Zhan Long Chapter 1021


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1021

„Northern heavens shield wall!"

In the [Flying Dragon] crowd broadcasts the Drunken Spear sound, he stands in the front line of formation, the heavy shield has swept suddenly, goes on an expedition the world Swordsman to pound to fly one, simultaneously the long spear punctures rapidly suddenly, rumbles with the shield another Knight flies to draw back, comes thousand overlapping waves attacks, the iron (spear
gun) handle to strike again, carries over scalding hot the spring effect, but has also drawn on the crowded imperial swordsmanship + sword air/Qi daybreak collection fire, the short spear trick is worth raising the shield to walk the position circ.u.mvention rapidly, hits extremely frigidly, a person is almost sustaining over 30% battleline pressures.

Drunken Spear, the [Flying Dragon] main cavalry soldier branch of the services are not too actually bad, the golden iron wall rides, this is very dazzling mount, the whole body presents the golden mail-armor and helmet shape, 160 levels of day plume step BOSS level mount, physical defense + 250%, by physical defense, rode, kamikaze to ride compared with the melt G.o.d cavalries and hundred deep pools only wants tall Duo, these 12000 golden iron walls that but [Flying Dragon] had rode cannot resist as before go on an expedition the attack of world main force.

I proceeds to clash, while attained from Yue Qing Qian went on an expedition the world main cavalry soldier branch of the services the data

The hot shape rides

170 levels of Divine Tier BOSS level mount, HP promotes + 27000, moves to fast + 440%, physical defense + 160%, supplement two skills, 【Fire fierce】, Forms the ignition effect to the surrounding goal, every second of ignition effect is equal to 1 time attacks the injury, 【Raging fire barrier】, Significantly promotes own physical defense.

I look at the secret heart startled, finally understands 12000 golden iron walls why the short spear trick directs will ride will collapse at the first blow, that fire fierce skill that the hot shape will ride has gone against heaven's will, will form to attack the injury every second to the surroundings goal, was equal to that one time will attack the opportunity of match every second, the same attribute person will have no way to hit.

It is not good, the fire fierce skill that this hot shape rides is pa.s.sive, the melt G.o.d cavalry also not necessarily certainly can spell hardly!

I gave Q-Sword to report a news immediately: „Went on an expedition the hot shape of world maplewood being drunk belt to ride the attribute to be too strong, I only led 1 thousand melt G.o.d cavalry, not necessarily was the match, Q-Sword you also brings hundred deep pools to ride to turn around clashes with us together, beat the main cavalry soldier in Indian war zone at one fell swoop!"

Q-Sword has not said anything, „OK".


After several minutes, hundred deep pools ride to come, melts G.o.d cavalry together forward [a.s.sault] with us.

The distant place, the maplewood was drunk person who led in cutting the frontal line core of [Flying Dragon] Guild position, the offensive that the maplewood was drunk was fierce, in the hand four star magical instruments were raging fire shoot down outrageously on the shield of short spear trick, „bang" Spark spattered in all directions, but the short spear trick behind had the Healer treatment, the standing firm shield will, hit back is one time shakes the spatial thorn to poke suddenly in the armpit spot that the maplewood was drunk, carried over 3 thousand + the injury, the maplewood was drunk also stares, has not thought that present this Knight has attack power in this way.

„Courts death!"

CBN of short spear trick fights the net rank is 17 th, thinks that the maplewood is drunk has not paid attention, in the hand the long sword is an advance, having the attack effects of several pieces of dependents rocks, the detritus to strike! This is a piece killing evil, by the Drunken Spear two [Flying Dragon] players is killed rapidly, but the short spear trick continues to resist, actually does not think that after the maplewood is drunk attacks, is one time attacks, the sword blade edge carrier mountain shatter shape, the break of rock strikes!



Drunken Spear had a scare, own physical defense may be called the Chinese war zone, unexpectedly wiped out that many HP all of a sudden! This break of rock strikes obviously is the broken defense skill, in addition the disregarding defense effect of weapon, was made that many HP but actually actually also to expect that by the hot crag big sword master obtained.

However the maplewood was drunk has looked eventually down on the short spear trick, when was stroked the remnant blood by the break of rock, the short spear trick jumped to leave the warhorse suddenly, was hundred Yue Tiaozhan skill, jumped the maplewood to be drunk in directly the right crowd, simultaneously iron (spear
gun) one horizontal, (spear
gun) blade edge such as pear colored was a round iron (spear
gun) randomly punctures the skill, has projected on HP that the maplewood was drunk rapidly less than 50%, when the maplewood was drunk killed near body the time, the short spear trick already once more in addition held shield of effect a dike, the maplewood has been drunk well one, then raises the sword blade edge to shout to clear the way lowly: „Here do not waste Cooldown again, all people follow me, destroys completely the Xiao Yao Zi Zai melt G.o.d to ride!"

Drunken Spear naturally is not the person who that type is not loyal, immediately wields the iron (spear
gun), shouted to clear the way lowly: „Stucks them, do not ask them to leave, attack!"

Both sides fight with all might once more in the same place.


„Bang bang bang......"

The [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry with the match front impact in together, the hot shape rides finally densely and numerously, can be imagined in the fire fierce ignition effect in this degree of collision receiving, I wield the b.u.t.terfly and Zhen Yue Blade to add up totals ten people continually crashes in the hot shape to ride the core the time, melted the G.o.d cavalry to have many people to pour under the fire fierce ignition effect, the hot shape that but their speeding away dizziness, ma.s.sacred unceasingly rode the quant.i.ty more!

Q-Sword is raising the sharp knife blade to the front that hundred deep pools ride, „bang" outrageously shaking draws back tall and st.u.r.dy going on an expedition world group teams leader, in the eye severe Mang dodges pa.s.ses, Fierce Tiger decides the skill anger to cut in the chest of opposite party, is one time casts the pieces of hundred swords to kill the skill, has killed to the direct second this group team leader, the warhorse advance, an ingenious broken line walked the position to avoid the attacks of several [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrows, the under foot air/Qi glow erupted, the combo thunderous Liuhe eruption, another went on an expedition the world holds flag Wei Qizhan directly is the player gives the second. Fell, simultaneously draws support from [Drain] to restore itself , to continue to advance forward, a series of outputs and circ.u.mventions and defense skill will fight the duplicate cla.s.s sharp place to show incisively!

Hundred deep pools ride also clash, the both sides players entered the hand-to-hand fighting of exchange, follows dropping down that the fire shape rides, the melt G.o.d cavalries and hundred deep pools ride also unceasingly drop down, but Drunken Spear leads the [Flying Dragon] cavalry soldier to start to attack from the rear area, forms the potentials of three outflanking with us, has saying that the maplewood is drunk truly is a brave warrior, in this case as before has supported at least a half hour, because finally the hot shape rides the battle loss speed to be too quick, has to remove.

The hot shape rides draws back, we immediately the battleline advancement in the past, after Soaring Dragon thanked [Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound] „lending a hand in emergency", Q-Sword led hundred deep pools to ride to return to the position, but the [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry pa.s.sed through this [a.s.sault] approximately battle loss 2000 people of high and low, continued to proceed to kill, went on an expedition the world to be repelled, was we captures the points time.


Proceeds again, the [Legend] position arrived, Fang Ge Que in the frontal line, his step is not quick, but will actually aim at his [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow to dodge all, the paper fan drags, crowds kill the magic to fall into the crowd, turns into the corpse [a.s.sault] his person . Moreover, attacks Guild of [Legend] position is Port City fifth Guild, the strength is very strong.

Fang Ge Que is a smart person, the snow hides in the majority that the kamikaze has ridden, only sends the Enchanted Painting, Lu Chun Yang, Xuan Yuan Feng and other main players to have the Dawn Mills brand to ride to go forth to battle, the majority of kamikazes ride, in the rear area is hiding, waited for that the appropriate opportunity attacks again.

Finally the [Zhan Long] melt G.o.d cavalry sweeps away, after cutting adds up totals thousand numbers of people, Fang Ge Que immediately sends out the kamikaze to ride to chase down the military deserter, has pursued to the edge in forest of starry sky withdraws troops, Fang Ge Que this person on his mood, has been able to maintain calm, for the mood inst.i.tute about, when does not know attacks, when retreats, can enter to draw back, this is the King true colors.

The fight on fire Ze plain is exceptionally intense, is frigid, the both sides players have surpa.s.sed at first 3000 thousand in the entering the war population, after is nearly 4 hours, the population shrank, only then 1000 thousand do not arrive, but in afterward 2 hours, where we again had not found the clear pupil to develop the main force that black ink and maplewood are drunk.

Clearly, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk also realized that spelled directly at is not the match in Chinese war zone, what to do therefore definitely was thinking next should.


On the fire Ze plain, the player in Indian war zone is retreating rapidly, but the Chinese players start the battlefield cleanup, at this time in everybody's package already full was equipment, especially with the melt G.o.d cavalry who we attacked together, almost the package of every person has filled, but Old K returned home with a full load, his Axe greed effect folded 300 +, four times of drop rate, were very fearful!

My murder number is higher than Old K, the 200% [Kill for Blood] layers of b.u.t.terfly also folded completely, is very good, then unmatched in the world.


One group of people stand on the fire Ze plain look at the surrounding player battlefield cleanup, I am bored to death will open this time King to hunt for the list, was really similar to was expected that the person who was listed as the first place was I

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) points: 1342 points

2 nd, maplewood is drunk( India) meritorious value: 1123 points

3 rd, Fang Ge Que( China) meritorious value: 1111 points

4 th, the clear pupil develops black ink( India) meritorious value: 1024 points

5 th, Cang Yue( China) meritorious value: 1002 points

6 th, Simple( China) meritorious value: 997 points

7 th, Q-Sword( China) meritorious value: 876 points

8 th, Jian Feng Han( China) meritorious value: 842 points

9 th, Cang Tong( China) meritorious value: 811 points

10 th, Thunder Xiong( India) meritorious value: 791 points


Only can see the tip of the iceberg from the list, the first ten li (0.5km) only then 3 are the Indian players, other by the Chinese players occupying, but on overall points, the Indian war zone must lose to us to be little, this battle generally speaking was they loses

Chinese war zone: 27632192 points

Indian war zone: 25173731 points


However the disparity is not big, this King will hunt for also has the variable as before!

The fire Ze plain, asked that the day icefield, Long Lake, starry sky forest and other map of the domains are very big, the players of present stage both sides can be held completely, but showdown in the frontal battlefield had ended, is doomed is the contact wars of small range, both sides will enter one to probe, the stage of provocation mutually.

On the plain, the major Guild players also in abundance diverged, the frontal battlefield had finished, [Legend], [Hero's Mound] and other Guild indicated that must take the guild to carry on the search fight as the unit, but the [Zhan Long] next goal is the forest of starry sky!

After frontal battlefield, the [Zhan Long] personnel losses are not very serious, 8 thousand person also remaining 5 thousand, the quant.i.ty of melt G.o.d cavalry as in over 10,000, even if meets to go on an expedition the world also to fight.

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