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The Hidden Moon

The Hidden Moon 2 Figh

So, let's start. I belong to the aryawrata family and my name is ' angada Arya '. I Belong to a family of generals and as the current family head is one of the seven commanders, basically we are known for our raw physical and brute strength. By plan, I should have been in training with my family instructors, but here I am in a fighting ring and swinging between life and death for a measly amount of money. You know the best part. Ironically, my parents used to bring me here when I was a kid to watch these fights to strengthen my heart. And now here I am with a broken broadsword full of clips and cracks fighting a 3 meter tall, blue-furred half shifted wolf on his two legs. You heard it right, though it's just an omega cla.s.s but still, it's an adult omega a.s.s werewolf.BAMMM, after another collision, I was thrown away, colliding with the iron net around it. My mind was tired after this long battle, but now that I have won. I probably won't have to worry for at least a weekend for food." Finally, we have a winner. The immortal monster " My well-defined face twitched a little. I mean I understand the immortal t.i.tle but what the h.e.l.l is a monster. But I paid no attention as I walked up to that monster side and took out my sword. I noticed three peculiar things at that moment, the corpse of the wolf which was supposed to be full of blood has shrunk to half of its size, and 2nd peculiar thing is that a small dark gem could be seen on swords 3 foot and 3rd thing is this itch, my entire body is in pain. This much itching and pain was probably unbearable to me when I was 12, but almost 7 years have pa.s.sed since that ma.s.sacre. I have experienced change; I had to feel an unimaginable amount of pain. A mark of a traitor, with the government on your a.s.s and several enemies ready to kill you anytime will probably toughen even a child let alone an aryawrata descended who are born to fight.I told them to send my share to my room as they were reputed and wouldn't care about this meager amount of money and before they could say anything. I ran for my room in an old school tavern. This is the place where all sorts of hybrids including the fearsome wolf tribe would live if they don't want to spend an exhortation of money by those big hotels. I was in a common size room. I just lay down on my bed even though I still have my 10 feet long sword in my hand with my eyes open while gritting my teeth due to pain. It was like I could feel a series of maggots in my entire body as they are Moving through my body working their way out. Actually, it was a false sensation, but I was scared at that time. For four d.a.m.n hours, I keep twitching on the bed making creeks sound due to how old it was and also because I, with an almost 190 cm and a weight of 120 kg was doing it. It finally stopped, I made my way out to the bathroom as I tried to remove the handle while thinking about what just happened. Boom, in my horror, I broke the door with a slight push. My mind was shaken, I knew what it was. A pure, brutal, and raw strength which has never been in my body has come, my strength has literally multiplied by twice and that's what it is. I connected the dots and a silly smile surfaced on my face. My glee suddenly splashed with chilly water when I realize I can't find my sword, but then a memory surfaced as I remember something my dad used to say.
" Son Angada, remember this way of meditation will help you strengthen your mind and this sword of yours will probably go your way just like all of us. " " But dad, isn't this a rusty sword? I want better ones' ' A young me started crying and again he gave me candy which extinguishes every grievance I have. So pure, so childish but it's still a splendid memory. But then either this memory comes another one." Son, go….just go….you need not avenge us if you can't even go against the empire. Just go...I love you son " He said with a kiss on my forehead with tens of swords in his body. My mind trembled as I removed this thought.I started meditating and to my glee, a simple crude still with some cracks on the sides and of a dark black color was floating in the middle of my mind palace. I have heard some of my close relatives using this word when I was a kid but guess today I know what it is. I could feel my sword getting nourished by mental energy.After a quick bath, I started noticing my hunger as I ordered some food and ate them. Well, let's say I ate five times more than usual. Even though I knew I can't keep eating at this rate if I want to have any money to travel to a different city.My goals had changed, I decided to partic.i.p.ate in the rebellion army. It's basically people who want to overcome the current empire and is a perfect place for people like me or some b.l.o.o.d.y greedy people who can't want anything less than the empire.I have done my research at I knew where I had to go and what I had to do.   All of this, I had planned to join two years later for a better position. Now though hehe.I paid my Bill as I casually started strolling in the city. After some time, I was in front of an old liquor shop. The door opened with a creek sound as I opened it. The entire place was filled with old chairs and tables and some drunkards sleeping on them and a bitter smell of wine was spread, acidic, and fermented. I just moved into the bar and sat on the stool near the pub table. I knocked on the table a bit, and after some time, a guy with a weird afro style, a pale skin with a natural charming look came and smiled. I too gave a smile as I took out a token. It was a token of the Kojak family which was subordinate to my aryawrata family at that time. I just killed one of the guards and took it. Now, the fun part is that they will think I am from the government so they will not give me some prime position until I kill some genuine aristocrats so they could threaten me with that. I have noticed how people behave when you lose things that they don't have. Contempt, a bit of pity, but it will be overshadowed by this feeling of contempt. " Please wait," He said as he kept looking at me. I too kept my eyes on him." What do you think about my hair? ," He said slowly. " What do you think about it " I too asked a question in return. " I think….. it looks exceptional," He said seriously. " don't ask them, " I said flatly. I mean really, what the h.e.l.l is he even talking about." just some people don't realize its... value," he said as if he remembered something." I see," I said nonchalantly. " What do you think if I remove my hair from sides, just leave it in middle," He said as he lit up." I think you already look horrible enough " this was actually starting to get irritating. " I know ri.. wait what. Oi, I look best in society " he realized after a while what he said. Before I could answer, a blonde guy with a short stature came from behind the room. He looked at me with narrowed eyes." one bout, " He said with a husky voice. I too nodded as a took my military stance. I may be good in broadsword but my hand to hand isn't worth any less.He nodded as he suddenly kicked in my waist, a faint tiger roar could be heard.Without batting an eye, I calmly maneuvered as I moved a bit from my original position and a single step which shortened the distance between us. I stomped my feet as faint cracks could be seen below my right leg while using that momentum, I punched with my right hand and stopped near his chin before he could even move. It was a proper style of the military where you move into He looked at me with an approving glance." Follow me and young master Phil. Please don't mess around, my sister silver heart is finding you ", After  that he just turned around and leftI looked at his back and just moved behind him

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