The Hidden Moon 1 Disgrace


The Hidden Moon

The Hidden Moon 1 Disgrace

Isabella povOne day the people that don't even believe in you will tell everyone how they met you-johnny DeppI Was sleeping when I was woken up by sun rays poking my face, like someone plays with a cute face, like always I woke up in a loud atmosphere which was caused by my lovely family who loves 8fighting. Yeah, notice my sarcasm.I yawned like a lazy cat and unfazed by the commotion outside. it's almost happening every day, I am used to it.I looked around my room to find something to wear. Honestly, my room is like a storeroom full of used and broken things, for example, my bed, small bed not enough for a person to fit, used clothes of my sister to wear, a ragged blanket of dad, and a broken lamp from mom's room.I hate my life, why? because like everyone I have a secret. Just it's average but is being average a crime? Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am isabella, Lasley. I am learning to become a scholar and benefit my pack? Yes, your guess is right I am hybrid or werewolf as in a general term.Anyways I decided to move to the attached bathroom to clean myself up. My bathroom is the same as my room, old, broken, and a bit dirty. I opened my shower, the water was ice cool which can make a person shiver but I am used to it.I quickly took a shower and wore a light sundress with leggings and slippers and as I walked out of my bathroom, a slap came flying at me but I dodge it, thanks to my father's training. Before the second slap could get close to me, my father stopped it and dragged the person slapping out of the room.The person who was trying to slap me is my mom, my real mom. She loves me a lot and shows that love by beating me. Why do you ask hehe. Because I am an omega born in a beta family. My mom favors my sister more.Well because according to our prophecy by some random bulls.h.i.t c.r.a.ppy elder, my sister is supposed to marry an alpha, who will rule the whole tribe and as for me the same full of s.h.i.t elder said that I will marry a traitor, like that's not even a joke, who does that and most importantly, who or which idiot believes prophecy nowadays.That wasn't the only reason though, my mom's an alpha and my dad is beta but I your truly am omega which irks mom a lot but thanks to my father and brother care about me, love me like a normal family and always support me even if it's going against my mom and sister.My sister almost slapped me and took me out of my running thoughts while dragging me out of my room to the living room where mom and dad were fighting.and their conversation was like this."Why do you always. .h.i.t her?" dad shouted with an angry face" Hit her? humph I just want to know her place, she is such a disgrace to our family "mom said with an imposing face"She is still our daughter," dad said with worry"Daughter? No, she is a disgrace" mom said with a disgusted face"Come on she is becoming stronger" dad announced
"Yeah I am listening to this sentence for a long time, she is useless like you two," she said sneering pointing at dad and my brother." She is still better than a monster like you " My father mumbled as he put her head down but still didn't refute her.I can bear anything but not disgrace or a single bad word about my dad and brother they are my lifeline and my anger took the best out of me and I turned to mom and said."Mom hate me all you want, I won't utter a word but not a single word about my dad and brother," I said with a straight face."You dare talk back," she said with a cold laugh with anger laced on her face and tried to slap me but I dodged it and caught her and smirked."Let my hand go" she shouted"Tch mom, I learned 140 martial arts from dad, you are no match for me," I said with a smirk"Oh really but it doesn't change your status" she sneered"When I become a scholar no one will care about status" I smiled widely."You are an omega, will be an omega and remain as omega" she has already started screaming like crazy."You have a darling daughter who knows nothing than to put powder on her face like a flour" My sarcastic comment probably hit her like an arrow.She again tried to slap me and threw me towards the table just with raw strength but my brother caught me in time and avoided me hitting the table. My mom and sister had a smirk on their faces. Naively, disgusting a weak personality and they hope to get on top of the world by whoring her daughter and one is ready to become that guy's b.i.t.c.h.My mom looked like she thought of something and then suddenly shouted"Go cook breakfast and don't burn it," she said more like ordered'I won't for you two, cook yourself" I challenged her"Oh really? think carefully" she said with a thoughtful face"Done thinking and the answer is still no" I said with a challenging face"Go and cook breakfast!"She used her alpha tone making my wolf whine and forcing me to cook. I hate it when she uses her alpha tone to get her work done. Anyway, I gathered my messy blonde hairs and put them in a bun and went to the kitchen while babbling like a kid. Probably this was her way of revenge on me.I was cooking bacon eggs and pancakes as my mom and sister ordered. I was beyond angry when all of a sudden I smelled my favorite scent, sandalwood and honey, my brother's scent. I turned around to see him smiling at me and came next to me and hugged my hand like a child."Brother do you need anything?' i asked with adoration in my eyes"Yes it seems I miss my sis smile," he said with a smile lingering on his face"Oh, where did you lose it?" I asked with concern"I checked the cupboard, socks, boots, even in my books. Sight cant find her" he told me with a confused face"Did you check your pockets?" I asked with a cute face"Yes.i can't find her smile," he told me"Did you check garden" I asked"No," he said"Ah found it " his fingers move towards my face and started poking me making me uncontrollably giggle."Stop it "I shout whispered"Smile," he told me"Fine I give up," I said with a smileWe both shared a was childish but he always made me smile. Then with a sore face, I served the food to the mother-daughter duo and they gave me their usual wh.o.r.e like look. I really hope I improve and will probably make them regret treating me like that. I mean if I didn't leave this duo on the street begging even for food. Then what's the point?

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