My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic 6 Progress


My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic

My Time To Shine - My Hero Academia Fanfic 6 Progress

"Ow ow ow," Terry mumbled to himself as he extinguished any lingering flames on his arm cannon. Currently, he was in Majima testing room trying to fine-tune the settings on his arms cannon. He was struggling to keep the projectile stable until it can be launched, but at the moment it was still exploding while in the barrel, which is a no go.Taking off the cannon, it still had the outer panels removed which exposed the maze of internals. There were only a few months until the UA exam and Terry reckons he'll need to put the arm cannon on hold for now as he won't be able to register it in time for the exam. However, this didn't put a damper on his mood. As Terry was fiddling with the internals he took a step back and looked at his work. After some deliberation, he ripped off the stabiliser barrel and put the cannon back on his arm.Sweat went down Terry's face as the cannon lit up with a blue light. Flashes of flames were being spat as it charged, waiting to be unleashed by the trigger. After two calming breaths, Terry pulled the trigger, a large orange explosion was blown out of the muzzle which almost sent Terry onto his a.s.s, what came out was akin to a shotgun blast as the energy violently rushed out in a cone shape in front of Terry which scarred the solid concrete ground. The air was still heated and it burned your lungs and the test dummy was lying in a pool of its foamy guts. Success!"WOOOOOOOH, IMMA FLIPPING GENIUS!!" Terry exclaimed before taking aim again. This time he didn't hold back while charging and he could let out a similar blast every 2 seconds but the cannon began to overheat after 20 or so shots. The range was a rather short 5 metres in length but it covered a pretty wide area and did plenty of damage. Before putting it to rest Terry charged up one last blast to the point the cannon was shaking under the stress, the blue light was almost blinding. Terry waited until the cannon was at the limit before letting it rip, and my G.o.d was it devastating. Blue flames barrelled out of his cannon crashing into everything in it's way, everything was either ash or a puddle. This carnage stopped 20 metres away but it affected an even wider cone area from Terry's position.Terry was astonished at what had just happened, he didn't expect anything at this level of destruction but he was soon brought back to reality by the feeling of sizzling flesh on his arm. Yelping, he tore the red-hot cannon off his arm before dunking it into a nearby bucket of ice water. He did it, no more self exploding or uncontrollable flamethrowers for him. Well, he couldn't really use this when doing actual hero work, it'll cause way too much property damage but Terry reckoned it would be enough to pa.s.s the UA exam.

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As Terry put out the lingering flames Majima walked into the test room only to behold to what seemed like an active warzone. He was silent for a few moments before zeroing onto Terry. The boy in question was stuck in place out of fear. Majima calmly walked to the wall and pulled out the fire hose, he aimed it towards Terry. The last thing Terry saw was a wave of water barrelling towards him before he got swept away by the current.1 month before the examTerry didn't have enough time to make a new arm cannon due to lack of materials and industrial tools. No matter how good Majima's workshop is he simply didn't have good enough tools for the job, or he might just be holding out on Terry due trashing the test room. Either was Terry had no choice but to repair his prototype so it doesn't fall apart under a soft breeze.Now that Terry has a method attack he can focus on his training regime which was slightly neglected for lab time, much to Ryuko and Seth's chagrin. Terry had a slim build with a lot of definition in his muscles due to using heavy equipment and many hours in the forge. However, his endurance wasn't up to scratch and Terry could get winded pretty easily.A way to combat this is by using his quirk to fuel his muscles rather respiration. This way he could run for much longer and he could directly increase his kinetic energy which could let him run at faster than a normal human and punch much harder. However, his body cannot handle the backlash and every time he tried it he just injured himself. The most Terry could manage was jogging at sprinting pace and jab with the force of a kick. It was pretty good but nothing in the world of quirks.While jogging Terry usually goes past the beach and sometimes he would spot a kid his age cleaning up the mountains of garbage as some sort of training. Although it was strange it seemed pretty effective as the Kid rapidly gained some muscle and looks shredded to point Terry was almost jealous. Also, the beach was pretty clear now so kudos to the green-haired kid, who seemed kinda familiar to Terry. Maybe he went to his school, Terry wouldn't remember as he spends most of his time sleeping or not being there in the first place which unfortunately doesn't give much time in his schedule for making friends. The only person Terry could faintly remember was this edgy blonde kid who seemed to live in his own a.r.s.e.Regardless Terry jogged past the beach and continued until he arrived at Ryuko's office. It was almost noon by the time Terry reached the office, he greeted everyone on the way to the gym. The Terry knew all of the staff since he was here since Ryuko started it up and he's still surprised how fast it grew. Most of the credit is due to Ryuko who handled pretty much everything herself for the first years of her office's conception from paperwork to fighting. She could do it all, even now she goes around each department to help out. Her work ethic inspires everyone in the building to try their hardest.While walking into the gym a large object crashes into Terry's back."Terry-chan good morning." Terry sighed at the girl's antics before replying,"Morning to you Nejire-san."Nejire is a fair-skinned girl of average height with wide, curious eyes and long periwinkle hair."Are you here for training? Come train with me, it'll be fun!" Terry almost cringed when Nejire described training with her as fun, nightmarish flashbacks of this innocent looking girl beating Terry to ground sprung to mind.Terry first met Nejire when she interned at Ryuko's office, at first they were ambivalent towards each other but naturally Nejire would get curious about Ryuko's younger brother. After a while, she constantly bugged Terry asking him questions ranging from random to personal but Terry couldn't do anything about the girl who stuck to him like glue as she found out they had similar quirks and she took it upon herself to tutor him and be his guide in life. This allowed Terry to quickly get control over his quirk and Nejire's a.s.sistance is the main reason why he no longer needs to wear his old containment bracers.Although he warmed up to the air-headed girl over time, the real trouble began when she became a training maniac. Apparently, at school, she met a boy who had a weak who trained like a madman to become strong, this, in turn, led Nejire to train as well as the boy in question surpa.s.sed her. Ryuko was more than happy to oblige with Nejire's requests and Nejire in turn improved leaps and bounds. Nejire also brought Terry, against his will, into countless sparring matches which were more of a one-sided beating.This lead Terry to fear Nejire and avoid her at all costs. Unfortunately, today was not his day. Grabbing Terry by his shoulders Nejire floated the two of them to a sparring mat.Resigning himself to his fate readied himself for the upcoming slaughter. He knew he had no chance in h.e.l.l in winning, Nejire beat him out in both martial arts and mastery over their quirks but Terry still had one thing on his side. The element of surprise.The two fighters bowed to each other before going into their stances. not wanting Nejire to control the flow of the battle, Terry rushed her and went for a simple jab string which was promptly blocked by Nejire who caught last punch and threw Terry to the side.Terry felt himself go weightless which prompted him to roll. Terry quickly got up and returned to his stance to only see palm coming his way. Shifting his weight to the side, the palm grazed and stung his arm, Nejire wasn't done as she turned into Terry and let out a barrage of palms and swipe, each one containing the power of her quirks.The air becomes turbulent as they went back and forth exchanging blows, each hit that landed on Terry bruised him and his stamina slowly wore down meanwhile Nejire still looking fresh despite using her quirk for an extended amount of time. Terry knew he was now running on fumes so he decided to tap into his quirks reserves which would last only a couple minutes as he used most of it during his run.Nejire leapt towards Terry with a kick who promptly dodged it, but what Terry didn't notice was that it was a feint and it was really a build-up to a dropkick that Terry noticed too late. A boom could be heard as Nejire released a large wave from her foot which propelled it down to Terry at high speeds. Seeing the imminent danger approaching, Terry could only do what he does best. He rubbed his fingers together which caused sparks to form and pumped energy into the micro flames.This resulted in a small explosion that sent Nejire rolling as she was caught off guard. Before she could get to her feet she saw Terry coming at her with a wild haymaker with a fierce expression, two spluttering jets of flames could be seen at his shoulder blades which propelled Terry at high speeds. Nejire didn't have a chance to block the incoming fist so she could only close her eyes and braced for the incoming impact, but such an impact never came.She took a peek and saw Ryuko berating a downed Terry, all the fierce bravado he built up completely vanished and he is now like a meek kitten."Are you an idiot, never use explosions in a spar. And what the h.e.l.l was that last move, you looked like a street thug. Where is the form that I taught you!"Terry could only nod while rubbing his slightly burned hands. Fortunately, Nejire interrupted,"Sensei don't be angry at Terry, I was the one who went too hard on him." Ryuko made a complete 180 in her mood and smiled at her disciple,"Don't worry Nejire, Terry is a hardy boy and he should learn how to take a hit. But I noticed you've been a bit frustrated with your progress lately so I think it'll be better if you spar with the other sidekicks, that way you might actually gain something." Feeling wronged Terry exclaimed,"What about me, didn't you see me shoot jets out my back. It was bada.s.s." This inappropriate response prompted Ryuko's fist to knock onto Terry's skull."Don't get me started again, I can't believe you had the gall to set off an explosion ever since what you did to Majimsan's workshop."This retort silenced Terry as he knew it was a dumb idea to use explosions as a counter, but man did it feel cool.After Ryuko calmed down Nejire decided to make it up to Terry and help him control his newfound propulsion technique as it's pretty similar to what she does to float. The two of them continued until Terry could standing long jump 5 metres. Nejire congratulated Terry before going on patrol.Terry practised controlling the output of his flames but he noticed if he went too high he began to burn his back. Sighing to himself, he went to take a break and began to brainstorm a method to use his new technique without cooking himself like a rotisserie chicken.

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