Zhan Long Chapter 1300


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1300

Under the mountain, is raising the lance, emergence G.o.d's the player of wing leads one crowd of hands to grasp the Knight of shield and long spear to come, the dragon crystal artillery on our mountain sh.e.l.ls continuously in shield, but is only the dragging, actually cannot the second kill them, this crowd of Knight almost rode the rhinocero, blue sheep to add the mount type of high prevention and cure of schistosomiasis, and oneself was also almost the whole blood addition, the HP upper limit of everyone above 1 million, altogether 5000 + people, but that raised the G.o.d shape player of lance is not being others, blue long neck hair iron skull city ten big generals, ABN fights the net 11 th person!

It seems like that sky rose was the plan by the sheet iron player first occupation, then step by step advanced.


„Blue long neck hair came!" In the w.a.n.g Jian sound is bringing excitedly, finally the iron skull city is willing to send the G.o.d level player to attack the mountain, it seems like must really play.

„But our riding wars were the player quant.i.ty do not suffice!"

Li Mu has a look at behind players, said: „A moment ago died in battle were too many, don't our cavalry soldier total absolutely over 3 thousand people, what to do, resist them with what?"

I raised the b.u.t.terfly to take a step to arrive in the frontal line, said: „Population must block insufficient, on, formed the defenses of three population to be good together, behind, Musketeer, Mage, archer and other long-distance looks at the office, powerful, used our fires they, the group of people who especially Mage, the blue long neck hair brought were only HP are thick, how the demon anti- not necessarily was strong, this was the golden opportunity of Mage display! Blocks, crossed 10 minutes of Wan Er and East city again they come back!"

The people form the defense battleline voluntarily, distant place, Mu Xuan also leads the [Appearance Alliance] person to reorganize the defense line, in the dragon restricted area mountainside the Chinese player quant.i.ty clearly is reducing certainly, but we do not have other choice, can only continue the engaging in fierce battle match, the dragon certainly restricted area absolutely cannot be broken through here, otherwise the front effort was in vain.

I have not flown, but stands in the ground, the side is Li Mu and Bai Qi and the others, is Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands and general Lian Po, Fox and other long-distance is outstanding person, calms down, the iron cavalry soldier who the blue long neck hair leads was getting more and more near, these 5000 + blood cow Knight are serves as the cannon fodder obviously, resists the attack of dragon crystal artillery, pa.s.ses the battleline forward, in their rear areas, one group of heavy cavalries treads the strong gale to come, is the strong gale rides, the trump card in sky rose, the population at least above 3 thousand, follows on is archer, Mage, Musketeer, a.s.sa.s.sin and other Cla.s.s, once by them position. Extends to our center, that difficultly hit.

The body sinks slightly, the long sword of my right hand gathers the strength, raises heavy bombing Going out suddenly, the exceedingly high picture scroll downward extends together in the mountainside, one crowd of blood cow Knight have not understood anything, the body was covered by the picture scroll gloss, expressing admiration time, the blue long neck hair loudly shouted to clear the way suddenly: „Be careful, this is the Xiao Yao Zi Zai star territory skill!"

But at this time warned obviously already without enough time, my wrist
skill turns, the sword broken landscape skill erupts instantaneously, the scenery in picture scroll becomes the material object, the mountains crack, river water to be torrential, the front 120 yards scopes degenerated into the human purgatory, terrifying injury figures are jumping one after another






Basically blew out fatal strikes or is 10 times of injuries definitely is the second has killed, even if were these blood cow Knight cannot resist completely, although many of them's defense has piled very much high, but bad the completely matter under the 70% armor piercing effects of b.u.t.terfly sword, my this sword got down to raise morale radically simply.

However after all at present these people are the war sharp knife blade Guild elite players, their confidence had not been defeated easily, let alone also has a player of blue long neck hair such belief rank to lead, 5000 + people of crazy starts attack as before to our positions.

„A shield standard keeps off!"

Li Mu low and deep low roars, is opening the G.o.d shape, sweeps the long sword, attempts close riding war several is the player is. .h.i.t to fly Going out, his strength value was too high, these blood good players could not block obviously.

w.a.n.g Jian same leads one group of players to hold a stretch of position, in the hand is grasping Dragon Xiangdao, by stance that one man guards the pa.s.s Yorozuo opens in fighting, what is worth mentioning is, the attack of w.a.n.g Jian even is more powerful than Li Mu, the characteristics of dragon happy coverall are the lifting capacity size, but the strength growth of flight player is also the key, w.a.n.g Jian a blade gets down at will at least is also the injuries of 30 thousand, is terrorist, roars lowly is starting fights the spin of halberd, is periphery sweeping dozens players, meets no resistance.

„Bang bang bang......"

The cavalry soldier from mountain hits at a rate of over 70% on the defensive player on mountainside, the fierce collision produces Spark, our resisting will this wave of impact, rear Mage, Musketeer, archer and others also furiously kill, but present crowd of blood cow HP were too high, in short Cooldown and cannot ma.s.sacre.

„Is careful their second wave of attack!"

The hoofbeat is extremely fierce, was the strong gale rides, the audiences at least 3 thousand, this regarding us a protracted war nearly 10 hours of person absolutely is a huge threat, and can see golden light in the crowd faintly, the ABN Battle Ranking ten players came to be many, even the sky rose also personally came.

This time must breakneck really!

I ordered directly, ordering Chi Yu Qing and Chi Yu Han to lead all Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers on together, the heavy cavalry of palace guard and rode the archer also together to start the impact, but our quant.i.ties were not many, Cliff Dragon Cavalry and Flame Hawk Archers buckle more than half, which the palace guard also very to went, the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard also lost seriously, the battle loss has surpa.s.sed 50%, evolved a war of annihilation the meeting engagement of this dragon restricted area simply quickly certainly, properly speaking, the battle loss surpa.s.sed 30% words armies on this rout, but was very rare, the palace guard, the vault of heaven armed forces and imperial guard defended as before imperial on the mountain, the meaning of slightly not having retreated.

Jing Yin and Han Yuan resist the impact in the position personally, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and Mu Xuan and the others defends the square formation of player, but I must show oneself genuine battlefield might!


Changed into the flowing light to be separated from the battleline together, I crashed in the crowd that the strong gale has ridden directly, the double sword chaotic dance, sword light wreaked havoc in the crowd, the arm shivered, [Thundering Heavens] and Longteng nine days started together, sweep across one crowd of strong gales to ride, a long sword pendulum, the sword broken landscape made up the blade, rode a sword to cut to kill about hundred remnant blood strong gales.

„Spheres Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" Not far away, a player of group team leader rank is bellowing.

Immediately several thousand strong gales ride to start in the position to circle, encircled watertight me, simultaneously airborne also presented dense lion vulture Knight, wants to surround the G.o.d level player is fantasy story, but there is lion vulture Knight to defend the sky the words, that was infinite the possibility.

„Clang clang clang......"

Shields link, this was one group of tactical training very outstanding players, the sky rose almost rides the player to regard the soldier to practice this crowd of strong gales, will otherwise not have that exquisite lineup control and acts in harmony, the shield connected rapidly to close up to me advances, on the face of that group team leader was having the smiling face of teasing: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, was known as that the crazy dragon of Chinese war zone, that this time our war sharp knife blade guild must cut your this crazy dragon!"

I laugh in spite of trying not, treadon overran void, the long sword suspends the hit in shield, „bang" a bang, very strong instead shakes the strength, is ridden the complexion by that strong gale that I hit some flood blue, obviously does not feel better, but the rear several players resist the back of front teammate with the shield, boosts together, was equal to that about contends in the same place with me the strengths of several people.

„Is our aegis wall taste good? Specially for your this person design." They were clamoring.

The aegis wall, this is not the simple lineup, but is one community skill, I can notice that among each of them has the skill to maintain, the defense and concentration of efforts in the same place, is truly wise, almost evolved an art the a.s.sociation fight.

However does not have the mark homing.

The my second impact, their complexion pale waiting impact , many people use to throw the skill of lance to consume my HP, airborne lion vulture Knight are also getting more and more, many lion vulture archers have aimed at me long-distance to project.


That moment of near body aegis wall, my slides crosswise walks the position, b.u.t.terfly sword, the shield will shake at the same time draws back, does the sword attacks like lightning, „clang clang clang" consecutively several have cut in the shield slits, that energy chains shutting off, came [Strength of a Thousand Men] again, „bang" shakes several people all draws back, aegis wall, merely mediocre!

The opposite party lineup was chaotic, did not have the physical defense addition, I made use to raise the b.u.t.terfly sword, rode the wind to cut the broken wind, 15 golden light sword air/Qi have swept in the crowd, the uniform second killed, is no exception!

Clashes rapidly outward, the double sword launches the attack unceasingly, treads the broken heavenly thunder, [Tempest Sword] and other small skill also long-term usages, as long as my place visited is a piece of corpse, but the blue long neck hair, the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others avoid me completely, is not willing to encounter with me, probably is afraid by my single Sha reason.

However, I kill people in the enemy position many as if cannot change the entire situation again, on the mountain the position of Chinese area player unceasing by the strong gale am ridden the impact, the strong gale that strong gales ride cuts the effect to occur repeatedly in the battlefield, the sky rose and ancient musical scale and the others also arrived in the frontal line, [Zhan Long] are ma.s.sacred three to hold flag Wei continuously, but the battlefield was too chaotic, no one could attend to anyone, only now everybody can do holds own position.


Airborne, Flame Hawk Archers and lion vulture Knight and lion vulture archer strangles to death in the same place, Flame Hawk Archers has my attribute addition, 1 V 1 absolutely is the airborne overlord, but how the opposite party population to be too many, and players in many iron skull cities also opened the G.o.d shape to ascend the sky to kill Flame Hawk Archers, what exaggerated was the sky rose orders the demon crystal artillery to sh.e.l.l to the sky unexpectedly, after several artillery, the Flame Hawk Archers population started significantly to reduce.

Their population were too many, several million people attack the mountain, but we have hundreds of thousands of people, how possibly to resist!?

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