Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 86


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 86

Chapter 86 - DiscussionLin Feng didn't want to run away from this fight, but he had no choice. 

The two fourth cla.s.s zombies that he had met before were both heavily injured, and since Lin Feng didn't grasp just how powerful fourth cla.s.s zombies truly were, he rashly fought against them, defeating them through shear luck. 

But this time Lin Feng was facing a fourth cla.s.s zombie at full strength, and not only was it a fourth cla.s.s zombie, its speed and strength surpa.s.sed those of the previous zombies that he had met. With his current strength, Lin Feng could try to fight it. But it was still extremely strong. 

And this was if you took into account his present cultivation as a fifth cla.s.s cultivator, and included his threads of chaos soul force, demonic shadow wolf bloodline, and martial arts skills. Even if he could fight against sixth cla.s.s cultivators, trying to fight against a fourth cla.s.s zombie that was equal in strength to a seventh cla.s.s cultivator, Lin Feng was still too weak. 

The fourth cla.s.s zombie continued to chase after them after killing the four cultivators, and continued to chase the vehicle until they were far away from the place they rented. 

Lin Feng drove the car in a big circle, making sure to keep track of his surroundings. A convoy of four cars, rifles equipped with silencers were used to kill the zombies on the road, and no high cla.s.s zombies in sight. 

After circling around, the convoy went to the place Lin Feng rented. After checking the surroundings, Lin Feng stopped at the gate and exited his vehicle. 

"Lin Feng!"

When Lin Feng got out of the car, he heard a female voice come from the second floor of the house. 

Looking up he saw Cui Xiaoru holding a gun in the window of the second floor. She was the one that called out to him. 

Seeing Cui Xiaoru, Lin Feng knew that she and her husband Shao Wenjun were safe, and nodded to himself. 

According to common sense, Lin Feng and the couple didn't know each other for that long. Moreover they were only humans. Now that they were in the middle of a second apocalypse, they were in a dangerous situation, and the place they were in was near to a fourth cla.s.s zombie, Lin Feng was prepared to abandon the couple if he needed to. In the apocalypse it was important to survive, where did he have the energy to take care of everyone else. 

But since he had run into the fourth cla.s.s zombie and seen the cultivators use their lives to a.s.sure his safety, it made him rethink some things. 

Although the apocalypse was cruel to all, because it was cruel, people needed to care for one another. Once you were honest to others, they could be honest with you, and loyalty could be developed. But of course, this wasn't always the case, so you had to be careful.

Looking around and making sure that there weren't any zombies in the vicinity, Lin Feng entered the house. Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin supported Ling Tian by his arms and followed behind Lin Feng. 

"Four will guard the entrance, the rest come inside with me."

Qian Zongguan spoke to the remaining eight cultivators and then headed into the house. 

They came to the living room, and seeing Qian Zongguan and the four cultivators come in, Lin Feng didn't say anything, but instead furrowed his brows, deep in thought. 

At the moment a second apocalypse had dawned, and the balance between humans and zombies was broken. There was a ma.s.sive number of zombies inside of the base, including a number of high cla.s.s zombies. Right now, even if they stayed in the base, they wouldn't be able to a.s.sure their safety. They had to figure out a plan of action to reduce the threat level. 

"Sect master, we have dozens of cultivators in this Nanshan base, should I a.s.semble them?"

Looking at Lin Feng who was deep in though, Qian Zongguan asked carefully. 

"Besides cultivators, how many normal people?"

Hearing the question, Lin Feng responded with one of his own. 

This time, instead of refuting the t.i.tle of sect master, Lin Feng instead asked about sect matters. 

"Since the dawn of the apocalypse, the Qing sect focused mainly on cultivators. Since it was difficult for humans to survive, they became outer sect members. Those who have the strength are the true disciples of the sect."

Hearing that Lin Feng didn't refute the t.i.tle of sect master, Qian Zongguan was secretly thrilled, and explained the status of the sect quickly. 

"According to my current knowledge, Nanshan base has a few Qing sect cultivator disciples, and subtracting the four that sacrificed themselves, there should be fifty two cultivators."

In a very familiar manner, Qian Zongguan explained what he knew to Lin Feng. 

"Two sixth cla.s.s, six fifth cla.s.s, twelve fourth cla.s.s, and thirty two third cla.s.s cultivators, with no preliminary cultivators." 

Qian Zongguan explained without pause and Lin Feng nodded to himself. 

Lin Feng couldn't help but admire Qian Zongguan in his heart, he maintained so many bases yet could remember such small details. This kind of memory was really worthy of the financial manager of a sect.

It also surprised Lin Feng that there were sixth cla.s.s cultivators in Nanshan base and the Qing sect. It had to be understood that sixth cla.s.s cultivators were able to control their own bases. But the Qing sect had sixth cla.s.s cultivators in Nanshan base, which meant that the sects total strength was even more formidable, something that Lin Feng didn't even want to imagine fighting. 

"Gather all the cultivators in the base."

Facing the fourth cla.s.s zombie, Lin Feng realized the danger and understood the truth. In the apocalypse it was impossible to survive on your own. To have a firm foundation in the apocalypse, you had to have a strong force. 

Before Lin Feng wanted to establish his own group, and didn't want to take control of the unknown Qing sect because he didn't want to have to deal with a giant mess that he knew he wouldn't be able to resolve. Lin Feng was influenced seeing the loyalty of the disciples and their selfless act to sacrifice themselves for him. His thoughts on the Qing sect changed, as this kind of loyalty was something that couldn't be bought with anything in the world. 

"Yes sect master, I will relay your instructions immediately."

Seeing Lin Feng relay an order, Qian Zongguan didn't feel bad, but was instead excited, and responded with a smile. 

The Qing sect lacked a leader for many years, so many that if it weren't for the efforts of Qian Zongguan, the sect might already be scattered to the wind. Now that the apocalypse had dawned, Qian Zongguan split the sect into two parts, an inner and outer sect. Even though cultivators had appeared, the duties of the outer disciples were the same, and the loyalty that was required in the past was still required today. These disciples were taught this loyalty and taught to listen to all instructions of the sect. 

The other part of the sect was the inner sect, comprised of only cultivators. They were present throughout nearly all the bases, large or small. The strength of the Qing sect was clear to see. 

Even through three years of apocalypse, the function of the Qing sect remain nearly the same, without major issue. 

"Who is that?"

After the conversation Dou Yuxin called out. 

Looking out the window, Lin Feng saw a large crowd of people making their way here.


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