Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 3


Sweetest In The Universe

Sweetest In The Universe Chapter 3

Zhou Tian was still worrying about how she was going to get along with her new team mates, when she heard what Yin Yuanxia said about her.  

Zhou Tian: "…" 

She fell silent for a few seconds, but then decided to explain herself to clarify the situation: "I've never said that I was a male though." 

"And my ID doesn't mean what everyone thinks it means."  

Yin Yuanxia was bewildered: "What? Doesn't it mean universe?" 

Zhou Tian: "…It actually means fish porridge, you know, the one that you eat." 

TL Note: In Chinese, fish porridge and universe sound very similar. 

Obviously, this response was unexpected to everyone. At least, Yin Yuanxia didn't really think about it, and so he awkwardly smiled: "Oh, so that's what it means."

Zhou Tian: "Mhm, it had been my first time playing on a Korean server, and I was in an internet café. The person beside me was eating fish porridge and it smelled really good. So, I just decided to randomly use this ID." 

After Zhou Tian said that, Lin Lin, who brought her in, spoke up: "Well, anyway, starting from this summer compet.i.tion, everyone will be on the same team. Let's use these few days well and cooperate as much as possible. It's getting a bit late tonight, and I only brought Zhou here to introduce her to you guys. She's going to spend the night at the hotel and will move in tomorrow when her room is ready." 

After what Lin Lin said, the rest of the group finally realized that it was a huge event for a girl to move into their base. 

The male players from the YYg team didn't care about appearances, and they usually didn't pay much attention to what they wore when they were playing late into the night or when they suddenly think of going downstairs to a play some rounds.  

"Yes, we should be preparing quite a bit," Yin Yuanxia said, nodding his head madly. 

"Also, when I came back, I talked to the SF League and now, we're going to have a simulation compet.i.tion the day after tomorrow." Lin Lin then gave them another heavy piece of information to digest. "So, after Zhou Tian moves in tomorrow, you will have to immediately start cooperating well, especially Yin Yuanxia. This version of the game requires a great amount of cooperation between the support player and the jungler. You need to train so that your cooperation will be great, as early as possible, so that we can go and partic.i.p.ate in the S compet.i.tion." 

Yin Yuanxia immediately nodded obediently and quickly glanced at Zhou Tian from the corner of his eyes. 

Meanwhile, Zhou Tian was surrept.i.tiously observing Xie Yi's reactions, trying to get some clues of what he was thinking from that icy and emotionless face. Unfortunately, she was given no answer. 

"Okay then. Go back to doing whatever you were doing just now," Lin Lin said. "I'm going to take Zhou Tian over to the hotel." 

When the two people left the base, Lin Lin asked her casually: "Why were you really nervous when you met those boys?" 

"…I mainly feel sorry for Further," Zhou Tian was more used to calling Xie Yi by his account ID, "He asked me earlier about why I didn't become a professional gamer, and I couldn't tell him the truth, so I came up with an excuse to cover it up." 

"Oh, just this?" Lin Lin laughed out loud, "Then you really don't have anything to worry about. All he cares about are the results and the ranking. As long as you two cooperate and play well at the summer compet.i.tion, nothing else is important." 

After he spoke, Lin Lin was worried for a second. What if Zhou Tian asked him what would happen if she couldn't cooperate well with Xie Yi? 

But the young girl who had just become a professional gamer this summer and exposed her age had never thought about it in that way. Instead, she simply nodded her head and said in a clear voice: "Then I can be a.s.sured now!" 

After Lin Lin heard what she said, he sighed in relief. 

He had been working in the professional gaming society for many years now, and he had seen a lot of geniuses. But the real ones that could compete well weren't as simple as having great talent. 

All of those people had strong self-confidence and each of them firmly believed that they would able to play well, which was the so-called resolute mentality. 

Now, when he discovered that Zhou Tian also held these characteristics, he was still extremely glad, even if she didn't officially the professional gaming society yet. 

In any case, it was better than getting a coward player. 

Meanwhile, in the base behind them, the workers that had been called by Lin Lin were reorganizing the bedrooms of the teammates.  

Although nowadays, the eSports industry was very popular, the bases of every team still held onto the tradition of having teammates live together. YYg was not an exception. 

YYg's best team and second-best team both lived on the same floor. In total, there were fifteen people living in seven bedrooms on the same floor. These bedrooms were made for two and three. Most people had roommates, with Xie Yi as an exception.

TL Note: YYg has more than one team, as stated above. I think, (based on my limited knowledge), that those teams are either based off different games or by how well they play? Idk, so – google to the rescue for you!

Xie Yi had a bit of an OCD-complex, so he took the smallest room for two at the end of the hallway. No one minded, because n.o.body wanted to be the roommate of a person that was way too clean and organized. 

Now that Zhou Tian had joined the team, they would, of course, have to give that room to her. 

The workers were very nervous, because in order to reorganize every room, they would have to persuade Xie Yi to give up his room up.

"Xie ge," The staff member responsible for negotiation didn't have a stable voice as he spoke, "You might have to move into another room." 

"Alright," Xie Yi nodded his head without any hesitation, "I'll move tomorrow." 

The staff member was startled by his simple answer. He had to puase for a moment before continuing: "So, is it okay if you move into Yin Yuanxia and Dao ge's room? Their three people room is the largest." 

Dao ge was YYg's main force, w.a.n.g Ren. He played the Mid position. And because he had "Ren" in his name, everyone called him Dao ge. 

TL Note: "Ren" is "blade" in Chinese, while "Dao" is "knife" in Chinese. So, Dao ge isn't his real name. More of a nickname. His real name is w.a.n.g Ren. 

The room Dao ge shared with Yin Yuanxia used to be full when Song Chu lived there. But now, after Song Chu left because of the transfer, there was now a spot that was available.  

Xie Yi understood this clearly and also knew that out of all his teammates, Yin Yuanxia and w.a.n.g Ren were the most hygienic. And so, he nodded his head again: "Alright." 

When Zhou Tian was informed, it had already been noon the next day. 

She dragged her tiny baggage which was filled with her belongings into the base, and was greeted by a staff member that claimed that they were there to help her get familiar with the base. The staff member led her onto the third floor and into her new bedroom. 

The room was small, but the windows were bright and clean, and it was clearly shown that they had been cautiously cleaned. And so, Zhou Tian thanked the staff member as soon as she entered through the door. 

As a result, the staff member waved her hands again and again, replying that, in fact, the staff members didn't do that much. 

"Earlier today, after Xie ge moved out, we came in and found the room like this. We circled around the room and discovered that there was literally nothing for us to clean or prepare." 

Zhou Tian: "…???" 

"Wait a second," She said, highly confused. “This room was originally Further's?” 

TL Note: Reminder!!! Further is Xie Yi's ID. 

"Yeah. He used to live here alone and he had the least amount of belongings out of everyone. Lin ge said that the easiest solution in this situation was to make him move and he agreed." The staff member explained.

Zhou Tian was silent. 

She felt that even if there was a possibility that she might've not offended Xie Yi, if his thousands of fans learned this, then she might actually be sacked. 

With such an anxious mood plaguing her, after she took out her keyboard and mouse from her luggage bag, she could no longer stay in the room that used to belong to Xie Yi. 

She took the keyboard and mouse in her arms and went downstairs, ready to play a few rounds of games to comfort herself. 

After a night and half a day's worth of preparing, there was even a spot in the training room for her, with a pink post-it note on the seat detailing: "Reserved for Zhou Tian." 

Zhou Tian had to admit that she felt that she really didn't need and receive all the care they gave her - if Xie Yi hadn't entered the training room two minutes later. 

Zhou Tian's seat wasn't very far away from Xie Yi's. And her seat was on the outside, while his was on the inside. In order to access his seat, he would need to pa.s.s hers.

The two people's eyes met for a moment. Zhou Tian thought that no matter how awkward it would be, she still had to greet Xie Yi. So, she was the first to say hi. 

Xie Yi: "Mm." 

As always, his tone was plain.

"That room…" She hesitated, but decided to continue, "Thank you." 

Xie Yi: "…" 

Although Zhou Tian knew that that this guy, the most handsome guy of the team, had an anti-social personality – when she was the one that was who was starting a conversation with him, she still became anxious, even before he started talking. 

Unfortunately for her, when she becomes nervous, she would start to speak a lot. So, when Xie Yi sat down, she began to carefully explain again, "Oh and, uh, I tried to explain about last night-"  

"Hold on," Xie Yi said, interrupting her as he picked up the headset on the table and swiftly fiddled around with it. 

"??" Zhou Tian didn't understand what was going on and so she widened her eyes. 

"I just connected my speaker to Ye Bo's," Xie Yi finally explained, "He was live-streaming." 

This time, Zhou Tian: "……" 

Her cheeks reddened within less than a second. Her hand that held her mouse began to click randomly everywhere. She was way too afraid to speak again. 

When the always silent Xie Yi, saw her like this, he continued to speak: "But, now the microphone is muted." 

Although he didn't explain, Zhou Tian knew that what he meant was that she could now feel a.s.sured and speak. But now, Zhou Tian was already dizzy from surprising news from a few moments ago, and even forgot what she was trying to tell him. Instead, she actually responded with "It's Ye Bo on the other side?" 

Xie Yi: "Mhm." 

He responded while quickly glancing at his screen, discovering that there was a message from Ye Bo on the chat section, containing a lot of question marks, asking him who he was talking to. 

Xie Yi pondered for a few seconds, then typed down three letters: jxp. 

TL Note: jxp stands for "let's continue" in Chinese. 

When Ye Bo, who was still live-streaming, saw Xie Yi's response, he became speechless. And so, he then began to start complaining along with his fans: "Xie Yi really is arrogant. He told me beforehand that he'd accompany me to play a few rounds to increase our scores, but now, he turned around, turned off his microphone, then talked to the girl beside him. I think that he lacks a sanction and really deserves to be punished!" 

He didn't even finish his sentence before there were comments all over the screen-

【Oh f.u.c.k, who is he talking to?! 】 

【Oh G.o.d, he really turned his microphone off? Is she his girlfriend?! 】 

【I think I even heard them mentioning "last night…" My G.o.d, please tell me it's not like what it seems it is!! 】 


【Stop spewing nonsense. Daddy Xie was on my bed last night!】 

【Doesn't anyone realize that the girl's voice sounds really familiar? 】 

Xie Yi didn't know about these comments. But even if he knew, he wouldn't care about them anyway. 

He didn't even bother to respond to Ye Bo's teasing, and so he continued to game. 

But when Zhou Tian, who was in the same training room as Xie Yi, recovered and turned around to look at Xie Yi, all that she saw was him with his headset on and paying all of his attention to the screen. 

Zhou Tian: "…" 

Oof, so it's still not going to be explained.

She sighed and then also logged onto the game.  

The Korean server's high-end bureau was much slower than the low-end bureau, especially during noontime. It'd be extremely lucky to get even ten players in a game. 

But even like this, when she entered the game and noticed that she was on the same team as Xie Yi and Ye Bo, Zhou Tian still couldn't resist but twitch the corner of her mouth. 

Being a person that became interested in the League of Legends because of how well Ye Bo played and had just recently become a professional player, even if Zhou Tian firmly believed that her skills were now better than Ye Bo, (whom had become aged throughout the years), she still had to pay some amount of respect towards him. 

But right at this moment, Xie Yi, who was sitting not so far away, spoke up again: "Ye Bo says that you should take the jungler position." 

Zhou Tian: "Huh?!" 

Xie Yi pointed at his headset with the microphone turned off, then expressionlessly retold what Ye Bo said: "He said that since we have such a good ______, we'll have to use it, so you're going to play as jungler while he'll be subsitute." 

TL Note: Okay, I have no idea what this means. It's probably some LoL thing, so please feel free to search it up: 上分工具人 

Zhou Tian: "… Actually, I also was thinking of becoming the subst.i.tute." 

She was, in reality, using her modesty as a new professional player, and wasn't really expecting a response from Xie Yi anyway. But, contrarily, Xie Yi actually spoke with the same expression as before.

"That's unnecessary,” He said, then proceeded to criticize his friend from the same circle as him ruthlessly, "He's a really bad player these days." 

Zhou Tian: "?" The friendship between the legendary players of the professional gaming circle must be really unique…? 

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