The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 7


The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President

The Shadowy Wedding Day With The President Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Face from her mom, stature from her father

Mu Huan stared at her…. Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets. She has really worked hard. With the heat wave of the summer, she really wasn't afraid of contracting miliaria.

Mu Kexin has inherited the looks of her mother and the stature of her father and this what she was trying to squeeze out with her current appearance. After a visual inspection, Mu Huan could tell there must be at least three pads on top.

“Why hasn't Junyan come back yet?” Mu Kexin has asked for the Bao dinner time. She specially arrived late to create a greate impact on her entrance and totally catch Bao Junyan's attention.

Who would have known that as late as she was, Junyan hasn't returned home yet!

“I don't know.” Mu Huan shrugged.

Mu Kexin immediately wanted to get mad but seeing the housekeeper coming in, she could only bite back her anger.

“Young Miss, a.s.sistant w.a.n.g called back and said that young master has been called abroad for an urgent appointment. He can't come back to have dinner with you.”

“What!” Mu Kexin could not help but exclaim. He can't come back for dinner? Then, all her efforts this whole afternoon were all in vain! How could he do this!

The housekeeper frowned and looked at Mu Kexin. But when he saw her outfit, a hint of disgust flashed across his eyes.

“Did a.s.sistant w.a.n.g say how long y husband is going to be away?” Mu Huan was most concerned about this. If he were to stay abroad for a long while, she can brazenly plan out a large scale money making business with ease.

“Mr. w.a.n.g said it could take a week or so.” The housekeeper replied respectfully.

Yay! Mu Huan bowed her head and concealed the jubilation she could barely restrain.

Contrary to her delight, Mu Kexin almost collapsed. A week! Bao Junyan actually went abroad for a week!

So what's the point of staying in his home when he wasn't even there? But if she were to leave, what excuse can she say the next time she stays in?

d.a.m.n it! If she had known beforehand, she'd have chosen a few days later to come!

Mu Kexin looked at Mu Huan, who at this time, bowed her head low, and was again hit by the traces left on her skin. Thinking of how Mu Huan and Bao Junyan spent the night last night….And how she could have surprised Bao Junyan with how amazing she could be, the fury twisting inside of her raged.

The second the housekeeper left, she vented her anger by throwing a boiling bowl of soup towards Mu Huan.

Fortunately, Mu Huan dodged in time. Otherwise, that bowl of soup would have hit her in the face. Even if not disfigured, her would have been red for days.

However, although her face was spared, there were still some splashed on her arms.

Her bare arms were painful from the scalding. She stood up and made a beeline towards Mu Kexin, sweeping a plate of vegetables on the table.

“Mu Huan, touch me and see how grandmother will end up!” Mu Kexin threatened, daring to test her!

Mu Huan responded by buckling her shoulders so she couldn't move an inch then poured the content of the plate down her head, “Try hurting my grandmother. Next time, I'll pour hot oil on your head and disfigure your face completely!”

Mu Huan wasn't the least bit scared of Mu Kexin. Their grandmother was the one in charge of the Mu family. Her grandmother has always been patriarchal. If she were to hurt her half-brother, her grandmother would definitely hit back ruthlessly. But with Mu Kexin, her grandmother would only calculate how much worth she needed to pay, and won't deal with her.

Before Mu Kexin could shriek, Mu Huan covered her mouth and continued: “if you want to continue staying here, if you want to have a chance to marry Bao Junyan in the future, better stay quiet and be smarter later on. Don't mess with me!”

Her patience is limited!


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