Zhan Long Chapter 1022


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1022

Late at night, the forest of starry sky.


The horse's hoof steps on fully is being the ground of fallen leaf, I walk in the front line of formation, is Li Meng Yao, Old K and other [Zhan Long] members, Fang Ge Que to the [Zhan Long] duty is the forest of exploration Sword Saint, found to go on an expedition the world and beautiful life two big Guild main forces, is not drunk, the clear pupil to develop in black ink the maplewood the military strength antiquing of direct command, we are not considered as that won the victory that this can hunt.

Old K is raising the greed hydra, mumbled was saying: „They have also instigated, the surface does not dare to reveal, the good and evil India war zone also more than ten million players can fight, how to remove?"

I am raising the b.u.t.terfly, said: „Is only the trick of luring the enemy in deep."

Li Meng Yao blinked, asked: „Elder brother, we enter the forest of starry sky like this, what to do if were ambushed, the clear pupil develops black ink to be so sly, definitely will have the idea slightly to cope our."

I smile: „Has not related, a [Zhan Long] every 200 people of group advances, between two groups the distance over 100 meters, they do not dare to come, we dare to kill."


In this time, in the front jungle has transmitted „rustling sound" suddenly the sound, Old K is drinking one to overrun lowly, Axe raises, „Shua" a [Battle Axe Throw] skill bang in trees, after a bang, proposed the Indian player of shield rumbling by the greed hydra, progressed to draw back continually, the complexion was quite ugly.

But my hurried Ben Lve, lifts hand sword handle his remaining half HP to give to reduce, looks up, on the central crotch of woods has squatted unexpectedly the archer and Mage of being not infrequent, but is not the main Guild player in Indian war zone, looks at the guild to place also only in 10-20, threatens not in a big way.

„Everybody was careful!" Li Meng Yao progressing led the people to follow.

My spin body flew on thousand frost wings, was in airborne speedily pa.s.sed over gently and swiftly, the b.u.t.terfly broke out the air wave in the midair, cut to fall from the tree waist one group of archers, Mage, Musketeer, Li Meng Yao and Old K and the others sped past in the ground, cut to kill its dizziness, in our these 200 people had 90 + melt G.o.d cavalries, the positional warfare definitely did not fear.

„Shua Shua Shua......"

In the front shrubbery crowded such as the arrow arrow of rain grazes to come, I said immediately: „Meng Yao attraction firepower, old K was following close on the preparation bang in the past!"

I from the sky look clearly, after that shrubberies, at least hid over 300 Indian players, they were really waiting for in forest of bunches of ambushes starry sky we „presence", in the ground Li Meng Yao mentioned the Lady Wa stone shield defense, instigated the warhorse to advance to wallop forward, immediately arrow arrows and magics fell on the shield, was good suffices because of her physical defense and HP, before projecting on half blood, has crashed in the shrubbery, Dragon Renzhan the skill erupted, held the shield to ride the war two is the player chops to shake to draw back with the shield to fly.

Old K roared to start [Whirlwind Slash] to wallop the crowd, simultaneously Axe horizontal, the spin fierce Axe skill started, the even dough sheet killed the skill to erupt, rumbled the remnant blood a person, I took advantage of opportunity to dive, the body week erupted 19 levels of G.o.d level skills the rays, rode the wind to cut erupts suddenly in the crowd, cut to kill dozens people, simultaneously the golden ray soared to the heavens to go together, this was the skill effect that rode the wind to cut, NND, magnificent actually very magnificent, but was also equal to telling all people, I in this piece of jungle, have developed the strategy that black ink and maplewood were drunk by the clear pupil, Is impossible unable to guess correctly.

The rear about hundred melt G.o.d cavalries advance to kill rapidly, raises in the hand the sword blade edge, starts the [Blade Spin] skill, the shrubbery is almost torn into shreds instantaneously, was the sword wheel of near body cuts, the sword air/Qi daybreak and other skills, the Indian player quant.i.ty of opposite party has surpa.s.sed us, but was actually killed does not have the strength to hit back, when we turned into the corpse these 300 + people, own buckle died in battle unexpectedly 3 melts G.o.ds cavalry and 1 flushed too before by the archer who the magic swallowed.


The battlefield cleanup, the distant place has also heard the war cries, it seems like Li Mu and Lin Wan Er and the others team has also run into the enemy, but should not have what threat, otherwise they will send in the requesting reinforcements signal.

The [Zhan Long] player advances in the forest of starry sky, after entering the depth map, runs into the first nice point enemy, an Indian war zone ranks 16 Guild, altogether 7000 + people exhibit a weaponry to meet us in the jungle, and also borrowed the NPC dragon crystal artillery, altogether 3 dragon crystal artillery, what a pity their wishful thinking failed, the [Zhan Long] rapidly about 50 squads build up, gathered over ten thousand people, spent less than 20 minutes to tear into shreds their position defense, was colored for 30 minutes, easily accomplished turned into points this group of people completely.


A sword chopped to fly a Knight long spear, Zhen Yue Blade has swept away, but has carried off his final HP, I looked at the past from afar, opened the hand then to grasp to [Defeat the Dragon] Swordsman, [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo erupted the second to fall, therefore the final several people of this 7000 + people of team were also handled, almost did not have escapes, appearance that as if they do not want to run away.

Bends the waist to collect equipment in ground, has shot the above dust, is a 167 levels of day plume wrister, but also supplemented a 75% broken against effect armor piercing to strike skill, consumed 45 Rage points, was a very good attack is small skill, put Tian Ling Empire also to sell several hundred dollars, therefore has thrown into the package with joy.

„The Xiao Yao elder brother, our weaponry wins total victories, altogether loss not over 200 people!" Wolf said with a smile.

I nod: „Yes, Ha Ha, this weaponry plays very smoothly."

Lin Wan Er actually delicate eyebrows light pressed walked, said: „We are truly smooth, but some Guild are not smooth, just obtained the news, the Chinese War zone Guild wind and cloud list ranks 16 th every Guild in asking the day icefield chases down the remnants to be outflanked, went on an expedition the world to use has surpa.s.sed 1.2 thousand hot elephants to ride with about 15 thousand players encircles, was less than 40 minutes, every Guild including the Guildmaster broken war-G.o.d, altogether 4 thousand + people was ma.s.sacred completely."

I am startled slightly, in the detailed rule that the King can hunt for has labelled, after the player died in battle, is unable to enter the big map that the King can hunt for once more, we suffered a loss to a certain extent!

Yue Qing Qian then said: „Q-Sword leads the [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools ride to kill to reenforce the time, only sees place the corpse, the method that the maplewood is drunk is agile, kills the complete human to walk, even has not cleaned including the battlefield."

Li Mu is stunned: „My goodness, does not want equipment, what do this group of Indians want?"

I deeply inspire, said: „Port City that they want, what wants is overall points instead surpa.s.ses us!"

Lin Wan Er has revealed a feeling of weariness, said: „You discover not to have, goal always unceasing escaping that we chase down, when we do not want to pursue provokes, attracts our small teams to continue to pursue, the enemy enters me to draw back, enemy in me to hara.s.s, what tactic this is, as we all know?"

„Little darling......" Old K touches the back of the head, said with a smile: „They with our engaging in guerrilla warfare tactic?"

I smile: „Mostly was, clear pupil developed black ink too to be really intelligent, we went to war in Port City, are equal to meeting head- on their native places, in the terrain familiarity was well below them, this tactic truly very much aimed at us."

Yue Qing Qian said: „Every has incurred, our medium small guilds say nothing, have delivered are tens of thousands numbers of people, like this plays us sooner or later to lose, what to do, do we want how to explain this move?"

„Strengthens the defenses and clears the fields?" w.a.n.g Jian narrows the eye to say with a smile: „Chairman is such......"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Does not crack a joke, said usefully, what to do?"

Lin Wan Er said: „Strengthens the defenses and clears the fields four characters, caching can use, advances with our superior forces step by step, other looked at the divine intervention, if old wants to give the Indian Port City naively, I was also speechless."

I make a fist, said: „I supplement a tactic again, being in fashion tactic."

„In fashion, said?" Li Meng Yao asked.

I said: „Their tactics are the enemy enter me to draw back, establish based on the terrain and Movement Speed, but the topography of forest of starry sky is smooth, fire Ze plain terrain more suitable cavalry soldier, but our [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry Movement Speed 500%, ride n.o.body to be quicker than us except for the kamikaze, the melt G.o.d cavalry also remaining 12000 people, we send out the warhawk to ride to search look for their main forces everywhere, melts the G.o.d cavalry to chase down purely, the mobility they definitely are not the matches, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk to kill our medium small Guild to gain points, we kill their medium small guilds to gain points, looks at anyone. Kills quickly!"

w.a.n.g Jian nods with a smile: „Xiao Yao elder brother strategy is neat!"

I: „Immediately moves without the words of objection, fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride to keep the protection long-distance and supplies, the melt G.o.d cavalry attacks with me together, immediately sends out our warhawks to ride to search!"

Li Mu shows a faint smile: „OK!"

The [Zhan Long] warhawk rides to search does not calculate too, but at least also 100 + people, have been divided dispersion Going out to use the air superiority are n.o.body can threaten them, these players do not partic.i.p.ate in the fight of frontal battlefield generally, equipment that because collects promotes Movement Speed, does not help the combat, therefore receives anything generally is compensates by the guild, Tian Ling Empire each super Guild has to raise one crowd of warhawks to ride to search, in this wartime years the information was too important.


After several minutes, 1.2 thousand melt G.o.d cavalries in me and Li Mu, under leadership of w.a.n.g Jian and the others Qi Qi has killed toward the depth place of forest of starry sky, but Lin Wan Er also rides after my warhorse, Dancing Forest also rides in Li Meng Yao behind, their skills and skill have the good effect to the team fight, taking should be.

Is less than two minutes, Yue Qing Qian obtained the news that the warhawk has ridden to search, sits said on the Yue Yao Yan warhorse: „Lin of Zuobiao ( 12733,73164 ) starry sky, at least over 5000 people of Indian players are gathering, seems to the appearance that we ambush."

„Full speed!" Li Mu drinks lowly.

The hoofbeat shocks, one crowd of melt G.o.d cavalry tornado pa.s.sing over gently and swiftly jungles, directly soared the goal to go.

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