Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 15


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Cla.s.s Two Zombie

Lin Feng saw what looked like four people at an abandoned gas station through the windshield of the jeep. They were all holding long knives, and fighting with a zombie.

“Cla.s.s two zombie!”

When the car drove closer, Dong Wu instinctively shouted when he saw the battle.

Lin Feng was carefully examining the cla.s.s two zombie that Dong Wu mentioned. He felt that it was obviously bigger than ordinary zombies by a lot, being nearly two meters tall. Its stature was also much bigger than that of an ordinary zombie.

Although its physique was big, the movements of that cla.s.s two zombie were not slow at all. The cla.s.s two zombie used its arms to continuously attack the people in front of it. Due to its fast speed, they could only dodge, and block with the knife.

This cla.s.s two zombie did not seem to feel pain. It didn’t even react when its body was chopped.  However, it wasn’t like those ordinary zombies, which possessed only a sense of hunger. This cla.s.s two zombie possessed some form of intelligence.  When a knife went towards its head or neck, it would block it on its own.

The strength of a cla.s.s two zombie was great. Those in front did not dare go head to head with it, and basically dodged whenever it attacked.  The few people took turns to attack, however, the cla.s.s two zombie’s body was exceptionally hard, and it was not affected at all.  The people in front were tired, and were panting. Lin Feng saw that on the ground in the fight, were two people who did not have any signs of life.

“These people are much more powerful than me. ”

Dong Wu opened his mouth and said this when he saw the people in front.

What Dong Wu said was right. Lin Feng also noticed it, be it the strength or speed of those people, it was much greater than Dong Wu’s. According to the algorithm of the apocalypse watch, their fighting strength should be between 150 to 200.

The sounds of fighting was quite loud, causing the nearby ordinary zombies to surround the gas station in twos and threes.

“This brother, you go and deal with those ordinary zombies. The three of us will deal with this one. ”

One of the people shouted to one of the others, while avoiding the cla.s.s two zombie’s attack.

Looks like these few were not part of one group. When the car was several meters away from the gas station, Lin Feng heard this and thought to himself.

Those four were split into two groups. Three of them were one group, and dealt with the cla.s.s two zombie. The other one was obviously in the same group as the two on the ground because their clothes were similar.  He dealt with the ordinary zombies alone. The ordinary zombies were not much of a threat. Amiddle aged man should be able to handle them alone.

“Let’s go have a look. ”

Lin Feng was a little curious after seeing the cla.s.s two zombie. This was the first time he encountered a high cla.s.s zombie ever since he entered this apocalyptic world. Lin Feng, being a cultivator, was not afraid of being infected by zombies, and he also felt that defeating the cla.s.s two zombie was no problem.

“Do you want to use a gun?”

Just because Lin Feng wasn’t afraid, didn’t mean that Dong Wu wasn’t afraid.  After they finished dinner yesterday, Lin Feng and Dong Wu went to the base-managed weapon shop. They both bought an a.s.sault rifle and a handgun, along with the corresponding bullets. In total, they spent 300 white crystals. Although the killing power of bullets to zombies was not great, they were still very expensive.  However, to people, it was still a threat, and was sometimes more useful than strength.

Lin Feng shook his head, indicating for Dong Wu not to take out the gun.  Lin Feng guessed that Dong Wu had never fired a gun before. In the case that he hurt one of their own, it would be a big joke.

“This brother, quickly come and help. We can take this guy down together. ”

The few people noticed them immediately after Lin Feng’s car drove over.  They didn’t know if it was an ally or enemy, so they didn’t say anything.  Now, when they saw Lin Feng walk over, they hurriedly said this.

Lin Feng took out a long knife from the apocalypse watch, and quickly ran across. He ran in front of the cla.s.s two zombie, raised his knife, and put all his strength into chopping towards the zombie’s head.

The few people were in awe. Lin Feng’s movement were too quick, and without even seeing clearly how Lin Feng pulled off the move, the knife was already close to the zombie.

This knife skill was something Lin Feng learned in his original world, which drew attention to steadiness and accuracy.  Lin Feng’s martial arts study was pretty good in his previous world, and he had won many prizes in the city.

Lin Feng was very quick, however, the cla.s.s two zombie was not slow either. When the knife was about to chop off its head, the cla.s.s two zombie used it arm to block Lin Feng’s knife.

Lin Feng muttered that the zombie’s strength was really not small after feeling the force from the knife.

The knife didn’t hit the zombie’s head, however, it cut very deep into the cla.s.s two zombie’s arm.

The few people watched in shock. How much strength did this need? The few people had been fighting for a long time, and the most they did was put a small hole in the cla.s.s two zombie’s body.

The zombie’s strength was not little, however, Lin Feng felt that he could still handle it.

“Only this much strength? Looks like cla.s.s two zombies aren’t that powerful either. If it’s like this, then what is a cla.s.s three zombie like?”

Lin Feng thought to himself after feeling the cla.s.s two zombie’s strength and speed.

In fact, what Lin Feng didn’t know was, this only applied to him.  Lin Feng was a cultivator. In addition, he was a cultivator who knew martial arts.  Regardless of whether he was conscious of his speed and strength, it was still much greater than that of a normal person.

He forcefully pulled the knife back, pulling it out from the zombie’s arm.  The tremendous power made the cla.s.s two zombie stagger.  At that moment, Lin Feng once again chopped towards the cla.s.s two zombie’s neck.  The staggered zombie didn’t have enough time to dodge, and was chopped by the knife.

“Thump!” The head of the cla.s.s two zombie fell to the ground, and rolled far away.

Afterwards, the giant body of the cla.s.s two zombie fell to the ground, and made a loud sound.

Three moves!

The few people, including Dong Wu, saw how Lin Feng only used three moves, and was able to kill the powerful cla.s.s two zombie. They couldn’t help, but open their mouths in shock.


Besides Dong Wu, this word emerged in the heads of the others.

Even if a normal person’s fighting strength was good, if they wanted to deal with a cla.s.s two zombie, they needed 6 to 7 people, whose fighting strength exceeded 150, and a very long time.  There may also be some who would die. The two bodies lying on the ground were examples. But a cultivator only used three moves, and killed the powerful cla.s.s two zombie. The gap between a cultivator and a normal person was very obvious.

Lin Feng walked to the head of the cla.s.s two zombie, and chopped it open under admiring gazes.

The other people did not dare move, even if they knew that the yellow crystal in the cla.s.s two zombie’s head was worth 100 white crystals.  Money was important, however, their lives were even more important.  In front of a cultivator, normal people were nothing but ants. These few people did not dare to think about the yellow crystal in the cla.s.s two zombie’s head, even if they found it first.


When Lin Feng saw what was inside the head after opening it, he furrowed his brows.

The head of the cla.s.s two zombie didn’t have a yellow crystal. Instead, it had a small black ball like the one Lin Feng had found under Dong Wu’s bed, the ball that had also been absorbed by the supermarket.

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