Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 66


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 66

Chapter 66 - Lodgings for the Night
"Could it be that you want to come with me?"

Seeing that the wolves had left, Lin Feng couldn't help but wonder this as he watched the little silver wolf wag its tail.

It was apparent that the big silver wolf was intelligent. It could tell that even though Lin Feng had the aura of the demonic shadow wolf that he was not a wolf. So the silver wolf lead the wolfpack to save Lin Feng from the zombie tide, but ultimately had to return to its territory.

Normally this would mean that the little silver wolf would also return to its territory, but then why was it still here?

Lin Feng bent over and examined the little wolf.

The wolf had silver hair very similar to the big silver wolf, but was small and cute.

Animals look the cutest when they are young. The wolf had a shiny little nose, small triangular ears and a big pair of eyes, like a husky. The silver fur was especially eye-catching and pretty.

From its appearance, this little wolf should be the child of the big silver wolf, but when the wolf lead its pack away, it left the pup with Lin Feng.

"I can't take you with me because the road ahead is very dangerous. You really should follow your dad… er… mom, just hurry up and return."

Petting the little wolf's head, Lin Feng gently spoke.

Right now Lin Feng was surrounded by dangers in the Tian Heng mountains, but still worried about the little wolf. He hoped that the wolf understood him and would follow his pack home.

Lin Feng wasn't sure if the wolf couldn't understand him or didn't want to leave, but the wolf wagged its tail, licked his hand and sat down.


Seeing this caused Lin Feng to be speechless. To be honest, he liked animal, but he was also pressed for time.

Right now the Tian Heng Mountains were dangerous, Lin Feng was struggling to keep himself alive, let alone having to take care of this little wolf. The big silver wolf just saved him from a zombie tide, so Lin Feng didn't want to endanger its child.

Moreover, the silver wolf was a savage beast, even if Lin Feng brought him along, he had to keep it a secret. Bringing a savage beast into a base was no small matter for anyone.

Savage beasts carried the apocalypse virus, like the zombies. Since Lin Feng was a cultivator, he didn't fear the virus, but normal people still were susceptible to it. Even if he disregarded others, Lin Feng didn't want to infect other people, as turning them into zombies was no different than murdering them with his own hands.

However, nothing Lin Feng did would get the wolf to move, be it shock or sugared words. It sat still with big puppy dog eyes, making all Lin Feng's anger disappear.

"Alright, are you going to stay here, I am not coming back?"

With no other options, Lin Feng started to walk downstream again.

Who would have thought that as soon as Lin Feng started walking away that the wolf would start to follow him. Wagging its tail while right on his heels, the wolf looked like a pet that Lin Feng had raised from young.

"What do you want from me? I can't take you with me."

Lin Feng said helplessly. He crouched down and looked at the wolf.

The little wolf simply wouldn't stop following him, like Lin Feng was the only person it knew. It stuck so close that Lin Feng was afraid of accidentally stepping on it, which would really be like 'biting that hand that feeds you', since the big wolf saved his life.

When the big silver wolf left Lin Feng spent 600 white crystals on a stamina recovery medicine, which would restore 80% of his energy in thirty minutes. Although the medicine would be considered expensive, it was worth it in the dangerous environment of the Tian Heng mountains, and it wasn't considered expensive to Lin Feng.

After recovering his energy, Lin Feng wanted to search for a devil's snare, but didn't think that he would get a headache in the form of this clingy wolf.

Hearing what Lin Feng said, the little wolf pointed its nose at the apocalypse watch.

"You're telling me that you can enter the apocalypse watch?"

Lin Feng was surprised that the wolf was able to understand him.

The wolf didn't speak, of course, but instead wagged its tail and pointed its nose at the apocalypse watch again.

Is it possible to store living creatures in the apocalypse watch?

Looking at the wolf pointing at the watch, Lin Feng wasn't sure. On the watch forums and from Dong Wu he had learned that the watch can only store items and not living creatures.

Maybe the wolf has a special ability to survive in the apocalypse watch s.p.a.ce.

Living things weren't able to enter the apocalypse watch, but if the wolf had a special ability, maybe he could take the wolf with him.

Holding the wolf, Lin Feng hesitated for a second, then tried to send the wolf into the apocalypse watch s.p.a.ce.

~ The wolf disappeared and showed up in the apocalypse watch s.p.a.ce.

Looking at the s.p.a.ce through the watch screen, Lin Feng saw that the wolf didn't have any issues. Sensing that Lin Feng was looking at her*1*, the wolf walked around while wagging its tail.

Since this was the case, Lin Feng could now take the silver wolf with him. He could keep the wolf in the s.p.a.ce when others were around and let the wolf guard when he was sleeping. Lin Feng would also not be blamed for infecting others.

The big silver wolf had already gone so far that Lin Feng couldn't find it. The little silver wolf was also sent off into the wild, which Lin Feng couldn't bear to see, as the big wolf saved his life. Even though Lin Feng had the aura of the wolf, it still helped him. It was impossible for Lin Feng to abandon the little wolf here, and since he could take the wolf with him in the apocalypse s.p.a.ce, Lin Feng's worries were able to be put to rest.

Since it was still early, Lin Feng didn't start preparing camp, and since it was dangerous in the Tian Heng mountains he had to look for a safe place to sleep before it got dark.

No longer burdened with figuring out what to do with the silver wolf, Lin Feng followed the stream and within thirty minutes was able to find a mountainside cave.

The cave was deep and in the shape of an "L". It was very secure and perfect for Lin Feng to sleep in for today.

Finding a place to sleep, Lin Feng looked for a laser tripwire in the apocalypse watch. Before coming to the mountain, Lin Feng went to the Nan Shan (Southern Mountain) Base's general goods store and procured some safeguards. He bought several proximity alarms so that he wouldn't be sneak attacked by zombies during the night.

Since the dawn of the apocalypse, laser tripwire alarms had great sales. Moreover, since they were cheap, it was appreciated by many hunters.

Preparing to take out a laser tripwire, Lin Feng searched the apocalypse watch and saw something that caused him to be dumbfounded.

~ unexpectedly

*1* the raw specifically says 'her', so we now know it's a girl.



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