The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson Part 17


The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson

The Logbooks of the Lady Nelson Part 17

", 1st December. P.M. At 2 Lieutenant-Governor returned, at 3 got under way, at 11 ran aground and sent out kedge to get off ship.

Lieutenant-Governor went on sh.o.r.e. At 12 A.M. we got the vessel afloat, came to with kedge in 2 fathoms.

"Sunday, 2nd December. P.M. Lieutenant Governor came on board. At 10 P.M.

got under way: at 7 came to anchor about quarter of a mile below the Cataract River and moored head and stern in 2 fathoms. At 8 A.M. sent off boats with Lieutenant-Governor and Company to survey the River, Land,*

etc. (* Paterson began his survey at one Tree Reach where Collins's survey had ended.)

"Monday, 3rd December. P.M. Light airs, making ready to set up rigging.

"Tuesday, 4th December. Employed as before.

"Wednesday, 5th December. At 2 P.M. boats arrived with Lieutenant-Governor from surveying the River to the southwards* (* The South Esk.) and country, at 6 A.M. got under way and proceeded down the River--at 11 came to in the third Reach below the Cataract Falls.

"Thursday, 6th December. Boats went on sh.o.r.e with Lieutenant-Governor at 3, returned, at 4 got under way, at 6 ran on sh.o.r.e on a mud flat, at 11 got afloat at 6 A.M. Boats went on sh.o.r.e with Lieutenant-Governor, at 11 returned, at noon got under way.

"Friday, 7th December. At 5 ran on a mud flat: at 12 P.M. got afloat; at 1 came to anchor in Channel--at 5 A.M. got under way and proceeded down the River.

", 8th December. P.M. at 5 got under way: at 8 came to: at 6 A.M.

got under way: at 9 came to, and sent Lieutenant-Governor on sh.o.r.e.

"Sunday, 9th December. Two boats returned with Lieutenant-Governor, at 5 got under way: at 8 ran on sh.o.r.e on a reef of rocks, carried out kedge and got off: at 10 came to anchor in Snug Cove: at 5 A.M. boats went on sh.o.r.e with Lieutenant-Governor: at 7 returned and took in seine. Current hove ship on sh.o.r.e. At 10 carried out kedge and warped out of Cove.

"Monday, 10th December. P.M. At 1 boat returned with Lieutenant-Governor: at 7 ran on sh.o.r.e on a mud flat in the mouth of the west arm, at 2 A.M.

hove off and rode by kedge: at 5 under way and proceeded up the west arm: at 10 sent Lieutenant-Governor on sh.o.r.e.

"Tuesday, 11th December. P.M. At 2 boats returned with Lieutenant-Governor: at 3 left ship and went to camp in Governor's wherry.

"Wednesday, 12th December. At 5 light airs and fine, got up anchor and made sail. At 10 came to abreast Storehouse Island. At 6 A.M. weighed and towed ship for Harbour: at 7 warped into Harbour.

"Thursday, 13th December. At 5 Lieutenant-Governor came alongside and the Captain accompanied him surveying River.

"Tuesday, 18th December. People taking in bricks, etc., for Western Arm.

"Wednesday, 19th December. At 2 ran on sh.o.r.e on a mud flat in the Western Arm, landed pa.s.sengers, bricks and baggage: at 11 got ship afloat and came to: at 4 A.M. towed down the River.

"Thursday, 20th December. Proceeding up the River for ballast: at 11 came to in a bay in 4 fathoms water.

"Friday, 21st December. P.M. At 2 all hands getting ballast on board, took ground on mud flat: at 5 proceeded down River: at 8 came to abreast Storehouse Island in 18 fathoms.

", 22nd December. At 5 under way and came to at 9 in 12 fathoms water.

"Sunday, 23rd December. P.M. Weighed and got into a cove abreast the Settlements in company with the Francis, schooner, at 8.

", 29th December. At 10 A.M. the Francis sailed for Port Jackson.

"Sunday, 30th December. A.M. Got ballast on board to put into the River.

"Monday, 31st December. P.M. Carpenter employed making Beacon to put on s.h.a.g Rock.

"Tuesday, 1st January 1805. P.M. Light breezes...carpenter as before.

"Wednesday, 2nd January. P.M. Fresh breezes: setting up the rigging.

"Thursday, 3rd January. A.M. at 7 laid down Beacon on s.h.a.g Rock.

"Friday, 4th January. P.M. Carpenter making chocks for boat.

", 5th January. P.M. Light breezes and cloudy. A.M. Getting water and wood on board.

"Sunday, 6th January. At 9 cloudy with thunder.

"Monday, 7th January. Light breezes. All hands away in boats on survey.

"Tuesday, 8th January. P.M. Fresh breezes. At A.M. hauled the seine, carpenter making oars.

"Wednesday, 9th January. P.M. People making booms and getting water. A.M.

Got on board a spar for sprit-sail yard: carpenter making new one.

"Thursday, 10th January. P.M. Thunder and lightning and rain: received on board dispatches. A.M. Light breezes getting ready for sea, tried to warp out of cove, Government boat and crew a.s.sisting.

Port Dalrymple to Sydney.

"Friday, 11th January. P.M. Strong gales. A.M. Moderate: at 5 unmoored ship and worked out of the Cove: at 6 came to abreast the Green Island: at 9 worked out of Harbour, Government boat a.s.sisting: at 10 made all sail: at noon the Seal Rocks bore south distant 5 miles: all sail set for Cape Barren not being able to weather the Sisters.

", 12th January. P.M. A fresh gale at 1: at 5 Waterhouse Island bore south 3 leagues, wind dying away came to in Kent's Bay, Cape Barren.

A.M. At 6 under way: at 9 got out of the Harbour. At noon Cape Barren bearing west, distant 2 leagues.

"Sunday, 13th January. Furneaux Island south-south-west 7 leagues, at 8 Cape Barren bore south-south-west 6 leagues.

"Monday, 14th January. P.M. Lost sight of land at 6. At 6 A.M. saw the land again. At 9 Port Hicks distant 3 leagues.

"Tuesday, 15th January. P.M. At 4 wore ship and stood off the land: at noon we found we had lost nothing during the night.

"Wednesday, 16th January. P.M. At 3 lost sight of the land. At 3 A.M.

fresh gale.

"Thursday, 17th January. P.M. At 12 fresh gales.

"Friday, 18th January. P.M. Cape Howe bore north-north-west 3 leagues.

A.M. At noon spoke the sloop Nancy to Port Dalrymple.

", 19th January. P.M. Saw the land of Cape Dromedary. At 11 A.M.

close in with land.

"Sunday, 20th January. P.M. At 4 close in with land--at 8 Cape Dromedary 4 leagues distant.

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