Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 87


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 87

Chapter 87 - Preparations to EvacuateLin Feng looked outside the window in Dou Yuxin's direction. 

In the distance he saw a large group of people, around several hundred to one thousand people. The group was densely packed and the sound of constant gunfire could be heard coming from them.

Pulling out a pair of binoculars, Lin Feng looked more closely. The people walked in sync, a line that nearly filled the street. In every hand a gun of some sort, and many also carrying a cold weapon. Although they were too far away to feel any fluctuations of energy, unless they were too poor to afford a gun, the only people that would wield a cold weapon were cultivators. And since they dared to travel the streets during the apocalypse, they had to be cultivators. 

Lin Feng could see that an unending number of zombies were being drawn to the sound of gunfire. However, there were too many guns, and before the zombies made it to the crowd they were shot into swiss cheese(*).

(* swiss cheese is full of holes, instead of strainer or sieve that the author used) 

"These are guards that the base has sent out to clean up the zombies."

Seeing the situation through the window, Qian Zongguan explained to Lin Feng. 

Hearing Qian Zongguan's explanation, Lin Feng nodded his head. Being able to mobilize this many people would have to be an influence like Nanshan base. The people that were holding cold weapons must have been cultivators that decided to protect Nanshan base as well. 

"It seems like Nanshan base will be spending all its wealth to afford this."

Seeing the crowd, Qian Zongguan commented. Seeing that Lin Feng was confused, Qian Zongguan explained. 

Lin Feng continued to observe the crowd through the binoculars as he listened to Qian Zongguan. 

Nanshan base had about six hundred cultivators, about as many as Dongshan base had. Five seventh cla.s.s, around fifty fifth and sixth cla.s.s and the rest being lower level cultivators. 

Looking through the binoculars, Lin Feng could see around three or four hundred cultivators with cold weapons, which meant that Nanshan base sent out a majority of its cultivators. 

"Shall we go and join them?"

Qian Zongguan looked at Lin Feng and asked his opinion. 

In response to the question, Lin Feng shook his head. 

Lin Feng wasn't a savior, and Nanshan base hadn't done him any favors. These cultivators that acted as security received a monthly wage from the base. Right now the most important thing to Lin Feng was to stay alive, as for killing zombies, letting the people who were paid to do that was just fine. 

The group from Nanshan base was getting closer to the place where Lin Feng was, and it seemed like before they would meet him, they would run into the fourth cla.s.s zombie. For Lin Feng this turned out great, they would take care of a huge danger for him. 

"Sect master, our cultivators will arrive here in ten minutes. I told them to come from another direction to avoid the fourth cla.s.s zombie."

Qian Zongguan conveyed some information that he received from his apocalypse watch. 

Lin Feng nodded in response. 

Right now Lin Feng had gradually accepted the matter of being sect master. If he didn't accept, it seemed that Qian Zongguan would never leave him alone, so he might as well directly a.s.sume control, and in the apocalypse it was good to have some extra protection. 

The number of cultivators that belonged to the Qing sect in Nanshan base were enough to make another base of their own. Over fifty cultivators wasn't a force that could just be ignored. Like Zhan Lang base that Lin Feng initially entered, he understood now the population scale. In Zhan Lang base they had around fifty thousand people, and in Tianqi city, a medium small base like this wouldn't have more cultivators than the number Lin Feng currently controlled

Lin Feng then saw the group meet the fourth cla.s.s zombie. Through his binoculars, Lin Feng saw four people come out to fight the zombie. 

Because the distance was too far, even though he had binoculars, Lin Feng couldn't see the details of the fight clearly. But when he thought about it, Nanshan base should have sent out four* sixth cla.s.s cultivators.

(* Author says three cultivators here, but he says four everywhere else, so I am going with four) 

There were only five seventh cla.s.s cultivators in Nanshan base, and according to that status it would be impossible for them to appear in this garbage disposal unit that was sweeping the streets. But having the ability to contend with a fourth cla.s.s zombie, the people that were fighting had to be at least sixth cla.s.s. 

The combined force of four sixth cla.s.s cultivators wasn't much worse than that of a seventh cla.s.s cultivator's. But if they really wanted to fight against a seventh cla.s.s cultivator, they wouldn't be a match. However they were up against a zombie, and even if the zombie was smart, it was impossible for it to be as smart as a human. Against four sixth cla.s.s cultivators, the zombie was only equally matched. 

"Qian Zongguan, do you know about the bases in Tianqi city?"

Estimating that the fight would take a while, Lin Feng looked back at Qian Zongguan and asked him a question. 

"I basically understand the situation, I just don't know what instructions that the sect master has for me."

Qian Zongguan answered respectfully to Lin Feng's question. The words of the sect master were the words of the sect master, even if he had just met Lin Feng, since he held the coiling dragon bracelet he was the sect master, so Qian Zongguan didn't dare to be negligent. 

"In Tianqi city, which bases are the biggest?"

After thinking about it, Lin Feng asked about this. 

Although the apocalypse watch had a forum and map, Lin Feng couldn't fully grasp the situation in Tianqi City. 

As the manager of the Qing sect and searching far and wide for the coiling dragon bracelet, Qian Zongguan would definitely know about the different bases in the city. Lin Feng knew that to understand more about the overall situation, asking Qian Zongguan would be the best choice. 

"In the Tianqi combat ability rankings there are about five million people. Those that are old, weak, sick or disabled are not on the list, adding another ten million people. The largest base in Tianqi city is the Tianqi base holds about 1.8 million people. There are three other big bases in Tianqi city, according to size they are Tianlong base, Tiansha base and Tianlang base.(*)"

(*These names are heavenly dynasty, heavenly dragon, heavenly demon and heavenly wolf bases)

Qian Zongguan continued to explain after a pause. 

"Each of the three bases should hold around a million people, and other than these four bases that hold around five million, there should be around a hundred bases spread throughout Tianqi city. Nanshan base would be considered a medium size base, and in Tianqi city the smallest bases would have hundreds of people and the medium small bases holding tens of thousands."

Worthy of being the manager of the Qing sect, with few words he was able to explain the entire layout of Tianqi city. 

"Look up in the apocalypse watch which of the larger cities is least impacted by the apocalypse rain."

Although Nanshan base wasn't small, compared to the largest bases, it was. Not to disregard the capacity to hold hundreds of thousands of people, but the largest bases could hold many times that number. 

If the apocalypse rain hadn't come, Lin Feng was planning on staying here in this base. But seeing the current situation, Lin Feng decided to leave. 


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