Sweet, Although Short Chapter 2


Sweet, Although Short

Sweet, Although Short Chapter 2

Translated by potats

Edited by Amaris

Half a year later, under the brightly shining sun, Luo Huiyan with her beautiful blonde hair kissed the sport student on the sports field.

When Zhuang Ze saw Zhou Yunchen with such gloomy eyes, his heart beat faster.

Zhou Yunchen had a fight with the sport student. Luo Huiyan kept on screaming for them to stop, but these men were like lions fighting over their territory, both refused to concede.


Seeing blood spilling from Zhou Yunchen's mouth, Zhuang Ze rushed to him without thinking. He couldn't fight, yet he just rushed up instinctively. His mind went blank when he had realized what he was doing.

The sport student who was still fighting suddenly opened his eyes wide. He thought that Zhuang Ze was going to a.s.sist Zhou Yunchen, so he gave Zhuang Ze a punch as he cursed.

Zhuang Ze covered his belly and fell down. His head hit the ground, his face turned pale in a moment.

Zhou Yunchen was mad. He beat the sport student into pulp.

Later, the teacher came and the three of them were punished. Zhuang Ze and Zhou Yunchen stood in the corridor together.

Zhou Yunchen stayed silent for a long time. Thinking about how Zhuang Ze rushed up regardless of what would happen, he asked in a low voice, "What about her is worth liking?"

Zhuang Ze's stomach throbbed in pain, but it couldn't compare with the pain in his heart. He couldn't answer that question because he wished to ask Zhou Yunchen about that, too.

What about her is worth liking? She liked someone who would fight with others for her. He recalled Zhou Yunchen's ferocious appearance. He had never seen Zhou Yunchen being so angry before. Zhou Yunchen had wanted to kill the person who s.n.a.t.c.hed his girlfriend away.

He was not only angry, but also grieving. Zhuang Ze felt even worse than before.

Zhou Yunchen wrinkled his brows. He stared onto the floor as he clenched his fists and muttered, "What about her is worth liking!?"

Zhuang Ze knew that Zhou Yunchen's words were actually meant for Zhou Yunchen himself: Luo Huiyan's betrayal hurt his heart, which was why he was questioning himself like this.

Zhuang Ze opened his mouth, as the feeling of bitterness rushed through his throat he stated, "I simply like them, no reason."

Upon hearing his words, Zhou Yunchen's expression became more gloomy.

Zhuang Ze didn't dare to look at Zhou Yunchen. He could only lean against the wall and felt a sharp pain that came out of nowhere.

Was it necessary to have a reason to like a person?

He liked Zhou Yunchen for no reason; Zhou Yunchen liked Luo Huiyan for no reason; Luo Huiyan liked another person for no reason, either.

This wasn't a math problem, it could not be derived like a formula.

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