Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 41


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Expert

There were not many cars in Nan Shan base, but seeing as this is Lin Feng’s first time here. He was not familiar around the roads so he didn’t drive very quickly.

The sedan car which he collided with was not bad, although he did not understand the branding of the apocalyptic cars. Just by looking at the overall shape of the car, it resembled a luxury BMW.

A glossy black cha.s.sis, and dark windshields. They simply could not see the situation inside. The exhaust pipes at the back of the car was not small, certainly only the rich could drive such a car.

A car symbolises the status of a person, this was true for both worlds.

The standard price of one liter of gasoline was around 5 white crystals, and 5 liters of gasoline can roughly travel 50 KM. Vehicles such as the jeep with larger engines can travel around 30 KM. Some commercial vehicles or sports car with a large engine at most will be able to travel a dozen or so kilometers.

This amount did not take into account whenever he went out of the base, electricity is used everyday and can amount to a large sum. This was why there were many idle vehicles within the base, while the amount of people who use them were even less.

Lin Feng’s eyebrows frowned as he left the car, he did not expect his luck to be so bad today. While on the road he encountered a cla.s.s four zombie and now within the base he got into a car accident.

Shao Wen Jun and Cui Xiao Rou pickup truck was slowly moving behind Lin Feng. After seeing Lin Feng’s accident, the couple hurriedly stopped their truck and got out.

At this moment, the door of the luxury car was opened and the driver walked out. The driver looked at the damaged car as he frowned.

Although the damage to the cars were not serious, the b.u.mper was all dented looking very unsightly.

“d.a.m.n punk, how can you not see my car driving towards you?”

The person who said that was a middle-aged man who came out from the driver seat, at this point he was like a boy crying wolf.

This middle-aged man wore a black shirt, while his face could be described as pa.s.sable. This was not important, as Lin Feng noticed the energy fluctuations within that man’s body.

Furthermore, this level of energy fluctuation was quite large. Lin Feng could not clearly determine the other’s cultivation level.

An Expert!

Lin Feng could even detect a level 5 cultivator. However at present this man’s energy flow when compared with a level 5 cultivator was much more formidable.

During the time spent on the way to Nan Shan base, Lin Feng could control his own energy pretty well. He could control his own energy fluctuation to hide his cultivation level, so in the eyes of others he would seem like an ordinary person.

Encountering such an expert, Lin Feng was not to sure what to do. Even a level 5 cultivator was still alright, even if there were some conflict he would not lose too miserably. But in front of this middle-aged man whose energy fluctuations were so strong, if they were to fight, then even with Lin Feng’s martial arts the so called dancer’s advantage would not be enough to save him.

Lin Feng got off his car and went towards the younger man, who was dressed in a blue Chang Pao1  and had a handsome face. To Lin Feng’s surprise, the man in the blue robe wore a dark eyeliner on his face.In addition, on his left arm was a small handbag.

This was not all, the most important thing was that this man in a blue robe too had energy fluctuations within him which were not weaker than the middle-aged man.

Randomly encountering two experts just after entering the Nan Shan base. Just from a casual traffic accident and two experts randomly appeared, Lin Feng just sighed the amount of bad luck today was enormous.

“Forget it fourth brother, it’s your lousy driving. Don’t embarra.s.s the small child.”

Surprisingly, the blue robed man was not angry but instead consoled the middle-aged man. With his soft voice and charming looks made Lin Feng’s body have goose b.u.mps.

“Since we are rational, we should just let this matter go. We were hurrying back to Dong Shan base but you drove too recklessly fourth brother. You gave this Fifth young miss’s small heart a fright, quick lets just go back they are waiting.”

After the blue robed man finished, he opened the door and went back into the car.

After the middle-aged man heard the blue robed man’s words, he glared sharply at Lin Feng as he jumped into his car. Then abruptly backed up, making the pedestrians shout out.

Turns out those two were not from Nan Shan, from their conversion it seems that they were from Dong Shan base.

Looking at the two people’s strength, they were certainly part of the Dong Shan’s elite. When Dong Shan’s base plot to capture Zhan Lang was leaked, seeing the two here there must be some reason related to that.

As for what was the reason, Lin Feng was clueless. Nevertheless, the strength of Dong Shan was well known to be much larger than Zhan Lang.

Zhan Lang base only had fifty thousand people living within while Dong Shan had a population of over a hundred thousand. Even the population of cultivators within Dong Shan was at least twice the amount of Zhan Lang.

The distance between Dong Shan and Zhan Lang was quite near, it was not difficult to capture it. But in the apocalyptic world, a power spread too far was not a good thing.

The only reason why Dong Shan had not act was because Zhan Lang had three small missiles. During the zombie wave, Zhan Lang had used up two of the missiles. As a result, Dong Shan now had more determination to attack Zhan Lang.

The damage on Lin Feng’s sports car was nothing serious, but taking advantage of this incident, Lin Feng decided to switch his car. The capacity within a sports car was too small, especially for someone of Lin Feng’s stature. Previously when Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin was kidnapped, Lin Feng needed a fast car to escape. Now that he was already here, it needed a change.

The few then went into the pickup truck, as they continued to find a housing agent.

Nan Shan’s housing was not managed by the base unlike Zhan Lang. Nan Shan    was originally a city and after the apocalypse, managing so many houses was not an easy task. So, the people in Nan Shan base contracted out the houses to rich and powerful Cultivators. These cultivators after receiving the contract would hire people to manage these houses, thus so far even after three years since the apocalypse it has been a smooth operation.

Hard Work eventually pays off, after slowly walking through the street Lin Feng and the others found a couple of housing agents. They finally found a building which has a housing sign.

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