Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 40


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Nanshan Base

No wonder it was the biggest base in Tianqi city. When Lin Feng and his group arrived at the entrance of the Nan Shan base, they were amazed at the size of it.

The base wall was more than 30 meters high, and towered in front of them like a fortress.At the bottom of the walls was a trapezium shaped pit. It was narrow at the bottom and wide at the top, which prevented zombies from climbing up the wall during a zombie horde.

Not only that, the wall was covered in sentry posts every twenty meters above the ground with guards stationed.Besides the sentry posts, there were also other openings.Black barrels extended out the wall, looking quite intimidating.

There were a number of ditches setup within 50 meters of the base. In addition, connecting the main gate was a iron-like bridge structure to within the base. The rest of the area was littered with dark trenches. Lin Feng could clearly see that at the bottom of these trenches were covered with numerous spikes. It looks like it is used to resist the zombie hordes.

It was dug to connect dozens of iron chains together. While below the iron bridge was a deep gouge. The iron bridge should retract during a zombie attack. The surrounding trenches would play a role in hindering the zombies movements.

Above the walls of Nan Shan base were dozens of machine guns littered on top. While every 50 meters along it, there were cannons on top. At the four corners were small rocket artillery.

No wonder Nan Shan base existed during the first days of the apocalypse. With such strict defense, Lin Feng had never encountered before.

The entrance of the Nan Shan base resembled a highway toll gate back in Lin Feng’s previous life. A full eight lane wide, the difference between Zhan Lang and here was complete opposites. Even automobiles could pa.s.s through. Lin Feng was observing the gate for quite a while and he found quite a lot of cars pa.s.sing through. Similar to Lin Feng’s previous city which he lived in.

Due to the existence of the Apocalypse network, information about this base was not completely confidential. The population of Nan Shan was approximately 300 thousand people. Of course this figure was not fixed, many people in smaller bases would move to Nan Shan. Dong Wu was longing to move to Nan Shan but he did not have enough money to buy fuel. The base was too far away, thus he decided to stay in Zhan Lang.

“Let’s go inside before talking.”

Within the car, people were noisily discussing as if they were old grandmothers discussing about a garden. Lin Feng could not help but laugh. Before the apocalypse, any casual city could be as large as Nan Shan but now the apocalypse disrupted urban life and three years since then, people would inevitably be awed.

The two vehicles drove towards the entrance of the base, the two stopped at the checkpoint.

“Please present proof of residence and vehicle license.”

Lin Feng stopped the car and walked towards a young man in the checkpoint.

“It’s our first time coming to Nan Shan base, regarding the formalities I’m not too sure.”

The guard was only an ordinary person,  Lin Feng also just entered the Nan Shang base. The guard replied.

“Entering Nan Shan base for the first time, a down payment of 1 white crystal is needed for medical expenses to check if you have the zombie virus in your body. If not, there will be relevant personnel who would lead everybody to go through the base formalities.”

The checkpoint guard was very polite, unlike the greedy guards of Zhan Lang base with an arrogant att.i.tude.

Under the guidance of the guard, Lin Feng and his entourage made their way towards the physical examination room.

After handing over the five white crystals, they sat outside of the physical examination room, waiting for the virus test.

Not long after, came a old man wearing a white lab coat. After asking for their names, he administered to Lin Feng and the rest a test similar to the blood glucose meter test. After puncturing the skin with a small needle, the blood sample was dripped onto a medical instrument which can examine whether the body was infected with the zombie virus.

Infact this test was unnecessary, according to the rule of this apocalyptic world as long as ordinary people were bitten or scratched by a zombie. In less than an hour, they will turn and become a zombie. However the base took extra measures in preventing a zombie outbreak coming from outside.

Undoubtedly, Lin Feng and other five did not carry the zombie virus. They were then placed in the registration room for registration, the Nanshan base pa.s.s for each person needed 10 white crystals. This was ten times the base value of Zhan Lang base, but the defense of Nan Shan was better several times.

After killing the two cla.s.s four zombie and completing the mission, Lin Feng’s end of the world table a total of more than 20,000 white crystal. He did not feel any pain paying the fifty white crystals. After having handled registration,Lin Feng and his party went by car to arrive in the base

Although the base area of Nan Shan is large enough to allow numerous cars to enter, within the base there were not a lot of cars inside. After all, in the apocalyptic world people can not afford to buy fuel, especially those at the bottom. Though the standard of living in Nan Shan was better than Zhan Lang, the commoners were still poor.

Most of the infrastructure remained after the apocalypse.The original population of Nan Shan was 800 thousand but now only 300 thousand remained. This was also the reason Nan Shan base was one of the big four.

Several people were wandering around in the base, trying to find a housing agent. At both sides of the street were a variety of shops, although not very large. But this suggests that the lives of the people living in Nan Shan were much better than the other small bases.

At this moment, across the street a sedan cla.s.s car drove by. Their speed was very quick and in an instant rushed towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng did not swivel in time as the two cars collided.

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