Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 88


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 88

Chapter 88
Chapter 88 - Evacuation

Right now Nanshan base was infested with zombies, the apocalypse rain had turned many people into zombies. Some of the people had even turned directly into high cla.s.s zombies. 

It was good that those that were cultivators weren’t impacted by the apocalypse rain, or else strong cultivators might turn into even stronger zombies, with power that was beyond imagination. If high cla.s.s cultivators could turn into zombies, then the world would probably be destroyed. 

Although Nanshan base had a high population of around three hundred thousand, it had a fatal flaw, which was that the base was too small. 

Since the world entered the apocalypse, Nanshan base went relatively unimpacted. Since this was the case, when Nanshan base was established, they used the original layout of the town. Therefore the base was restricted to the area of the town. 

However the original population of this town was only around a hundred thousand people, without many large apartments, otherwise there wouldn’t only be one hospital. 

But after the dawn of the apocalypse, it became a medium size base, and kept taking in refugees, expanding the population. After three years of this, the population had grown to around three hundred thousand. 

The town was limited in size, mostly built as grain reserves, which meant that places for people to live were limited. This was why the price of renting a house was so expensive for Lin Feng, in other bases the price wouldn’t be nearly so high. 

As the matter stands, the population of the base had grown dramatically. The apocalypse rain turned people into zombies, and because of the high population density and poor conditions, many people had become infected. I would have been good if the base hadn’t experienced a second apocalypse rain. But experiencing a second rain has threatened the base’s survival. The appearance of high cla.s.s zombies like the fourth cla.s.s zombie was proof. 

If it were only Lin Feng, he could deal with some zombies. He couldn’t fight high cla.s.s zombies, but he would be able to deal with all the other zombies and escape and survive. 

But right now he had a lot of people with him and had accepted the t.i.tle of sect master, which made him responsible for a lot more. Right now, Lin Feng had to figure out a way to deal with evacuating. 

“My sect master, I will find out for you.*”

(*好 - hao - expression of closeness or respect, how would you like it written? Good, sir, my...)

In response to Lin Feng’s request, Qian Zongguan lifted his apocalypse watch and started a line of inquiry to disciples in the other bases to find out the situation. 

Although not every base had Qing sect disciples, many of the members of the qing sect were now old people. After the apocalypse people were spread out through different bases and each base had members of the Qing sect in one form or another. 

Outside the window they could hear cheering. Lin Feng looked through his binoculars and saw the the sixth cla.s.s cultivators had slain the fourth cla.s.s zombie and he watched as the giant corpse fell down. 

But Lin Feng saw that the four cultivators had also fallen, their status unknown. 

A fourth cla.s.s zombie was as strong as a seventh cla.s.s cultivator, and even if there were four sixth cla.s.s cultivators, they wouldn’t be able to defeat a fourth cla.s.s zombie without losses. 

Seeing two of the cultivators that had fallen on the ground, Lin Feng sighed. Humans were weak in front of zombies, and even high cla.s.s cultivators, when faced with high cla.s.s zombies were also weak. 

Since the dawn of the apocalypse, he didn’t know how many people had died, either to zombies or savage beasts. So many different lives had been eras

ed by the brutality of the apocalypse. Humanity could only stand on its last legs in the apocalypse. 

“Sect master, according to the information from the disciples, the base that was least impacted was Tianlong base.”

After a few minutes, Qian Zongguan put down his apocalypse watch and updated Lin Feng. 

Disregarding the small bases, according to the information that he had received, Qian Zongguan had found out that out of the larger bases, which had all been impacted, only Tianlong base hadn’t been greatly impacted by the rain. 

They didn’t consider Tianqi city’s largest base, Tianqi base. This was because it had a very special geographical location, which was a mountain range. It was almost entirely sealed off by mountains with its entrance also being a valley that was very far away.

In mountain ranges, you couldn’t even count the number of high cla.s.s zombies and savage beasts. Therefore Tianqi base had been relatively closed off for the last three years. As Tianqi city’s largest base, it was where the military had relocated itself. And it had its own defense force, unlike the commissioned guards of the other bases. 

But because of the terrain, even if they had an entire army, they couldn’t break though the mountain range so easily. But they sent out occasional aircraft to get supplies and contact the major bases. Because of the rarity of fuel and aircraft, Tianqi base could only bring in supplies, as it couldn’t transport all the people elsewhere. 

The most important aspect of this base was that it contained the highest technology and science in the city. They couldn’t give up trying, but there were too many zombies and savage beasts surrounding the mountain range, making a balance in forces. Humans couldn’t break out, and  after many fights the beasts and zombies figured out that they couldn’t break in. 

Besides Tianqi base, Tianlong base was the largest in Tianqi city. Because the area of the base was so large with many large public buildings, the number of people that were affected by the rain were few in number. 

Through the information that he received, Qian Zongguan knew that the cultivators in Tianqi city had been mobilized to clear out any zombies that had formed. Because of the well developed infrastructure and buildings, few people had been infected. Right now, Tianlong base had already cleared out all of the high cla.s.s zombies and was in the process of clearing out all the low level zombies. 

Without further incident, by the time the sun rose tomorrow, Tianlong base would resume all normal activity. 

“Since this is the case, once all of the people that are with us have a.s.sembled, we will head out to Tianlong base.”

After seeing the map on his apocalypse watch, Lin Feng saw that Tianlong base was around three hundred kilometers away from Nanshan base*. Although the distance was far, the bases were connected by a road. People had hunted for zombies along this road from both Tianlong and Nanshan base for three years, so the journey should be safe. 

(* a little less than two hundred miles )

Lin Feng decided to leave for Tianlong base, so they should leave without wasting time. Seeing the crowd cheering down the street, Lin Feng sighed to himself. 


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