Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 47


Step In Dangerous Love

Step In Dangerous Love Chapter 47

Chapter 47   He understood everything at once

There were not many changes of Gu Wuyang's expressions, and his tone of speaking was still cold and filled with the violence.

Being suppressed by the powerful momentum of Gu Wuyang, GM Hu dared not to retort but nodded constantly and said "yes".

He knew the relationship btween Xu family and Gu family, and of course, he also heard that they didn't get along well with each other. So he thought Gu Wuyang wouldn't care about Xu's company and dared to set himself against them.

However, Gu Wuyang came to him in person to vent her anger. In this case, it was better to be more careful.

After getting the clues they wanted, Gu Wuyang and Yuwen Jin didn't stay anymore and left GN Hu's office immediately.

"I don't know why you take me here since you can solve it totally by yourself." At the door of Xi Cheng company, Yuwen Jin stretched lazily and leaned on the door smiling to Gu Wuyang, "Since when have you cared about Anran so much? Have you...?"

Yuwen Jin made a short pause and then walked close to Gu Wuyang, " Have you slept with her? So that you care her now?"

As soon as he spoke that, Gu Wuyang recalled the things having happened at the wedding night as well as Tang Anran's fever.

"You haven't got away with that yet. I'll settle with you later. " Giving him a chilling glance, Gu Wuyang said, "Do you want it now?"

Feeling the threaten in his words, Yuwen Jin shook his head at once, "No, no, no. I didn't say anything just now. Besides, it was grandpa's idea. You can't blame me."

Yuwen Jin had known Gu Wuyang for many years, and he had been a soldier under him for one year before so that he knew clearly how well he could fight. Therefore, the moment he noticed his threaten, Yuwen Jin immediately gave in.  

Hearing what he said, Gu Wuyang finally nodded his head with satisfaction, and then he opened the door of the car and sat on the driver's seat.

"Thanks." After he said this, Gu Wuyang got the car started and drove away.

Then Yuwen Jin was going to get in the car, but before he opened the door, his phone in his pocket rang.

When he took the phone out and saw the name on the screen, a look of hatred emerged in his eyes and the next second, he hanged up the phone and powered it off.

Then he threw it to the backseat and drove away quickly.

After Gu Wuyang left Xi Cheng company, he went back to the villa directly. At that time, Tang Anran was still sleeping and didn't know what he had done at all.

He came to the study and opened the computer, then logged in an APP with an account he had remembered just now. Soon, all the information about this account appeared on the screen of the computer.

w.a.n.g Yue, one of the workers in the design department of Xu's company.

Obviously, it was she who sold the draft to Xi Cheng. But the salary and bonus Xu's company offered to the workers were high, and Tang Anran had no conflicts with her either. Why did she do this? Just for money?

Now Gu Wuyang couldn't think of her motive, so he decided to discuss with Tang Anran after she woke up.

He closed the website. Yet he accidentally clicked the news on the bottom of the interface and then a homepage of weblog appeared instantly.

The moment he was going to close it, he saw Tang Anran's photo in the first update on the homepage!

He frowned and looked through the whole blog quickly. After he read it all, Gu Wuyang's face  became gloomier.

This was a blog about what happened in Xu's company recently and shifted the blame on Tang Anran, not only exposing her ident.i.ty that she was the daughter of Xu Chengsheng, but also saying that she gave the draft to Xi Cheng on purpose and tried to fight against Xu's company with other's help.

Besides, the poster probably bought some anonymous instigators on the Internet so that this blog was among the top searches on weblog within a few minutes, and all the comments under the blog were cursing Tang Anran.

Before, Gu Wuyang had heard that Jiang Hua had confiscated the communication devices of all the workers in the design department so that no one could speak this event out. But now someone announced everything by a blog, which was so weird.

Who updated this blog? Was he/she a partner of w.a.n.g Yue?

Thinking of this, Gu Wuyang turned off the computer and walked to Tang Anran's room while dialing a call to Jiang Dong

Tang Anran had been awake since Gu Wuyang went to the study. But the leakage of the draft made her upset, so she sat on the bed thinking.

Gu Wuyang pushed the door open, only to see her vacant face.

"What's the matter?" With his eyebrows drawn together, Gu Wuyang walked to her bed quickly.

Hearing his voice, Tang Anran finally recovered from her thoughts. After she recognized the guy in front of her was Gu Wuyang, she shook her head slowly and said faintly, "I'm okay, just thinking who did that."

"The one who sold the draft to Xi Cheng was w.a.n.g Yue. Do you know her?" Gu Wuyang sat on the bedside looking at Tang Anran and asked.

Tang Anran was surprised a bit after she heard the name of w.a.n.g Yue, then she frowned, "I know her. It seemed that she didn't like me and never gave me a good face since I worked there. When I tried to talk to her she just brushed me off, so I don't know her too much."

Tang Anran knew that she was not money which could be liked by everyone, but she didn't understand why she did that to her since they were not familiar with each other at all.

Gu Wuyang thought for a while after he heard what Tang Anran said and then he unlocked the phone in his hand and delivered it to Tang Anran.

On the screen showed that blog. Tang Anran spent one minute reading it and suddenly found that the name of the weblog was somewhat familiar like she had seen it before.

She opened the homepage of this weblog and checked her blogs updated before. Suddenly, her fingers stopped at a photo.

"It's her." Recognizing the person on the photo, a sarcastic sneer rose up on the corner of her mouth, "She never changes."

After hearing Tang Anran's words, Gu Wuyang looked to the photo on the screen and then he understood everything at once.

That was a selfie of a woman and this woman was not anyone else but Fang Jiayi who was fired by Tang Anran from Xu's company and broke all the relations with Tang Anran.

Fang Jiayi worked in the design department before so she must know w.a.n.g Yue. It was possible for her to buy w.a.n.g Yue doing this and then counted all the dirty things she had done on Tang Anran.

"I will go to find her." Gu Wuyang said this and then stood up and was about to go. But at the time he just stepped forward, Tang Anran grabbed his hand suddenly.

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