Zhan Long Chapter 1299


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1299


System announcement: Players 【To like tracking down】( China) struck to kill the G.o.d level player successfully 【KING_Lee】( South Korea), obtains its 10% countries to fight points!

Along with dying in battle of Lee, the first a.s.sa.s.sin in South Korean war zone also struck to ma.s.sacre by Lin Wan Er and Dancing Forest with joint forces, a Cooldown King state Guild morale fell the valley land instantaneously, covered by Cliff Dragon Cavalry and palace guard heavy cavalry kills, over ten minutes of Cooldown completely was not broken through the defense line by us.

„Be careful, demon crystal artillery tone! Dispersion!"

The double sword cuts to kill the surrounding player unceasingly, I work as first arriving front line, actually discovered that over a hundred demon crystal artillery the neat tone has aimed at us, the voice just fell on the crackle of gunfire is unceasing, heavy artilleries explode in all our around, I turn on the shield of stars to clash directly forward, the consecutively 4 demon crystal artillery explode on the shield wall, the toughness fell 40%, this defense is the skill is really good.

Matcha, Old K, One Second Hero and the others wallop under the asylum of shield of my stars forward, a about 400 meters distance we were advanced the past by us rapidly, actually outside the heavy artillery camp of discovery opposite party is one crowd grasps the NPC soldier of long spear and shield to defend, I immediately order saying: „Do not be constrained the speed, proceeds to clash!"

Saying, first Cooldown was flushing, did not attend to the lance thorn striking the body, instead rumbled [Tempest Sword] and sword broken landscape together in the crowd, the striking power was too high, the direct second fell one piece, Old K opened [Whirlwind Slash] to proceed to clash, in addition Yue Qing Qian grasping and Dong Cheng Yue of red fox [Flame Beast Burst Fire], defense of match has ripped open a big opening in instantaneously.

„Goes in!"

My long sword wields, Meng Yao, One Second Hero and the others break through rapidly enters the position, starts to attack these demon crystal artillery, the toughness of demon crystal artillery, only then thousand HP, defends general, hits to be quick, one group of people surrounded also to destroy an demon crystal artillery on several seconds, really collapsed at the first blow, compares the defense of Long Jing artillery to strive to excel too.

We almost the control surrounding teammate died in battle, forward advances, simultaneously „" a sound, NPC of iron skull city were insane, Yorozuo long is bellowing: „Demon crystal artillery launch, rumbles they! Tian Ling Empire holds the spear to ma.s.sacre greatly, Li Xiao Yao dies, the entire day plume empire is extremely easy to obtain!!"

Even, they have formed „dare-to-die corps", one group of heavy cavalries hug must die the tendency we to attack, simultaneously their demon crystal artillery does not stop bombing, kills pile of hashed meat our people and their person bang together.

„General, soldier who we died in battle were getting more and more!"

Long Xingti the long spear, forward is rushing ahead, at the same time periphery looks at fewer and fewer people, loves dearly must die, indeed, this thousand heavy cavalries are elite of palace guard, the soldier of many temple knight rank, under the might of demon crystal artillery, the temple knight also will be but same is exploded torn to pieces, will look including me loves dearly, let alone will be Long Xing.

„Continues to rush ahead, ruins all demon crystal artillery!" My loud [say / way].


Long Xing eyes blood red, raises the long spear to continue to command the rush, genuine military officer this.

Completely is a b.l.o.o.d.y battle, our thousand heavy cavalry advances, basic, no matter the big loss, the demon crystal artillery of goal match, along with our attacks, an all trades demon crystal artillery explodes, but the opposite party protects near 200 000 person NPC army also counterattack of Long Jing artillery maliciously, when we engage in fierce battle just luxurious, knelt down to call on main to lead the 1000 + thousand armed forces broken players to kill, the beforehand match actually became the present friend, although 1000 + people regarding the entire fight likely were the futile attempts, but was actually seen our determinations by the match, especially the person in day Korean War area, j.a.panese. Which sees a weaponry that such has gone all out with the South Korean, said again they have also joined the western boundary treaty of alliance, definitely is not willing to work oneself to death for the American in the moral nature, therefore they have the near thousand total number of people spatially, actually rout!


The b.u.t.terfly has delimited on a barrel of demon crystal artillery, cuts a large shortfall, heavy artillery „" sonic boom, about me has a look, this should be the last demon crystal artillery, all the way, full is the player and NPC skeleton, this fought was too miserable, even died in battle with my [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry most!

„Made the brothers of dying in battle resurrect immediately, rushes to the dragon certainly restricted area! Saves, having a look at the battle loss to have many."

Yue Qing Qian said: „Melt G.o.d cavalry died in battle 11000 + people, Brother Xiao Yao your thousand palace guard dying in battle half, thousand Cliff Dragon Cavalry only remaining thousand."

„This" I knit the brows, grieved: „Immediately return trip, Huilong certainly restricted area!"


When I turn around, kneels down to call on the main sycophancy to come, said: „Xiao Yao!"

„Um, on host?"

Her min the red lip, said: „Thousand armed forces broken, although said that strength was weak, but our people are willing to reactivate once more, altogether thousand person online, you had any need to say directly that our thousand armed forces broken Guild wanted, for this country war stepped the front to drink the blood and not refusing under any circ.u.mstances!"

I one happy, said: „Good, gathers the thousand armed forces broken players, goes to the dragon restricted area to help us defend certainly imperial?"

„Good, immediately!" She is also very joyful.

In this time, „drop", a news came from Li Mu: „Xiao Yao, hurries to have the human to come back! The mother, sky rose woman definitely was insane, knows that you in the dragon restricted area, were not attacking the mountain certainly comprehensively, the dragon restricted area exceed 90% scopes to be attacked certainly, and they also sent out the lion vulture regiment to launch the air-to-surface attack, the firepower was too fierce, our battle loss speeds were too fast! You do not come back, perhaps the establishment of vault of heaven regiment and imperial guard must cancel!"

„Good, immediately returns!"

Told that Wan Er and East city bring everybody old route to return, my straight line goes back, speed full, from the sky sends out sonic bang effects, the power and influence of this flight is really somewhat scary.

After five minutes, arrives in fire Divine Mountain, under the mountain engages in fierce battle just luxurious, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds have several million people to resist Ze deep pool city thousand person army's attack here, was too bitter!

After ten minutes, arrives in the dragon certainly restricted area, here tactical situation is more frigid, from airborne can see that the entire dragon restricted area had almost been covered by the sea of fire certainly, although in sky rose, only then 200 demon crystal artillery, but the sh.e.l.l is sufficient, the sh.e.l.ls of 1000 heavy artilleries transported completely, can the continual firepower cover.

On the mountain the firepower of palace guard, imperial guard and vault of heaven armed forces is not bad, over 500 Long Jing artillery to rumbling, but the people in iron skull city have spelled, the dense and numerous players raise the shield to attack the mountain, Long Jing artillery can only to over 20% people do not kill, more people started to fiercely attack to the mountainside spot attack.

My moral nature sinks, NND, the position of our foot has fallen into enemy hands.

The airborne, dense and numerous lion vulture archer orthometric height air-to-surface fire, replaces the vault of heaven archer batches of killing of armed forces and imperial guard, this was the Li Mu very unendurable reason, the lion vulture knight of opposite party too were also many, but we depending on relying on Flame Hawk Archers one after another lost in fight more than half, is unable to contend directly.

I fall from the kilometer upper air, after attacks!

„This! This!"

Electric currents fall from the sky, and will do by the b.u.t.terfly will tow arrives along with me together, was rumbling to the lion vulture archer most crowded spot, [Thundering Heavens] cleared the way, rode the wind to cut + to tread the broken heavenly thunder + Longteng nine days to wreak havoc together, instantaneously over 100 lion vulture archers were shot down, but my long sword raised, after reducing the heads of two archers, falls to the mountainside.

„Guildmaster, you came back finally!" Group team leader Lin Xiaoxie sees me to return safely, happy.

I nod, turn around to notice that the dense and numerous arrow arrows raid, was too rampant, over 3000 lion vulture archers everywhere fire in the low alt.i.tude unexpectedly, at this time had several hundred people to shoot at me the arrow arrow, too the player our China area wasn't serious?

Lifts single-handed, shield of twinkle stars, „bang bang bang" goes to arrow arrow complete standard parries, in the meantime, the b.u.t.terfly sword of my right hand also received, the five fingers open, the distant induction the crushed stone on mountain ma.s.sif, is drinking one over ten thousand crushed stones to takeoff to fly lowly immediately in abundance, hangs in airborne, had a scare including me, after flying upwards superior G.o.d, I use the imperial day time can the obvious feeling in the strength have more than enough to spare, but likely is not before, with the imperial day felt that is very reluctant!


The arm wields suddenly, the crushed stone changes into the bullet same flew, „puff puff" from the sky attacks on the lion vulture knight, although cannot the second kill, but also wipes out many HP, what is more important after is lion vulture mount is. .h.i.t hard, will lose the flying ability, only crashes.

General Bai Qi raises Axe to laugh: „Comes up, kills off this group of grandsons!"

Lion vulture of landing is inferior to the chicken, therefore the minute minute was killed a none remaining.

Although my appearance changed many situations, but cannot reverse, the right arm feels slightly somewhat wearily, that is the imperial day later weak effect, in short Cooldown cannot use the imperial day once more, but fights, proposes the double sword opening G.o.d shape to lead the [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry to wallop toward the mountain, cannot iron skull city to fortify at every step on the mountain, otherwise we lost.

In the mountainside, full is the soldier corpse of imperial guard and vault of heaven armed forces, when I leave here tactical situation is certainly frigid.

Raises emphatically the iron skull city player of shield in the crazy upward impact, but the imperial guard commands Situ Xin to stroll the arm unexpectedly, raises a long sword strap one crowd of imperial guards in the guard, scolds loudly: „No one can draw back, downward clashes with the father together, coming many to kill many!"


The forest arched is more arrogant, his strength cultivate to by far in Situ firewood, raises the sword to start the supernatural power in the crowd bang to kill in all directions, has this grade of combat general, is really the luck of Tian Ling Empire!

„Lowers Long Jing artillery, rumbles they along the mountain ma.s.sif, does not use politely!" As soon as I arrive, immediately discovered incorrect place, Tian Ling Empire the use of NPC to Long Jing artillery is too cautious.

Double 11, many lonely person in the tears cla.s.s, n.o.body loves n.o.body to love at heart, the ugly person does not have happiness anything, likely is one pokes the pointed knife on your my heart, double 11, many not good business then this laughs uproariously various types to sell the inexpensive commodity, double 11, many fall in love with the person who does not dare to love to vindicate to the beloved person with this excuse, double 11, if you do not have the lover not to shop, then casts a monthly ticket to [Zhan Long]!

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