My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic 7 The Exam!


My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic

My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic 7 The Exam!

Sweat gathered in Terry's palms as he stared at the testing site for U.A. He wasn't worried about messing up the exam, but his stomach didn't seem to get the message. Steeling his resolve, Terry walked through the door into the main hall. It was packed with prospective students, each one determined to get into the school of their dreams. Terry sat himself down in the nearest seat to the entrance, he caused a bit off annoyance due to his arm blaster getting in peoples way.He got his blaster registered in time for the exam under a quirk aid, but he didn't get much chance to practice with it as Terry was sure it'll fall apart if he puts it under too much stress and he wants to save as many shots as possible for the exam. The entire hall was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with discussion until a blonde-haired man walked to the platform at the centre."WELCOME ONE AND ALL TO MY LIVE SHOW!" His voice bellowed out, instantly silencing everyone in the hall."EVERYBODY SAY HEYYY!" Terry cringed so much at the silence that it sent shivers down his spine, but this didn't a dampener on the hero's mood as he took it in his stride and continued with the same gusto.He explained how the test was going to function, all he had to do is destroy robots and get points for it. More points the stronger the robot is, but there was one with no points but looked the strongest. Terry's concerns were answered when some q-tip looking fella asked about it while berating the green-haired kid that Terry saw cleaning the beach before.With his curiosity satisfied Terry complied with the customary "PLUS ULTRA!" before making his way towards the test area. While walking Terry noticed that some people were snickering while pointing in his direction."Look at that loser,""He can't control his quirk and he's applying to U.A.""One less person to worry about I guess, haha."Hearing people writing Terry off this early annoyed him slightly but he didn't let it get to him. Absentmindedly he fiddled with his blaster to make sure it's in optimal conditions, Terry thought back to the energy manipulation training he did with Nejire and how he made jets blast out his back. He didn't manage to devise a way to use it without injuring himself as of yet so he probably won't use it like that in the exam. To be honest, the only benefit is instantaneous acceleration and he could move faster by running and enhancing his kinetic energy output, so instead Terry integrated it with his jumping so he could majorly increase his vertical manoeuvrability but he didn't get a chance to practice so it would be risky to use.However, since he's gonna be brawling against robots Terry has been brainstorming ways of using electricity rather blunt or fire attacks, but since the path of the tendrils are pretty unpredictable and indiscriminate it seems that Terry will have to get up close and personal to get maximum use out of it.
After a short while, Terry arrived at his site. The couple of hundreds of prospective students were split across multiple sites. The site itself was a collection of abandoned high-rises to emulate a city area. Terry looked around and observed his opponents. The people around him were mainly stretching or warming up their quirks, that was until he saw a cursing Furby. 'c.r.a.p it's the angry puffball', Terry thought himself. He recognised the spiky blond hair guy as he went to the same school as Terry. For some reason, he antagonised everyone even the sleeping Terry who had no problem with. This lead to this joker interrupting Terry's naptime and kept provoking Terry like he had something to prove. Not wanting to catch this dude's ire Terry put a hand to cover his face and shuffled away discreetly.Eventually, the test was all set up."ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET..." Everyone tensed up, nerves palpated in the air."GOOOOOO!" In a great horde, the students ran into the city to hunt themselves some sweet robit a.s.s. Terry enhanced his body and separated from the crowd by jumping while boosting himself with jets. Terry tumbled on top of a convenience store but shook it off quickly, not bad for a maiden flight. Terry jumped from rooftop to rooftop, stumbling slightly along the way before he sighted a group of robots across the streets, he got to a knee and aimed his arm at one of the robots.Blue light glowed from his arm as he charged up a shot, after 2 seconds he fired. The glowing pellet flew true and hit the robot squarely in the chest which in turn caused it to explode."Yes!" Terry celebrated for a brief moment before raining fire on the remaining robots. Terry continued like this for a good while by maintaining the high ground and taking robots out from a distance as this is the smartest play the maximise points without wearing himself too ragged. Terry even helped out some people who were caught off guard by some of the robots. The blaster was taking the punishment like a champ but Terry could tell it was on it lasts legs and was about to break.A good while later Terry was beginning to struggle to find any robots that weren't already rendered sc.r.a.p metal by other people. He was about to sit himself down on the roof on a building before a colossal robot emerged from a building beside him. Terry was gobsmacked, he expecting the 0 pointer to be big but not on this level. With haste, he ran away from the robot as he was within arms reach of the thing.At full speed Terry ran along the rooftops towards safety, he could see other people either retreating or attacking the robot from a distance but no one tried their luck by going in for the melee, except of course the blond puffball, who instead propelled himself directly at the robot screaming,"DIE YOU RUSTY MOTHERf.u.c.kER,"Suddenly a shockwave emitted from the puffb.a.l.l.s palms that sent the giant robot careening to the side but other than superficial damage to the armour, no real damage was done. The deranged Furby realised this and promptly went for a tactical retreat but was too late as the robots arm shot out from the wreckage and had the guy firmly in its grasp."LET ME GOOO!" he yelled before a flurry of explosions rang from his hands but to no avail and he was still firmly in the robot's clasp. Seeing the guy in trouble Terry couldn't ignore it, despite the guy antagonising him in the past he was still a cla.s.smate and whatnot. Planning a route Terry leapt to higher ground.Panting Terry saw that the robot still hasn't gotten up yet, next Terry zeroed in on its arms.'Alright, if I jump on its arm maybe I could overload the electronics in its arm which would cause the robot to let go of the guy. After which I will, urgh, do something.' Terry thought to himself before jumping.Thump, Terry landed on the elbow joint of the giant, he placed his hand down and let out a blast of electricity. Streaks of electricity went flying and the familiar smell of burnt electronics emerged from the arm followed by the sound of the arm crashing onto the ground."I DIDN'T NEED YOUR HELP f.u.c.kER, I HAD IT HANDLED!" 'Why does this guy speak in full caps?' Terry thought to himself before replying,"Your welcome!" Terry jumped off the arm to safety and grouped up with the blondie who was currently giving him the stink eye."Wait aren't you that sleeping b.a.s.t.a.r.d?""No, I'm the VCR repairman." Terry deadpanned which earned him an incredulous look. Their banter was cut short when the robot got back up to its feet, and it certainly didn't look happy."Hey, Legally Blonde, let blow this ro-b.i.t.c.h sky-high.""The f.u.c.k did you just call me?""No time, shoot!" Terry overcharged his cannon while the blonde guy held both his hands in front of him which glowed orange. When the robot got into ara ara distance it was blasted by two pillars of flame and was promptly turned into a glorious sc.r.a.p heap.Stunned silenced rang out as the people around couldn't believe their eyes, two kids just took out a robot of that size. 'They're not even trained yet!' 'Why is the world so unfair to give the two of them such powerful quirks?'Thoughts like these were loud in the minds of the spectators around them."Ow ow ow," Terry said softly as he pried the heated remains of his blaster off his arm. 'Well, it had a good run,' Terry looked back at the flaming metal corpse and could hardly believe that he did that either. After patting some dust off his shoulder Terry turned to walk back to the main entrance but he felt a hand on his shoulder."Don't you dare leave, what the h.e.l.l are you doing here? Do you think you're better than me all of a sudden, huh?"'G.o.d this guy has a major ego problem,' Terry inwardly groaned before facing his captor. He took a small breath before replying,"Flash Bang no Jutsu!" Terry shouted as he emitted a ma.s.s of mount of light from his forehead to blind the angry Furby before escaping like a thief in the night."YOU b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Terry sighed as he just dodged a bullet. While walking back to the main test centre he decided to check in the med bay to see if the burns on his arms are serious or not. His left was blackened and slightly crispy but Terry could tell that it was pretty superficial from experience. On the way he noticed a girl walking while leaning on the wall, it was obvious she probably injured her leg."Hey do you need some help," Terry offered. Slightly startled, the girl turned around. She was slender with short purplish hair."Yeah, that'll be a big help," She agreed. Terry put her arm over his shoulder to help take the weight off her leg. As they walked Terry piped up,"My name is Terry Wildmoor but just call me Terry, I'm not one for honorifics." The girl blushed slightly before nodding."Alright, Terry...san. My name's Kyoka Jiro and err thanks for helping me out.""Don't sweat it, I was going that way anyway," Terry smiled while waving his burned arm."Isn't that pretty serious?" Jiro said concerned,"Tis but a flesh wound," Terry replied expecting a laugh but the reference doesn't really translate well into j.a.panese as Jiro just raised an eyebrow at his antics. They joked a bit more and the awkward atmosphere disappeared by the time they got to the nurse's room. When they got there they saw that there were a sizeable amount of injured people and they were directed to one of the beds and waited for their turns.After 10 minutes or so their turn came. Terry's burns were confirmed to be mainly first degree which he has experience in treating himself. Jiro however, sprained her ankle and should give it rest for a week or more if needed. Thanking the nurse we left, Terry helped Jiro until they reached the entrance where she left with her parents. While leaving Jiro said,"Thank you for your help today,""No problem, I'll see you at U.A""How are you sure I'll get into U.A" Jiro smiled to which Terry just shrugged."Just a feeling." They went their separate ways. While leaving, Terry saw the curly green-haired guy who appeared pretty glum. Maybe he screwed up the exam? Well, it didn't particularly concern Terry so he continued on his way home.A week later..."Congratulations Terry!" Currently, Terry was celebrating the fact he got into U.A so Seth decided to cook up an extra special meal for the occasion. In the room, there was Seth, Majima, Ryuko and Nejire as they were the main people in Terry's life.After the meal Majima went home seeing as a new school term is about to start so he was a bit swamped with work and Nejire was just tired. Terry and Ryuko were washing the dishes while Seth lounged on the sofa with a beer in his hand. The two of them worked in comfortable silence before Ryuko said,"So Mr Hero, are you excited,""Of course I am, I mean it's either being a hero a walking battery pack. The former sounds slightly more respectable.""Uhuh." They chattered a bit more about U.A before Ryuko saying,"Seth and I decided on a date for our wedding," Terry looked at her incredulously before giving a wide smile,"Finally, I thought you two would never tie the knot. So when is it.""We're thinking of a late spring wedding, probably May next year.""So you don't have a date then," Terry retorted."At least we decided that it's going to happen." This earned a small chuckle from Terry.Terry was about to retire to bed before he heard a knocking on his door before Seth walked in."Oh hey Seth, is there anything you need?" Terry asked as Seth had a strange solemn look on his face. Seth instead of answering held out a simple wooden box for Terry to take."This is from your father, it was his last gift to you." Terry was astounded. He never really thought about his parents and he didn't really care either. But that didn't prevent him from being curious about the contents in the box."I'll give you some s.p.a.ce to let it sink in," Seth stated before leaving the room.Terry held the box not quite sure what to do with it. Terry looked towards Patch who seemed not to care about the situation as the dog simply laid on top of Terry's bed without a care."What do you think boy? Should I open it." Patch just did a mechanical yawn in response.

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"Good answer." Holding his breath Terry opened the box to reveal an obsidian cylinder with circuit patterns engraved onto it. Now Terry was just confused. He took the cylinder out of its box and rummaged around to see if there was anything else but it was just the strange rod.Bewildered, Terry plopped himself onto his bed."Well, that was anticlimactic." He grumbled. As Terry fiddled with the thingy Patch licked the exterior and the circuits suddenly burst into life. Terry could barely react before the circuits ran into his skin and the cylinder sunk into his hand.A map of bright blue lines was on Terry's body and his glowing blue as well, he remained like this for a few moments before the lights blinked out of existence and Terry was knocked into a deep sleep. Patch was nonplussed throughout this whole ordeal and simply lied on top of Terry and went to sleep as well.

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