Sweet, Although Short Chapter 1


Sweet, Although Short

Sweet, Although Short Chapter 1

Translated by potats

Edited by Amaris

Zhuang Ze liked Zhou Yunchen. He was deeply captivated by Zhou Yunchen right on their first meeting.

Science and engineering course really was uninteresting and boring, but Zhou Yunchen was the sole light in the whole cla.s.sroom. He was so bright that Zhuang Ze forgot about spring drowsiness.

Zhuang Ze had been secretly watching Zhou Yunchen. Zhuang Ze kept an eye on Zhou Yunchen's arms as they were resting on the desk, his fingers while they were turning the pen, his concentrated expression, and fantasizing that Zhou Yunchen's sight will fall on him.

But it had never happened, not even once.

Zhuang Ze himself didn't dare to approach Zhou Yunchen, either.

Zhuang Ze knew his name, his cellphone number, his dormitory, his club and his girlfriend.

Zhou Yunchen's girlfriend was a pretty girl. She was like the wind in summer days. She could entangle every man's heart with her long blonde hair. Zhuang Ze silently watched over them, ever so silently. He couldn't ignore them or said any blessing (for them) either.


Zhou Yunchen stopped Zhuang Ze in front of the vending machine.

Zhuang Ze was taken aback, his heart was beating faster, but he didn't have the nerve to look up to Zhou Yunchen.

Zhou Yunchen asked him, "Do you like Luo Huiyan?"

Who's Luo Huiyan? Oh, it must be his beautiful blonde girlfriend he's talking about.

Zhuang Ze replied, "Yes."

Zhou Yunchen uttered in a cold voice, "She's my girlfriend."

Zhuang Ze dropped his eyes as he said, "I know."

Zhou Yunchen stepped closer and threatened Zhuang Ze, "Don't approach her."

Zhuang Ze paused for a moment. After gathering up half of his life's courage he said, "I won't approach that person, but I like them."

Zhuang Ze felt like he was inside a cold spring night. He lifted his head and saw the blazing noon sun. His deep feelings of love felt like they were burning his heart.


Zhou Yunchen was infuriated.

Zhuang Ze thought he was going to be punched, but Zhou Yunchen only stepped even closer to him and said in a low and deep voice, "It's impossible for her to like you."

Zhuang Ze sniffed Zhou Yunchen's fresh scent, then his lips form a smile as he replied, "I know."

Zhou Yunchen felt that Zhuang Ze was a p.r.i.c.k in his eyes. He repeated his words, "She definitely would never like you."

Zhuang Ze nodded and affirmed, "It doesn't matter."

Zhou Yunchen hit the vending machine, then gave Zhuang Ze a deadly stare, "Even if she doesn't like you, you would continue to like her?"

Zhuang Ze didn't look at him this time. He only lowered his head, looking at their toes which was about to meet. He said in a soft voice, "Liking them is my business, it has nothing to do with anyone else."


Zhou Yunchen didn't beat Zhuang Ze in the end. He only vented his pent-up anger by throwing the drink in his hand into the trash can in the far distance. Just like when he shot a basketball, it was precise and correct that even when he was filled with anger, he was still handsome.

Zhuang Ze stared at Zhou Yunchen's back as he walked away as he thought: I've said what I wanted to say, that's nice.

The author has something to say:

The important thing is to give the protagonists of this new short story full names…… 


Be careful if you wanted to jump into this pit, the updates are going to be short and not suitable for those who are weak.


"Sorry, I've Fallen in Love with You"

Written by Long Qi

Gong: Zhou Yunchen

Shou: Zhuang Ze

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