Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 16


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Seeing the black bead again


It’s this thing again. The thing that came out from the head of the cla.s.s two zombie, it really was the thing that Lin Feng found under the bed in Dong Wu’s house.  


Seeing the small black ball, it caught the attention of Lin Feng. Under the disappointed gazes of the few people, he picked up the small black ball calmly.  


“d.a.m.n it. After making so much effort, it’s this thing again. Looks like today’s an unlucky day. It’s already been three months since we encountered this thing.”


The middle aged man who was responsible for dealing with the ordinary zombies, couldn’t help but curse out loud when he saw the small black ball in the zombie’s head.  But it wasn’t only him. The other people who were a distance away dare not go near Lin Feng, however they could see clearly what was inside the cla.s.s two zombie’s head.  


Afterwards when the middle aged man noticed that Lin Feng was looking at him, he immediately shut up. It was Lin Feng who killed the cla.s.s two zombie, he didn’t have anything to complain about.  


“Hmm? You guys came across this thing before?”  

Hearing the middle aged man’s words, Lin Feng’s brain worked, and he opened his mouth and asked.  It seems like it wasn’t only Dong Wu who came across this black bead, the others have too.  

The small black ball was completely useless to normal people. However to Lin Feng, it could increase the progress bar on the large screen in the supermarket.  As to what will happen when the progress was filled, Lin Feng expected much.  

“Yeah, I have two. Both from killing cla.s.s two zombies. They have completely no use, so we treat them as souvenirs. ”

Hearing Lin Feng’s question, the middle aged man dare not lie in front of a cultivator and politely and respectfully answered Lin Feng.  

“I also have three here. ”

“I have two here. ”

The other group of three expressed that they also have the small black b.a.l.l.s, mainly from difficult fights with some cla.s.s two zombies. The number of cla.s.s two zombies who didn’t leave yellow crystals were quite few, so these disappointed people took the black beads to commemorate the killing.  

“I think the black beads look very attractive, and I’ve been trying make it into a bracelet as jewelry. If you aren’t using them, I’ll buy each for one white crystal, how about it?”

Lin Feng definitely would not tell them the true use of the black beads. Since the black beads were useless to them, why not Lin Feng buy them from them.  

Once the cultivator opened his mouth, even the few people refused to comply, they immediately took out the black beads from their apocalypse watches and gave them to Lin Feng.  The several people dare not take Lin Feng’s money. However under the strong demand of Lin Feng, they exchanged a black bead for one white crystal.  

Counting the number, and adding the one he got from killing the cla.s.s two zombie, now Lin Feng had 9 black beads in total.  Based on how the progress bar in the supermarket was at 10% after absorbing one black bead, these 9 beads should bring it up to 100%.

Not being completely sure about the structure and capabilities of the supermarket, Lin Feng dare not rashly enter the supermarket in front of others.  So after getting the black beads, Lin Feng didn’t rush into the supermarket.  

Under the respectful and envious gaze of the people, Lin Feng brought Dong Wu and returned to the jeep. Twisting the key and hitting the ignition, Lin Feng once again headed to the next mission location.  

The amount of missions today weren’t as much as yesterday’s. There were only 7 to 8 missions, however the demand of antibiotics was not small.  After 7 to 8 missions, in total he delivered 80 vials of antibiotics.  Now Lin Feng had more than 8000 white crystals. In the entirety of the base, this number meant that he was rich.  

Returning to the base and arriving at the rental apartment, Lin Feng shut himself inside his room.  

He didn’t rush into the supermarket, instead he took out a few white crystals from the apocalypse watch and held it in his hand.

The five white crystals yesterday had been completely absorbed by his soul crystal. Now Lin Feng is continuing to provide energy for the soul crystal.  

One by one the white crystals turned dim. After the continuous absorption of the five white crystals, the vision appeared.  

Lin Feng suddenly felt a powerful energy form in his head, revolving around his soul crystal endlessly.  All of a sudden, the energy was completely drawn into the soul crystal.  Lin Feng clearly felt it, his soul crystal had become larger.

Level 3 cultivator!

The feeling of promotion came again, and Lin Feng felt more powerful throughout his entire being.  At the same time, Lin Feng felt that his strength and sense of hearing had increased

“Could it be that my chaos soul crystal affects all aspects?”  

Feeling the effect, Lin Feng muttered to himself.  

Generally speaking, the soul crystals of the cultivators in this apocalyptic world affected only one aspect, some affected strength, some affected speed, there were also some which affected defense.  

But now Lin Feng felt that after every promotion,  whether it was speed, strength, or perception, they were all improved.  This proved one thing, that it was possible that Lin Feng’s soul crystal affected various aspects, and didn’t only affect one aspect like that of an ordinary cultivator.  

Regarding this result Lin Feng didn’t know if it was good or bad, overall development isn’t necessarily good, as specialists would say.  What Lin Feng was most worried about was which aspect it focused on.

Looking at the apocalypse watch, and simple check, Lin Feng’s information appeared.  


Name: Lin Feng, Male, 23 years old.


Const.i.tution: 320

Fighting strength: 580

Fighting rank: Level 3 Cultivator

Soul crystal type: Chaos soul crystal

Fighting strength ranking: Tianqi city rank 4256

After the promotion, despite being only from level 2 to level 3 cultivator, his rank increased by nearly 4000. It could be said that the cultivator rank, was much like a pyramid.  There were few high leveled cultivators, but many normal cultivators.  

“Could it be that the chaos soul crystal upgrades a cultivator faster than others?”  

What Lin Feng thought wasn’t false. If it was so easy to cultivate, then one only needed to absorb a few white crystals to promote. It has been three years since this world entered the apocalypse, if this was the case, then it wasn’t possible for so many to be stuck at cultivator levels 2 and 3.  And Lin Feng took only a few days to surpa.s.s tens of thousands of people, there was definitely a reason to this.  As for the reason, Lin Feng didn’t know what it was.  

Reaching cultivator level 3, Lin feng’s confidence increased greatly. More strength meant that the probability of surviving in this world was greater.  

Entering the supermarket, Lin Feng took out the 9 black beads he collected today.  

Just as Lin Feng thought, just by removing it, it was immediately absorbed by the large screen in the supermarket.  

Lin Feng fixed his eyes on the progress bar on the large screen, seeing whether or not it changed.  

Sure enough, when Lin Feng was looked at the progress bar, it moved.  

20 percent, 30 percent…

The progress bar grew little by little.  

Looking at the progress bar, Lin Feng’s expression was dull. He didn’t know whether to be anxious or be excited.  


A moment later, the progress bar on the large screen reached 100 percent.  

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