Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 46


Step In Dangerous Love

Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 46

Chapter 46  I'm your husband

The distance between his handsome face and hers was less than 5 cm so that Tang Anran could even feel his warm breath falling on her cheeks.

Such a situation reminded her of the scene at the wedding night.

In the bathtub, Gu Wuyang's hot kiss fell on her lips while his hand moving on her body...

As she thought more and more, her face got warmer and her heart jumped more quickly.

She just thought that she was influenced by Xu Anran, and didn't find that the jumping heart belonged to her right now.

Looking at the red face of Tang Anran, Gu Wuyang felt that his mood got better. His hand on her shoulder intensified as well, " I will solve it."

"No, I can..."

"I'm your husband, the one who is supposed to solve this for his wife."

Gu Wuyang quickly interrupted Tang Anran's words before she refused.

His firm tone made Tang Anran unable to refuse but thanked him gratefully.

"Go to have a rest, and then we will go back to Gu's old house tonight." Gu Wuyang patted her head and then took his hand back.

Facing his approach like this, Tang Anran's heartbeat sped up again and even felt hard to take the breath.

Therefore, as soon as Gu Wuyang opened the lock, Tang Anran opened the door and got off the car at once, running out of the garage. What she hadn't noticed was the smile on the corner of his mouth.

Following behind Tang Anran, Gu Wuyang went back to his room and changed the army uniform into black casual clothes, then he left the villa in a car.

Since he promised Tang Anran that he would help her to solve this matter, he would definitely make it.

Then the first thing he needed to do was going to Xi Cheng company to find the guy who "designed" the draft.

Gu Wuyang didn't know much about business, plus his cold character meant he wouldn't talk much, so he called Yuwen Jin for help before he went there.

About half an hour later, Gu Wuyang arrived at the door of Xi Cheng company, and then a red sports car stopped near his car.

" Could our dear senior officer permit a poor citizen like me to have a good sleep at weekend?" Through the window on the car, Yuwen Jin complained to Gu Wuyang while chewing gum in his mouth, "Do you know that I only slept three hours last night?!"

"Get off!" Gu Wuyang stared at him and said loudly, then he got off first.

Yuwen Jin curled his lips helplessly and then got off the car, walking to Gu Wuyang. Then they came into the Xi Cheng company together.

Though the scale of Xi Cheng company was just one-third of Xu's family, it kept competing with Xu's company all the time. No one knew what the animosity between them was which made Xi Cheng company to compete with Xu's company for several years, despite the fact that it had never won.

Yuwen's company was discussing the cooperation of a project with Xi Cheng, so now, whoever from Yuwen family was the VIP of Xi Cheng company.

Therefore, as soon as Yuwen Jin came in, the receptionist led him and Gu Wuyang going upstairs to the office of General manager, regardless of the request of an appointment

The General manager of Xi Cheng company was a man who was more than 50 years old. After seeing Yuwen Jin and Gu Wuyang, he walked to them at once with a big smile, "You can just send me a message if there is anything needing me to do,why come here personally."

Yuwen Jin directly walked to the sofa and sat down, then said after he drunk a sip of Coffee sent by the a.s.sistance, "Mr. Hu, have you ever heard a saying that don't be greedy of filthy lucre."

Yuwen Jin wore a faint smile on his face while speaking. But what he said made GM Hu's face turn to pale.

"I, I don't understand." With an embarra.s.sed smile, GM Hu clenched his hands.

"How come should you not understand since I've made it so clear." Yuwen Jin sighed helplessly and then put down the coffee and looked at GM Hu," This time, you have provoked someone from Gu family."

As soon as he heard the two words of "Gu family", GM Hu subconsciously turned to look at Gu Wuyang who had kept silent all the time since he came in the office, and then his legs began to tremble.

He, of course, knew Gu Wuyang's ident.i.ty and also knew the status of the Gu family in Yang city. Provoking Gu family meant asking for death.

Taking a deep breath, GM Hu suppressed the guilty and scare in his heart, and smiled to them, "Senior Officer Gu, master Jin, there must be a misunderstanding among us. You should know that I absolutely dare not to provoke Gu family even giving me much more bottle."

"Who gave you the draft?" With no willing to talk nonsense with him, Gu Wuyang asked directly.

GM Hu subconsciously wanted to say that he didn't know as soon as he heard the question of Gu Wuyang. However, before he could say it, Gu Wuyang continued " I just give you one chance. You'd better think twice before you answer me."

GM Hu knew the meaning of his words. Obviously, Gu Wuyang was threatening him right now!

If in front of him was someone else, he would have no scruples. But he was facing Gu Wuyang right now, and he didn't have the guts to antagonize him.

After a short period of time of silence, GM Hu finally decided to tell him the truth.

"The draft was given by a worker from the design department of Xu's company, but I really didn't know her name."

GM Hu was not going to continue after he said this, but when he saw Gu Wuyang's gloomy face, he said everything he knew.

"I really don't know her, but I have transferred 500 thousand yuan to her account. Here is her account, maybe it will be useful to you." GM Hu searched a transfer record while speaking.

Gu Wuyang and Yuwen Jin walked to the computer and looked at the numbers of the account, remembering it quickly.

"Senior officer Gu, Master Jin, I've told you all the clues I knew, and I really know nothing else." GM Hu sighed helplessly, "We do compete with Xu's company all the time, but this time, it was the woman who came to us voluntarily. I hope that you don't blame us and forgive us if we provoked you."

GM Hu barely talked to people in such a low position, but it was different this time. If he really enraged Gu family and Yuwen family, his company would definitely end here.

Hearing his words, Gu Wuyang glanced at him and warned coldly, "Stay away from Xu's company from now on."

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