The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson Part 16


The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson

The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson Part 16

On December 29th the Francis sailed for Port Jackson, but the Lady Nelson was detained by the Lieutenant-Governor until January 11th in order that Lieutenant Symons might a.s.sist in carrying out further surveys, and also to erect beacons in the harbour to facilitate the safe entry of ships into port.

The important work carried out by the Lady Nelson at Port Dalrymple will be found recorded in the log of her Commander, which is as follows:--



JAS. SYMONS Lieutenant and Commander.

"Tuesday, 2nd October 1804. P.M. Got on board 2 cables, 1 hawser, 1 anchor, 1 grapnel and provisions for 6 months. Received order from Governor King to act as Lieutenant and Commander.* (* The Governor had then received an Admiralty order to make the appointment.)

Sydney to Port Dalrymple.

"Sunday, 14th October. At 5 A.M. got under way: at 8 fresh breezes: came to with the small bower in company with the Buffalo, Francis and Integrity.

"Monday, 15th October. At 6 A.M. got under way: made sail occasionally to work out of Harbour.

"Tuesday, 16th October. At 6 A.M. squally with heavy rain. Cape Dromedary bearing south-south-west: ships all in sight.

"Wednesday, 17th October. P.M. Fresh breezes and cloudy: land in sight.

Lay by for the Francis.

"Thursday, 18th October. Squadron in company: set main top-gallant sail: saw the land off Ramhead distant 12 leagues.

"Friday, 19th October. P.M. Split fore-and-aft main-sail at 7...hove to.

At 11 lost sight of the Buffalo--at 8 made sail and bore away for Twofold Bay. At noon strong breezes: Cape Howe distant 4 miles.

", 20th October. P.M. Past Green Cape--at 5 came to with the small bower on the east side of Twofold Bay: got under way and stood out of Bay. At noon off the Isles.

"Sunday, 21st October. P.M. At 6 Cape Howe 5 leagues. At 3/4 past 10 A.M.

perceived a heavy gale coming on westward, up courses: shortened sail. At 11 strong gales with thunder and lightning and rain: hove to under balance: reefed main-sail.

"Monday, 22nd October. Strong gales with a heavy sea from south-west--at half-past 8 shipped a very heavy sea on the starboard quarter, stove in the bulwark on the quarter gangway. At 3 A.M. shipped another heavy sea which washed overboard the boat, a chest of carpenter's tools, one fore-top-sail, one top-mast studding-sail, 1 tackle, 3 oars, 1 boat-hook, 2 bra.s.s guns, one cask of rice, 3 chests belonging to pa.s.sengers and several things belonging to Mr. Piper and 4 sows, the property of Government, and washed overboard the binnacle, 2 and lamps. At half-past 3 carried away main sheet and broke the tiller, down main-sail: bore up and set the fore-sail not being able to keep the sea found the larboard side of the waist covering board split and leaking a good deal.

At 8 heavy gales with squalls and a heavy sea: found the breakers in the hold had raised the water casks and everything in the ship was moved. One cask of rice in the spirit room above, and rice totally lost.

"Tuesday, 23rd October. P.M. Strong gales with a heavy sea. At 2 P.M.

close reefed top-sail...carpenter and people employed stopping noon hoisted up fore keel and found it broken off.

"Wednesday, 24th October. At 8 A.M. bore up for Twofold Bay.

"Thursday, 25th October. Opened the Bay, hauled our wind and set main-sail to work up into the Bay. At half-past 6 came to in 5 fathoms on the South sh.o.r.e with small bower anchor. A.M. At 6 rigged a raft to go on sh.o.r.e: at 9 sent casks on sh.o.r.e for water: sent carpenter to cut spars from Ruff trees: at 10 raft returned with water and at half-past set off again and in going ash.o.r.e Charles Abercrombie fell overboard and was drowned.

"Friday, 26th October. Fresh breezes: carpenter employed fixing Ruff trees.

"Thursday, 1st November. Broke up the raft and got under weigh to work out of Harbour.

"Friday, 2nd November. P.M. all sail set standing to South. At 2 squally with rain: bore up for Twofold 6 came to with small bower in 12 fathoms in Twofold Bay.

", 3rd November. P.M. Perceived at 2 a sail to south-east: found her to be the George, Schooner, of Sydney bound to the Derwent: got from her a boat's compa.s.s and sundry articles: made all sail out of the Bay, the George in company, at 12 Hayc.o.c.k Rock West 3 miles: the George in sight.

"Sunday, 4th November. Fresh breezes and hazy. At noon Cape How distant 4 leagues.

"Monday, 5th November. P.M. Slight breezes, all sail set: at 8 squally: the main top-sail blown out of the bolt rope and was lost.

"Tuesday, 6th November. P.M. At 4 took in all sail.

"Wednesday, 7th November. P.M. Strong gales and bad sea. At 8 blew the fore stay-sail totally away and split the main stay-sail.

"Thursday, 8th November. P.M. At 9 saw Flinders' Isle bearing south-west by south 15 leagues. At noon distant 9 leagues.

"Thursday, 9th November. P.M. At 6 A.M. saw the land: at 8 clear weather, made Cape Barren and beat in through the narrows: at 12 under sail beating up to Kent's Bay.

", 10th November. Came to in Kent's Bay with small bower anchor alongside the Francis, schooner.

"Sunday, 11th November. At 3 sent women and soldiers on sh.o.r.e. Mary Poor died suddenly: carpenter made coffin: at 12 went on sh.o.r.e and interred body with funeral solemnities.

"Monday, 12th November. P.M. Sent carpenter to put bilge pieces on boat's bottom.

"Tuesday, 13th November. P.M. Strong gales: at 3 light breezes: hove up best bower and got all clear for getting under weigh in company with Francis: at 8 made Hunter's Island.

"Wednesday, 14th November. P.M. Fresh breezes and fine: at 2 bore away for Waterhouse Island: at 4 came to anchor in 4 fathoms.

The Lady Nelson to Port Dalrymple.

"Tuesday, 20th November, 1804. A.M. Close in with northernmost of Waterhouse's Islands: 12 Waterhouse's Island 3 miles. Francis in company.

"Wednesday, 21st November. P.M. Small breezes, at 3 past the island of rocks: at 6 saw the colours flying at Port Dalrymple: fired a gun for the Francis to bear down: at 8 came to anchor in the River in 27 fathoms of water: at 9 A.M. weighed anchor and ran up into the Bay and came to anchor in company with the Buffalo, Francis, and Integrity.

"Thursday, 22nd November. Sent officers, soldiers, prisoners and baggage on sh.o.r.e.

"Friday, 23rd November. P.M. Employed landing bricks and baggage, etc.

clearing ship.

"Wednesday, 28th November. People on board the Buffalo endeavouring to work out of Harbour.

"Thursday, 29th November. Boats returned from Buffalo, brought to line and kedge P.M., and got small bower anchor and cable: the Lieutenant-Governor came on board from Buffalo: Ensign Piper, Mr.

Mountgarrett; five soldiers and 5 boat's crew. At 5 weighed and proceeded up the River: at 10 came to.* (* Off Middle Island.) At 6 A.M. got under way, at 11 let go in 20 fathoms: Lieutenant-Governor went on sh.o.r.e.

"Friday, 30th November. P.M. At 2 boat returned with Lieutenant-Governor and Company: at 3 beat up the River: at 9 came to with a bower and sent boat on sh.o.r.e with Lieutenant-Governor and Company.

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