Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 11


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 11

Chapter 11: San She Halls

After finding out that the apocalypse watch could be upgraded, Lin Feng immediately started operating the apocalypse watch. Under Dong Wu’s admiring gaze, Lin Feng set up an account for himself, and, afterwards, through the transferring function in the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng used 200 hundred crystals and transferred them to his bank account.

In the interface, Lin Feng chose to upgrade the apocalypse watch’s system. Similar to how a mobile phone’s firmware was upgraded in Lin Feng’s original world, the system upgrade was complete.

There were some new functions in the interface. For example, a map for navigation. However, the most important thing was the mercenary system. When he entered the mercenary interface, Lin Feng saw that, in order to enter, he first needed to register as a mercenary.

There were different types to register as. One type was as an individual mercenary, while the other type was as a team of mercenaries.

Lin Feng looked at Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin who were both on the sofa, and registered as a team of mercenaries without any hesitation.

Dong Wu saw how Lin Feng registered as a team of mercenaries, and his eyes widened in shock.

Registering as a team of mercenaries requires a hundred white crystals, while registering as an individual only requires ten white crystals. Dong Wu knew Lin Feng was a single person. If he was registering as a team of mercenaries, it was clear that he was also including Dong Wu. He didn’t think that just bringing him along would cost Lin Feng so many white crystals. Dong Wu looked gratefully at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to Dong Wu’s meaningful glance. He only felt awkward when coming up with a name. Something too aggressive was too cliche, just like this base which was called Zhan Lang1. Something too ordinary wasn’t good either.

Suddenly, a name flashed through Lin Feng’s mind and his eyes lit up.

Lin Feng had abandoned his original world, Dong Wu lost his brother when they went out hunting, and, similarly, Dou Yuxin also lost her mother. After the three of them lost something or someone, they had all gathered here together. Put in simply, they could call themselves San She halls2!

“San She halls?”

After Dong Wu and Dou Yuxin heard this name, they were at a loss. However, since it was decided by Lin Feng, they both agreed on that name.

What they didn’t know was that the phrase “San She” had a meaning in Lin Feng’s original world. Beginner scholars in the imperial college, were placed in the outer region, whereas those serving the imperials were placed in the inner region.

Entering this apocalyptic world was as if Lin Feng was going to school, continuously learning about new things and knowledge he came into contact with. Therefore the name San She halls was the only thing suitable.

After Lin Feng entered their name, he entered the mercenary system. He saw that the system was divided into groups.

The first group was the point rankings. Obviously, since San She halls was just registered, they had zero points and thus placed as a first level mercenary group in the rankings.

Next, was the mercenary team rankings. This was similar to the individual fighting strength rankings. At present, Lin Feng could only see the rankings for Tianqi city. San She halls was ranked in the 500s. This implied that, in the entirety of Tianqi city, there only five hundred or more mercenary teams. Considering the fact that this city had more than 500,000 people, this amount of mercenary teams was quite small. However, in this cruel apocalyptic world, not everyone could get 200 hundred white crystals. After upgrading the apocalypse watch, one still needed to register as a team of mercenaries.

There was also the point exchange system. San She halls was a level 1 mercenary team, so this feature was not available yet.

Next, was the task listing, however, a level one team could only see level 1 and level 2 tasks. Raising the team’s level was the only way for Lin Feng to be able to see more difficult tasks. Also, currently because of the level limit, so Lin Feng could only see tasks from the surroundings of Zhan Lang base.

After simply skimming through the tasks, all of them were similar to delivering goods. Most tasks were from troops or mercenary teams that needed goods, ammunition and other necessities while they were hunting.

After roughly browsing through, Lin Feng noticed that most task required medicine to be delivered.

There was an extreme shortage of medicine in the apocalyptic world. When hunting zombies, casualties were inevitable. Medicine were life saving drugs to these people. Also, even though the base had a hospital, it only catered to the high cla.s.s and powerful cultivators. If normal people wanted to use it, then they needed to pay a high price. The antibiotics in the hospital could go for as high as 50 white crystals each. Despite it being like this, there was always a shortage in supply. Most of the time, even those with money couldn’t buy it. 

Because of the high price, in general, hunting teams wouldn’t carry too much. Waiting till they encounter a fight over goods, accidents, injuries or infections, was not enough.

When Lin Feng saw these tasks, he laughed. The supermarket was a large chain supermarket. There was a pharmacy inside, which had a complete a.s.sortment of medicine and countless antibiotics.

Failing a task causes a deduction in points, but level 1 mercenary teams were excluded because they had no points to deduct. Grasping this loophole, Lin Feng took all the tasks that required antibiotics and so on. Afterwards, he began preparing.

In these tasks, most required a few vials to a few dozen vials of antibiotics. Even if a small amount of vials are needed, a few hundred white crystals were needed. Here, a few hundred white crystals was not a small amount.

In order to prevent the goods from being s.n.a.t.c.hed by others, it was necessary to put out a secure defense.  Even in danger, there was safety.

Early in the morning on the second day, Lin Feng took Dong Wu with him out of the base, and came to the location of the previous car park.

The car was intact, so Lin Feng drove the jeep, following the route on the map of the apocalypse watch, and headed towards the location of the first task.  

A vial of antibiotics weighed 5 grams, including the packaging and the injection device. Lin Feng used one of the chances to take out goods from the supermarket. With the 2 pounds restriction, he took out a total of 100 vials of antibiotics.

The location of the task was several kilometres away from the base. Dong Wu once came to this type of place before. Under Dong Wu’s guidance, Lin Feng finally found the group that issued the task.

This group had six people: four male and two female. The one that was injured was a young man. After asking, they found out that it was because of a fight with another group over goods that he got injured.

All of them, whether male or female,  had guns. One of the males who had a buff and muscular physique carried a machine gun, which was slung over his shoulder.

Without raising his eyelids, Lin Feng took out five vials of antibiotics from his apocalypse watch. As he pa.s.sed them to one of the females, he looked natural and unrestrained. In fact, in his heart, he was still somewhat nervous.

The few of them couldn’t see whether or not he was a cultivator, however, they still had guns. Lin Feng was only a level 2 cultivator at present. Although his power and speed were greater than that of an ordinary person’s, he still couldn’t survive an attack from armed weapons.

That female took the antibiotics, and nodded her head at the buff and muscular male who seemed to be the leader. She took one of the vials of antibiotics and injected it into the injured young man.

The antibiotics Lin Feng took from the supermarket were imported. The effects were very obvious. After ten minutes, the injured man had some improvements, confirming that the medicine Lin Feng brought was real.

Taking the apocalypse watch, Lin Feng marked the task as complete, and waited for the other task to reply.


The buff male looked at Lin Feng, opened his mouth, and said this.

When Dong Wu saw the man open his mouth, he, who was beside Lin Feng, lifted his coat to the side.

They saw twenty high-explosive grenades around Dong Wu’s waist. These grenades were tied around Dong Wu’s waist, and the other end of the rope was taken by Dong Wu, which made it seem as though he was ready to pull out the grenades at any time.

‘You misunderstand. I only wanted to ask for this brother’s apocalypse watch contact information. If we need something in the future, maybe we could get in contact?”

The buff male saw Dong Wu’s grenades. He made a nervous expression, and immediately waved his hands saying that Lin Feng had misunderstood.

After leaving his apocalypse watch’s contact number, the buff male indicated that the task was complete. When the white crystals for the task were transferred to Lin Feng’s account, he and Dong Wu got back into the car, and pulled away, leaving the few people who were wiping away their sweat.

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