Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 47


Step In Dangerous Love

Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 47

Chapter 47   He understood everything at once

There were not pany and dared to set hipany, Yuwen Jin stretched lazily and leaned on the door spany, he went back to the villa directly. At that tiputer, then logged in an APP with an account he had reputer.

w.a.n.g Yue, one of the workers in the design departpany.

Obviously, it was she who sold the draft to Xi Cheng. But the salary and bonus Xu's copany recently and shifted the blapany with other's help.

Besides, the poster probably bought soputer and walked to Tang Anran's roopany and broke all the relations with Tang Anran.

Fang Jiayi worked in the design department before so she must know w.a.n.g Yue. It was possible for her to buy w.a.n.g Yue doing this and then counted all the dirty things she had done on Tang Anran.

"I will go to find her." Gu Wuyang said this and then stood up and was about to go. But at the time he just stepped forward, Tang Anran grabbed his hand suddenly.

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