. 

Zhou Tian rarely used this hero, but it didn't mean that she didn't know how to use that hero. 

Ye Bo, who didn't realize that Zhou Tian was on the same team as him, was speaking to his fans: "It's been a long time since I've played rank, and when I logged on, there was just an entire celebrity team with me. Awesome, this round, all I need to do is to follow my teammates around and have team team-carry me." 

"What? I'm sucky at Mid position?! Stop bad-mouthing at me. I'm not sucky at Mid!" 

TL Note: He was probably responding to someone, (one of his fans, most likely), that told him that he was bad at playing Mid. 

The result was, after a minute in the game, because he [Ye Bo] was now old and sucky at controlling, Ye Bo was killed on the mid path by an opponent. 

After receiving his death signal, Zhou Tian was startled for a moment, but then swiftly went over and took the head left in a blood puddle on the other side.

If you say that, in this round, Zhou Tian was a.s.sisting the Mid because she was trying to save the opening situation, then every time after this, when Ye Bo was faced was faced by an opponent on the mid path, Zhou Tian's Sword Demon could and would always appear at the right time and help fight back. This was a bit like the "Mid Road Father."

TL Note: Opening situation = when the game just starts. Btw, according to Sydney, "mid road father" is basically someone that's very powerful that protects/fights for you. 

After exactly ten minutes, the Mid player on the other team that was being mainly opposed by the best hero in this version, was on his fourth death.

Taking advantage of the short resurrection time, Zhou Tian and Ye Bo cut through the lower path together, and by the way, also killed the annoying twin-skinned milk and jeweled instrument women.

TL Note: Twin-skinned milk and jeweled instrument women are like the enemy/monsters. 

"Oh s.h.i.t, I hate twin-skinned milk so much, they're so annoying. Whenever you try to kill them, you just can't. If I want to win this round, I'll have to do it quickly." She started to ramble on and on again. 

"Then you should probably catch it when you're on level three." Xie Yi responded again.

TL Note: Each hero has an in-game level in LoL, so he's (I think) telling her to "catch it" when she's more powerful (?) 

Zhou Tian: "…" He's just upset that I didn't come down earlier to help him.

It was after the round, during the time where they earned a lot and it was time for them to buy better item, when she hesitated before she explained: "I saw that you guys had an advantage on the lower path and were doing a great job, so I didn't come. But, if I didn't go to the Mid path, then the Mid path would've definitely been destroyed."

Xie Yi: "Mm." 

Zhou Tian: "??" What does he mean by "Mm?" 

"Come to the Dragon Pit." Xie Yi had already switched onto the next topic. 

"Coming! Coming!" In fact, while she was going home and fighting dragons, she'd already known and found out that the Jungler on the other side was coming over. 

TL Note: Not literally home. Probably the "home" for her team in the game. Maybe like, the place where they resp.a.w.n and all?

About the dragon, when she just entered the Korean server, Zhou Tian hadn't really been good at controlling the wild monsters, and her team's dragons were always taken to the other side, even after she tried to control them after such a long time.

After happening a few times, she realized that when she was in the normal servers, she never played seriously. As a result, she didn't even remember the cD for the attack moves on the other side. And so, that was probably why she was always at a disadvantage.

TL Note: cD = cool down. She's talking about the cool down of the opposing team's attack moves, because she now knows the cD of their attack moves, she would be able to attack while their moves were cooling down (?)

After noticing this, she reflected for quite a long time and then eventually completely got rid of her bad habit.

So after that, as she live-streamed, whenever the audience entered her live-stream room, they would always be able to see and hear her using ridiculously fast hand speed while noting down every single cD move of her and her opponents' side.

This round wasn't an exception. She knew that the Top and the Mid players on the opposing side weren't exchanging cD well, and so therefore couldn't be there to help their Jungler. Furthermore, the Jungler on the opposing side wasn't very fast at attacking the dragon, so she wasn't in a hurry. She waited until the last second and then took the dragon, whilst also killing the opposing Jungler.

"Oh look, the next one is an Earth dragon. Earth dragons are good. I like Earth dragons."

If she had been live-streaming at this moment, then just like Ye Bo, there would probably be countless fans spamming in the comments section. 

【Oh, incoming! 】

【Yuzhou Mei really is good! 】

【 Demolition enthusiasts … 】 

They would say that, because in the four dragons of elements, (Air, water, earth, and fire) the Earth dragon would increase the attack damage on wild monsters and defending towers. 

And it was commonly known that this was the cla.s.sic "attack-the-opponents-towers” method. 

Under the worst conditions, each side's development would be about the same, so the team were very equal. Therefore, the only way to win wasn't to fight each other, but to attack the towers. Which would result in that the team that got the Earth dragon first would most likely finish attacking the towers first, allowing them to win.

Therefore, right at this moment, Zhou Tian had been happily taking down the Earth dragon.With that, the difference between both sides slowly, but continuously, began to enlarge.

The other side probably realized that if this continued, then the entire game would've surely been controlled by her. So instead, they decided to attack the Top path.

"G.o.d, four players against one? Our Top path is probably going to be destroyed in moments. Not going." She really knew how to a.n.a.lyze the situation, "I'll help you attack the towers on the Lower path."

"Mm." Xie Yi replied simply. Even now, she still couldn't figure out what he exactly was feeling.

But in game, it was completely the opposite to the not-so-peaceful atmosphere of reality. The two of them were actually perfect partners in game. 

After approximately seventeen minutes, the players from both sides eventually gathered up and were ready to team fight. Zhou Tian calculated the amount of blood she had left and became the first one to run up. After many extreme attacks she, finally, almost defeated three of the players on the other side: Support, Mid, and Jungler. Xie Yi followed her and together, the partners instantly killed their opponents.

As the scene was dying, right at the same time, the other side lost its power and will to fight back. At last, this round ended faster than Zhou Tian expected it to be. 

Zhou Tian's controlling speed finally got used to the new environment. She considered playing a few more rounds so that she could play her best at tomorrow's simulation compet.i.tion. 

But at this moment, the door of the training room was pushed open from outside. 

It was Lin Lin. 

Lin Lin came to find her. He said that they were ready to take her photo. 

So Zhou Tian had to rise from her chair and go outside with him. 

"You'll also have to sign the new live-stream contract along with this photo." Lin Lin concisely explained to her while leading her towards YYg's photographing area. "Usually, when you join the team, you'd have to use another account to live-stream. But your situation is a bit special. So, if you don't mind, just add the team's prefix to your account the next time you live-stream."

Zhou Tian thought about it for a moment and then replied with that it wasn't a problem. 

"And tonight, we're also planning to release the news of you joining the team." Lin Lin told her, "Get ready for it." 

"…For what?" She was a bit confused.

"There's never been a female player in the history of LpL. Since we let you join, the officials will really pay a lot of attention to this event. Apparently, they think that it'd be a pretty good marketing point for the summer compet.i.tion." Lin Lin paused, then talked slower, "We're going to briefly interview you after the photo shoot and hand it over to the officials." 

TL Note: Not like literal officials. You know how like, the game creators and s.h.i.t, post stuff on the game's official website, (updates, events, etc.) It's kinda like that. This is the word: 官方

Zhou Tian: "…" 

With all honesty, because she was still a bit nervous, she didn't immediately answer with "yes." Instead, she uneasily questioned: "What are the interview questions?" "You don't have to be afraid of it. The questions that we've thought of are pretty moderate." Lin Lin comforted her, "Also, adapt to it quickly, so that later you won't be nervous during the interview on stage after the compet.i.tion."

With what Lin Lin said this time, Zhou Tian finally relaxed a bit.

Afterwards, with the help of some staff members from the team, she put on some makeup, changed into YYg's uniform, quickly finished the photo shoot, and entered the interview area. 

Coincidentally, the one who was going to interview her was the same person as the one who brought her into her bedroom last time.

She was very nice and comforted Zhou Tian a lot, who was enduring everything like this, for the first time.

"Okay then, anyway, there are three more questions. Yuzhou was an extremely famous player even before entering the professional circle. Everyone called that person the number one Kindred player in the Korean server. What do you, as the person that everyone's talking about, think of this nickname?"

Zhou Tian scratched her head lightly: "Can I answer honestly?" 

The interview said, "Of course! We want you to answer honestly." 

And so, with all honesty, she spoke: "I actually don't really like this nickname, because it makes it sound as if I only know how to use Kindred. Instead, I think that I'm pretty good what any hero that I use."

After hearing her say this, all of the employees there were a bit stunned. 

Lin Lin was the only one who smiled. He thought that if this rookie was confident, then it'd be good. 

"Next question. After coming to YYg's team and meeting your teammates, did you ever think that they might've been different from what you thought of them before?" 

Although this question was completely unrelated to gaming, this was still one of the fans' most favored questions. 

Zhou Tian thought seriously for a moment, and then spoke: "Mostly, no. But Further…He was a bit different." 

"How was he different?" 

"It's just that… I never that he would also curse at and scold others so crudely." She admitted.  

"Woah, then last question. In the upcoming summer compet.i.tion, which Jungler would you like to fight against the most?" 

Zhou Tian didn't even have to think through her brain to answer this question. She answered without any hesitation: "Delphi. I'm his fan. He was also the reason why I started to play League of Legends in the first place." 

TL Note: Delphi = Ye Bo

She replied truthfully and directly from her heart. But she didn't know that at this moment, Ye Bo, who'd just won a round while playing Mid, was also talking about her in the live-stream room. 

Ye Bo said: "Did you see it? Did you just see that? Like seriously, it was such a smart choice when I chose to be subst.i.tute. This Yuzhou Mei, this sword demon, to have him on my team is so awesome!"

Xie Yi, who hadn't muted his microphone again: "She helped play Mid, so of course you feel awesome."

"What, you jealous?" Ye Bo's tone was filled with satisfaction. After boasting, he finally reacted, "Wait a second! Why'd you turn your microphone on again?"

"Not jealous." Xie Yi answered the first question and simply ignored the second and last question.

Currently, in the live-stream, a fan wrote: 【Daddy Xie: Already so jealous that he opened his microphone. But he just doesn't want to admit it at all 】, written with a lot of "hahahaha"s.

At dusk, when the YYg team announced that they had "Yuzhou" on their team now and the official website posted the interview video, everyone that'd watched Ye Bo's live-stream that noon went viral.

@x.x.xXX: Lord Prophet: "It's so awesome to have him on my team!" Yuzhou Mei: "I'm playing LoL because of Lord Prophet. Now, what I want the most, is just to fight against Lord Prophet."

TL Note: Lord Prophet = Ye Bo. Yuzhou Mei = Zhou Tian. 

Lord Prophet, I'm your huge fan.jpg 

TL Note: .jpg as in they uploaded a picture I think 

@x.x.xX: The best thing is, literally, when Lord Prophet asked Xie ge if he was jealous, and Xie ge was like: No. (Because, in reality, such a powerful Jungler was already on my team!)

@x.x.xXX: Wow, so the girly voice that was talking to Daddy Xie during noon was Yuzhou Mei?

@x.x.xx.x.xX: But, back to the topic, isn't the scariest part about how Yuzhou Mei really is a mei? And, she's actually so soft and cute!

TL Note: In this case, Mei = girl/gal in Chinese. Kinda like… dude, but in a feminine way? Basically they're surprised that she's a girl

@x.x.x: …Stop talking about it, I was a wannabe-girlfriend fan of Yuzhou. Now who am I going to cry to!

Except for these, there were still quite a lot of comments below the interview video questioning Zhou Tian's gender and how it'd affect her profession. Not only that, their words were also pretty cruel, as if, if Zhou Tian were to join the team, then it'd be an insult to the game.

"Aya, why are you watching this? It's a waste of time anyway. They're all stupid idiots that don't even understand the game."

In the training room, Yin Yuanxia, who was just pa.s.sing her seat, happened to see her computer screen. Therefore, was afraid that these comments would affect her emotions, so he spoke in an attempt to comfort her.

"Yeah," w.a.n.g Ren, who was on the other side, said too. "Don't take it seriously."

"Nah, I'm not taking it seriously." Zhou Tian said, "I'm just a bit sad. After revealing my gender, it seems that I've lost a lot of wannabe-girlfriend fans." 

Yin Yuanxia: "…” 

w.a.n.g Ren: "…" 

Jungler sister, that probably isn't exactly the main point…

Translator: Sydney

Editor: Katimu

Proofreader: Dora

Ah s.h.i.t, another late release. Good news tho, we're going to release another chapter this week to make up for the missing release last week. It'll (hopefully) be up by tonight or tomorrow

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