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Sweetest In The Universe

Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 5

In conclusion, under the huge advertis.e.m.e.nts of the YYg team and the LpL officials, the announcement about the number one Kindred user in the Korean server entering the professional circle raised an entire night's worth of discussion.

The educational livestreams that Zhou Tian filmed for people to learn from before were now being dug up from websites and watched and judged by people.

TL Note: I guess educational livestreams means stuff like tutorials..?

But, in reality, everyone was just trying to partic.i.p.ate in the latest hot topic. So, the ones that were actually seriously judging her skills were rare. Instead, most people were just stuck on the fact that she was a girl.

@x.x.xX: To be honest, I'm still incredibly shocked! How come Yuzhou Mei is really a mei??!

TL Note: In chinese, the word "Mei" usually means a girl.

@x.x.xXX: Really, who isn't shocked? And by the way, now I remember that the day she became famous in the Korean server was when was she put into the team opposing Lord Prophet's. And because she was playing very well, she was being praised by Lord Prophet so much during that entire round!

@x.x.x: Oh right, speaking of that, I remember that video of Lord Prophet praising her like crazy! I watched it so many times, it's super realistic and super funny. I suggest that you hurry up and search it up, don't miss out on the fun!

@x.x.xXX: Well, I don't know what Lord Prophet's thinking of right now. Lmaoo. I mean, I suppose his emotions must be even more complicated than ours!

@XX: Holy s.h.i.t! Look! Lord Prophet is now following Yuzhou Mei! Past world number one Jungler, indeed, moves faster than everyone in YYg…

Yes. In fact, Ye Bo did follow Zhou Tian. 

But, after dinner, Zhou Tian was too busy training with her teammates and trying to collaborate while getting used to each other's styles, that she didn't even notice that her idol followed her back. Just before she cut herself off from the game, she saw her almost exploding private messaging section.

The private messages included ones that encouraged hers and also ones that mocked her. Yet, every single message's tone seemed extremely engaged.

She briefly glanced through them, then archived all of them. The best choice was just to not read through anything, so that you wouldn't be annoyed or worried about any of them.

As for the followers notifications, she'd muted them a year ago. 

"Alright. Everyone's doing pretty good today, we can rest early today. Just make sure to remember to come down and play in the simulation compet.i.tion tomorrow. Don't be tardy. This season, SF changed their Support and Top players. So, their styles might've changed too. Get familiar with their new styles and it'll be to our advantage in the summer compet.i.tion." The coach said while scanning everyone's faces.

When he got to his last sentence, his sight stayed on Zhou Tian's face for a moment, as if he were hesitating. As a result, he decided to say: "But you don't have to be too nervous. After all, it's just a simulation."

Zhou Tian: "…" Did he really just aim those words at me?

She wanted to explain that, actually, she felt very calm the entire time. But then she thought about how everyone in the team, even Yin Yuanxia, (excluding the coach), were observing her emotions. So, in the end, she decided not to explain.

TL Note: I guess that means that like everyone in the team except for the coach knows that she isnt nervous bc she didn't look nervous during the entire time

In these kind of situations, explanations are no use. It's better to show them in the simulation compet.i.tion.

"Okay." Zhou Tian said and nodded her head seriously at the coach.

The coach heard her and then left the training room, feeling rea.s.sured.

After he left, a few of the exhausted teammates got up and cleaned up so that they could go back upstairs into their bedrooms.

But Zhou Tian wasn't in a hurry. She wanted to play a few rounds because she'd just gotten her hand-speed up. So she logged back onto the game page. Unfortunately, at this time, there weren't many people online. After she entered, she had to wait for such a long time that she thought it would never end.

TL Note: Hand-speed as in, like she just got used to playing fast for a while. Probably.

After cleaning up, Yin Yuanxia stood up and stretched. He pa.s.sed Zhou Tian's seat and saw her screen, then dramatically exclaimed, "Wow! You don't have to be so hardworking. Staying up late can be bad for your health."

The others all nodded: "Yeah. You played so well today, the coach was praising you the entire time."

"And if girls stay up too late, their skin won't look good."

"That's right, you should rest early."

Zhou Tian, as a new teammate, could feel that her team truly cared about her. So she pursed her lips and smiled, then said: "It's alright. I'll just play and finish the game quickly. Anyway, I slept pretty early last night, so I'm not in a hurry to go to sleep tonight."

Seeing that she set her mind on practicing, her teammates didn't say anything else and just went upstairs. After there was no more noise, Zhou Tian realized that she and Xie Yi were left alone, for the second time, in such a large training room.

Even more coincidentally, they logged on at about the same time, so they were put into the same game. Except this time, they weren't teammates, but were instead opponents.

Zhou Tian: "…" Okay, looks like today there wasn't a way to not join the same game as this teammate.

TL Note: she's talking about Xie Yi

She mentally complained for a while, then put on her headphones and then started the round.

Maybe it was because right now was late for people who's sleep schedules were normal, this round, both Zhou Tian and Xie Yi didn't get normal teammates.

On Zhou Tian's side, their bottom lane was too weak. They died three times in a span of five minutes. For Xie Yi's side, their Top and Mid Junglers were all meandering together in the jungle area, giving Zhou Tian's side an advantage, making them develop after a few happy ganks.

TL's Note: bot lane means the lower lane. i think a gank also means like… a surprise attack?

When the game almost hit the twenty minutes mark, there were AFK players in both sides, leaving Xie Yi and Zhou Tian both speechless.

Zhou Tian thought that if they kept on with this, then this round would end up being meaningless. So, she dragged her mouse over to the "surrender" b.u.t.ton. But she didn't even have a chance to push it before the surrender sign from Xie Yi's side popped up.

Zhou Tian, again: "…" Thanks for letting me win..?

"Duo rank mode," Although Xie Yi didn't turn around to look at her, he was still clearly talking to her. 

TL's note: duo means double players

Xie Yi's voice was approved by everyone gaming circle for being incredibly enchanting, and, right now, it also happened to be midnight. Without the noises heard in the daytime, when Zhou Tian heard his voice, his voice was so refreshing that even before her head processed all the information, she'd already said “yes” as if bewitched by the music.

"I'll invite you." He didn't notice when she rubbed her face and had already sent an invite while talking.

"Okay, coming." Zhou Tian rubbed her face and quickly found a reason for why she had been persuaded to answer with "yes" immediately: since we're already teammates, playing with duo rank mode will help with our team spirit.

And the next few rounds of them playing duo ranking together proved that this reason was indeed true. Because, in the next few rounds, they were playing extremely successfully.

After consecutively winning four rounds in a row, Zhou Tian even ranked up from Korean server number five to number four, relying on the scores that she earned today after coming to the YYg base.

Unfortunately, she couldn't be glad for a long time. Before she knew it, when she looked down at the bottom right corner of her screen, it was already 4 AM, and she felt extremely exhausted.

"It's really late," She took off her headphones, then turned her head to look at the team's AD, "Are you still going to play?"

Xie Yi: "If you're sleepy, then go upstairs." This meant that he still wanted to continue.

Zhou Tian became speechless for a moment. After a while, she finally spoke again: "…You know, if you continue, then it's going to be daytime."

She really didn't know that this was actually normal for Xie Yi. She also didn't know that the others in the YYg team never had the courage to tell their ADc, what she was going to say next. But, because she didn't know the whole story, she had nothing to worry about while speaking. Furthermore, she was also extremely worried about Xie Yi's health: "Seriously. I know that professional gamers usually don't have a set sleep schedule, but like, you have to get at least some sleep during nighttime."

"If you let the lack of rest affect your health and your status, then you'd have much too lose when you compete. It's not worth it."

Xie Yi had been a professional gamer for three years. In the first year, there were many teammates that advised him like how Zhou Tian did. Even the coach did. But, during the second and third year, everyone just got used to his strange style, and never tried to advise him again.

During the eSports compet.i.tions, when he was a new player: when he played well, people praised him. When he played badly, there were still some people that spoke up for him. But, as he became more and more skilled, more famous, and attracted more fans, people seemed to expect more from him. If he didn't carry his team during a compet.i.tion, then people would speak of him as "The AD who's muddling along," leading him no s.p.a.ce to retreat in.

In the spring compet.i.tion, when they failed to get into the final round, he, as the best player on the team, was scolded, berated, and slandered by all kinds of discussion websites.

Of course, he thought that maybe he deserved it. Since he, out of everyone, wished the most that he could lead the YYg team to the championship.

But humans are not robots. If you carry all the responsibilities on yourself, then eventually you'll become tired.

So at this moment, when Zhou Tian incessantly advised him to get some rest and pay more attention to his health, he wasn't as impatient as he thought would be. Instead, he actually felt a bit comforted. 

"Alright." Finally, he interrupted her, "I'll stop and go to bed." 

"Now that's the spirit!" Zhou Tian sighed with relief, then swiftly logged off the game and shut down her computer.

After leaving the training room, the two went upstairs together. 

Xie Yi had trained extremely hard for an entire season, sleeping late and waking up early. It was truly surprising how he could just sit down in front of a computer and still manage to stay clear-headed. But then, when he left the training room, he immediately felt quite sleepy, making his footsteps unstable and his mind fuzzy.

The performance of his fuzzy mind caused him to walk directly into his old bedroom and push open the door before Zhou Tian even got there.

Zhou Tian, who was behind Xie Yi, became startled. She widened her eyes and said: "You, you… You're at the wrong room, Further!"

This made Xie Yi come back to reality. When he looked down, his hand was on top of the door k.n.o.b. 

The atmosphere became a bit awkward. Fortunately, his face was as usual, emotionless. So, he loosened his hand under the scared and stunned sight of Zhou Tian.

He decided to explain: "I used to live here. So, that's why I pushed open this door, out of habit. There's no other meaning, please don't misunderstand."

But when Zhou Tian saw his serious face, she understood it in another way.

She bit her lips and began to apologize nervously for her “dove took the magpie's nest,” and then she bent down and bowed at him, as if to show that she was really sincere.

TL Note: Here, dove took the magpie's nest means Zhou Tian is sorry that she took/”stole” Xie Yi's original bedroom. She's the dove, and he's the magpie

Xie Yi: "…”

His new teammate was a really a good gamer, but as a person… Maybe she was a bit dumb?

credits: sydney, katimu, & dora

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