Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 65


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 65

Chapter 65
Chapter 65 – Silver Wolf
The silver wolf was the size of a horse and stood condescendingly on a rock in the distance. It was awe inspiring.

The energy left in Lin Feng’s soul crystal was almost exhausted.

WN Translations
The apocalypse watch had a function of calculating the energy of its user based on the user’s cultivation level.

A 1st Cla.s.s Cultivator had around 200 stamina* and 200 fighting strength. A 2nd Cla.s.s Cultivator had around 500 of each.

For 3rd Cla.s.s Cultivators, their fighting strength was between 500 and 1000, with less than 1000 stamina. Seeing this, it is clear that those with higher cultivation have greater strength.


Those 4th Cla.s.s Cultivator have around 1000 to 2000 stamina and disregarding weapons and armor, had around 1000 to 2000 fighting strength.

WN Translations
Lin Feng’s is currently a 4th cla.s.s cultivator, and although he has techniques and tools that allow him to contend with 5th cla.s.s cultivators, his stamina still has a limit. Similar to other 4th cla.s.s cultivators, Lin Feng didn’t have unlimited stamina.

The level of cultivation was equivalent to the capacity of the soul crystal, and every breakthrough meant greater capacity and strength. Using the energy in the soul crystal only emptied the container, and did not reduce its capacity or the strength of the cultivator.**

A cultivator could absorb zombie crystals or let the ambient energy slowly replenish their soul crystal. Absorbing a crystal takes time, as the raw energy needs to be converted to usable energy. Unlike skin ointment that provides instant relief, soul crystals need time to be effective.  

WN Translations
Lin Feng only had about 100 stamina remaining and was losing more every second of battle, but with the appearance of the silver wolf, Lin Feng was able to catch his breath.


The silver wolf howled again and something amazing happened.

From behind the boulder the silver wolf was standing on, dozens of wolves appeared. Even though they were not as large as the silver wolf, they were still much larger than normal.

The wolves all had different colors and limbs that appeared to contain great strength, an unusual sight.

WN Translations
Mutant Wolves! ***

This name came to mind when Lin Feng’s saw these wolves.

Before when Lin Feng had seen the mutant black panther, it must have been a transformation of a normal panther. These wolves must have been regular wolves at some point in time. Lin Feng had seen regular wolves in the zoo, but there was no comparison to the might and majesty of these mutant wolves.

WN Translations

The silver wolf howled again and hearing the howl, all the wolves below him stood in attention. (like army general comes into a barracks and people stand in attention)

The silver wolf leaped from the boulder to the front of the wolves. It started to walk step by step towards Lin Feng with the wolves lining up behind it.

WN Translations
Unexpectedly (as is everything is in this novel), as the wolves approached Lin Feng, the zombies started to retreat, seeming to be afraid of the wolves.

Not just the 1st and 2nd cla.s.s zombies, but also the ten 3rd cla.s.s zombies started to retreat as the wolves came.

The zombies were afraid of these wolves! ****

WN Translations
Seeing this, Lin Feng knew that only this could be the case.

Within a few minutes, the silver wolf lead the wolves to within 5 meters of Lin Feng. The zombies that had surrounded him nowhere to be found.

The silver wolf stood still in front of Lin Feng and sized him up. Lin Feng looked into the wolf’s eyes, they were blue, as blue as the clear sky.

Lin Feng secretly prepared himself in case the wolf attacked, ready to take his crossbow out of the watch at a moment’s notice and strike.

WN Translations
Seeing how the 3rd cla.s.s zombies were afraid of this wolf pack, this was a problem. The silver wolf was at least a 3rd level savage beast, of which even the black panther was almost impossible to kill. Not only was there the silver wolf, but also his pack of unknown level right behind him, Lin Feng felt abused*****. He didn’t expect that as soon as the zombies retreated that he would have to deal with a pack of wolves. This truly was being plagued with misfortunes. ******

The silver wolf lifted its head and sniffed in Lin Feng’s direction. Lin Feng would never have guessed what followed.

The silver wolf ~ lowered its head and bowed its legs,  like a knight to his king, ~ the wolf knelt down in front of Lin Feng.

WN Translations
After the silver wolf bowed the dozens of wolves behind it also knelt to Lin Feng.

Strange, this was simply the strangest thing that could possibly happen.

Before, Lin Feng was coming up with ways to deal with these wolves, and now had to deal with this situation. Lin Feng started to wonder why this happened.

Thinking it over, Lin Feng finally understood why the wolves submitted to him. *******

The Demonic Shadow Wolf.********

Lin Feng had the bloodline legacy *9* of the Demonic Shadow Wolf. The Demonic Shadow Wolf was considered the progenitor of wolves, and since Lin Feng possessed its bloodline, he was treated like the ancestor of these wolves.

WN Translations

Unlike zombies, animals retained their knowledge after their transformation, and wolves had exceptional insight, When the wolves felt the aura of the Demonic Shadow wolf on Lin Feng, instinctually they submitted to him,

It must have been when Lin Feng activated his bloodline ability of the demonic shadow wolf. The aura of the demonic shadow wolf that was released drew these wolves to his location. It seems like the reason he’s alive was all due to his blood legacy.

Since he did not know the language of wolves, Lin Feng decided to use hand motions. He wasn’t sure if the wolves would understand his intentions or not, but he lifted his hand in the motion to have them rise.

WN Translations
But these wolves very extremely intelligent, and even though they saw that Lin Feng was small, they treated him like a boss, and all stood straight up when he waved them up. *10*


The silver wolf raised its head and started to howl as did all the other wolves. The sound of the group howl spread throughout the forest and shook the leaves on the ground.

From behind the silver wolf ran a pup. Lin Feng saw that this pup was only the size of a small dog but had beautiful silver fur.

WN Translations
The wolf swung its tail as it walked in front of Lin Feng. It started to rub its head on his pant legs.

Squatting down, Lin Feng started to pet the wolf, and it licked his hand in return.


The big silver wolf called the little silver wolf back, and Lin Feng noticed that they looked similar. He couldn’t tell before as the little wolf was too small and adorable and had droopy ears.

The small wolf ran up to the big wolf and received a lick on the nose. Lin Feng saw the small wolf start to wag its tail once more and watched it run back to him. Lin Feng looked back and saw the big silver wolf had turned around and started to lead the wolves away.

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* Instead of energy level it will be stamina.  

** I made this up, as the author is says something similar in a series of odd phrases, this is how I understand what he’s saying.

*** I am using mutant instead of transformed or savage, in reference to savage beasts. If you like savage more, please say so.  

**** no duh author.

****** idiom

~ I will use ~ to denote unexpectedly when it ruins the moment.

******* I switched these sentences to make it more it more suspenseful.

******** Demon Shadow Wolf -> Demonic shadow wolf.  

*9*  will use legacy instead of gene

*10* I made this up, check if you like. 这些狼果然很聪明,看到林枫太瘦之后,都从地上直起了身子。

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