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Step In Dangerous Love

Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 45

Chapter 45  He obviously had another motive to Tang Anran.

Gu Wuyang was the senior officer of the military area in Yang city, and people could saw his photo in the newspaper. Therefore, as soon as he appeared, w.a.n.g Xudong recognized him immediately.

Now, w.a.n.g Xudong was 100 percent sure that his guess was right.

"Why are you here?" After Tang Anran recovered from surprise, she looked at Gu Wuyang and asked with confusion.

At this time, shouldn't he stay in the military area executing the task? Why did he show up here?

Ignoring Tang Anran's question, Gu Wuyang put his eyes on w.a.n.g Xudong who stood near her and asked coldly, "Who is he?"

Before Tang Anran answered, w.a.n.g Xudong opened his mouth first.

He reached his hand to Gu WUyang and introduced himself smilingly, "Hi, I'm the Manager of the design department in Xu's company and the workmate of Anran."

Looking at the hand in front of him, Gu Wuyang exposed dislike on his face, and then he grabbed the wrist of Tang Anran directly. Without even a word to w.a.n.g Xudong, he pulled Tang Anran to his car.

w.a.n.g Xudong didn't take his hand back until Gu Wuyang drove away.

In the car,  staring ahead, Gu Wuyang asked while he was driving, "Why didn't you call me ?"

"Ah?" His sudden question made Tang Anran blank.

"You haven't contacted me for 25 days. Are you so busy?" Giving her a glance out of the corner of his eyes, Gu Wuyang continued, " If I didn't come back today, will you tell me the thing happened today?"

Since Gu Wuyang did a good job on the duty this time, the government gave him a holiday for half a month so that he could spend the honeymoon that he should have before.

But when he just came back to the villa, he was told by Xu Xiaorong that there was something happening in Xu's company. And after he arrived, he saw that scene.

The intuition of men told him that the man named w.a.n.g Xudong obviously had another motive to Tang Anran.

Thinking of this, Gu Wuyang got unhappier, "Why don't you pick my calling?"

After hearing Gu Wuyang's words, Tang Anran immediately took the phone out from her bag and saw that there were several missed calls from Gu Wuyang.

"I'm sorry. I have set it in silent mode before so I didn't hear it ringing." Tang Anran gave him an apologetic smile and explained, "And you need to execute tasks, so I thought you must be very busy and didn't tell you. Besides, I can solve this problem on my own. No need to bother you."

Actually, the first time she knew what happened, she thought of Gu Wuyang, but soon she thought it was useless to turn to him for help as he hated her a lot, so she gave up this idea.

What Tang Anran said didn't satisfy Gu Wuyang at all. He gave her a glance with his eyebrows drawn together and was about to say something, but finally, he didn't.

With no more speaking, he drove the green Land-Rover to the villa and parked the car in the garage after more than 20 minutes.

After the car was stopped,Tang Anran was going to get off it but she found that the door was locked and she could open it at all.

She looked to Gu Wuyang confusedly and wanted to ask for the rason. But before she opened her mouth, she saw Gu Wuyang staring at her with his brooding eyes.

"What... What's wrong?" Tang Anran winked her eyes and asked in a low voice.

After staring at her face for a while, Gu Wuyang suddenly reached out and held her shoulder, shortening the distance between them at once.

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