Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 10


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 10

Chapter 10: System Upgrade

After looking closely at the familiar figure, Lin Feng realised that it was actually the young lady that he saved from Huang Mao in the morning when he returned to the slums.

At the moment, the young lady was walking alone on the pavement, and seemed somewhat distracted.

Feeling that it was a bit strange, Lin Feng went across. After walking in front of the young lady, Lin Feng saw that her eyes were empty and void. Compared to her bright and intelligent eyes from this morning, they were polar opposites.

“Big Brother! Boo hoo…”

Seeing Lin Feng, who saved her in the morning, in front of her, the young lady couldn’t help it, and burst out into tears. She seemed very desolate.

Seeing how she was, Lin Feng and Dong Wu were speechless, and knew that the young lady must have had a bad encounter.

“Stop crying first, can you tell me what happened? Did that Huang Mao come back to find you guys again?”

He saw that the young lady cried enough, so Lin Feng opened his mouth and asked.

Hearing Lin Feng words, the young lady slowly shook her head, and immediately after calming down, explained what happened in detail.

The young lady’s name was Dou Yuxin. After Lin Feng saved Dou Yuxin and her mother, Dou Yuxin’s mother was incredibly grateful to him. The reason why this family lived such a poverty-stricken life was because Dou Yuxin’s father didn’t leave much money behind when he died, since he had spent all his money on curing Dou Yuxin of her illness.

As such, Dou Yuxin’s mother decided to go out and earn money. There were some makeshift zombie hunting teams in the slums, and Dou Yuxin’s mother also went to partic.i.p.ate,  hoping that, through her meager strength, she was able to earn some money to support her family.

However, what fighting strength did a small and frail woman have? Going out to hunt, even the self-defensive strength of those other people were limited; who would care for a woman with no fighting strength. In the end, during an attack by a wave of zombies, Dou Yuxin’s mother was unfortunately killed.

On the brink of death, Dou Yuxin’s mother told her comrades to pa.s.s on a message, which was for Dou Yuxin to go to the living area to see whether or not she could find a job. This way, she wouldn’t need to face life-threatening dangers, and could still have an adequate life.

“It’s all because of me, if I didn’t have that serious illness, it wouldn’t be the way it is now.

Saying till here, Dou Yuxin cried. From little, she was very sickly. When the world entered the apocalypse, her condition became worse. If it wasn’t so, Dou Yuxin’s mother wouldn’t need to look after her, and could have perhaps found a job.

“What do you plan to do after this?”

With regards to Dou Yuxin’s bitter experience, Lin Feng was somewhat sympathetic. However, this world was like that. Despite having been in this apocalyptic world for only two days, Lin Feng had already witnessed much of the cold indifference of the people in this apocalyptic world.

Dou Yuxin didn’t have any words; she hung her head down, and didn’t say anything.

“How about you follow me and brother Lin…”

Half way through the sentence, thinking how he stubbornly insisted on staying at Lin Feng’s side, Dong Wu, who was at the side, tactfully shut his mouth.

Lin Feng wrinkled his eyebrows and didn’t say anything. He didn’t mind having another person at his side. He possessed so many goods; it was enough to support a few people.

However, Lin Feng and Dong Wu were both men. Bringing along a 17-18 year old lady was scandalous. Lin Feng had some conservative views. This had something to do with him being an orphan since young.

“Fine, if you want to come with us, and aren’t afraid of us being bad people, then stay.”

He thought that way, however, when his mouth moved, Lin Feng changed his mind again.

Lin Feng muttered to himself that he was thinking too much. This was the apocalyptic world, not the world he was from. In this world, the people were coldly indifferent, and only cared about their own survival. Who would be bothered to think about this?

Besides, with two men, life would definitely be sloppy, but, with a attentive lady, it’s nothing. In this apocalyptic world, Lin Feng didn’t have any friends. Having another person at his side would bring some benefits.

Hearing Lin Feng’s words, Dou Yuxin raised her head, and stared into Lin Feng eyes for a very long time. She hesitated, but finally, as if she confirmed her determination, she softly nodded her head.

Dou Yuxin was very sensible. She was actually not afraid that Lin Feng was a bad person. From when Lin Feng was willing to help out Dou Yuxin and her mother, until how he gave so much money despite not knowing her. Dou Yuxin was able to see it; Lin Feng was a good person. The only thing Dou Yuxin was afraid of was that she was a girl, and would not bring much benefit to Lin Feng, and that she may actually be a burden.

However, Dou Yuxin couldn’t think of any good reason to reject Lin Feng, so she could only agree.

“If I can become powerful one day, I will definitely not let you get hurt at all.”

Dou Yuxin looked into Lin Feng’s eyes, and made a decision in her heart.

“What do you guys usually do with the money you earn from hunting?”

Returning to the rented apartment, Lin Feng arranged for Dou Yuxin to have her own room. He would stay in the other room, while Dong Wu would stay in the living room. After settling the arrangements, and sitting on some old-fashioned sofa in the living room, Lin Feng asked Dong Wu.

Lin Feng knew that white crystals in this world were used as currency, however, Lin Feng wanted to understand how exactly people spent their white crystals.

“There are many uses, apart from eating. It could be used to buy a variety of weapons and equipment, fuel…”

Once Dong Wu opened his mouth, it was like a torrent; it wouldn’t stop for a long time. At the end, he suddenly thought of something, and said with a yearning expression: “My biggest wish, is to collect 100 white crystals, and upgrade the apocalypse watch’s system.”

Apocalypse watch upgrade?

After listening to Dong Wu speak for a long time, and finally hearing a useful line, Lin Feng asked for details.

In this apocalyptic world, the apocalypse watch was a basic communication tool that everyone had. The apocalypse watch itself was very cheap. The key point was that the upgrades were very expensive.

By spending 100 white crystals, one could upgrade the apocalypse watch. After the upgrade, the apocalypse watch had many additional functions. Among them, the most important thing was the mercenary system.

The apocalypse watch’s mercenary system was something the few major bases in the capital city, Shengjing, jointly developed. This mercenary system was very powerful. Any group or base could issue a mission using the mercenary system. For example, to deliver certain goods, kill a variation of zombies, and even to annihilate a base. The rewards were in accordance with the difficulty of the task, and, upon finishing the task the reward will be given.

Also, three years after the apocalypse happened and after recapitalization, the people once again developed a banking system. This banking system existed inside the apocalypse watch. People could go through the white crystals in the storage s.p.a.ce of the apocalypse watch, and, through satellite s.p.a.ce technology, they could deposit them directly into the banks that were in the capital, and transfer them into one’s personal account. However, the white crystals will only be transferred to the person’s personal account; it didn’t work with other people’s accounts.

The missions and the rewards were all done through the mercenary system’s transferring procedure, and didn’t use real white crystals for any exchange.

Any person or team could hire a mercenary or a group of mercenaries on the mercenary system. They only needed to pay a fee.

In the mercenary system, there were various t.i.tles. After completing a certain number of tasks, one was able to gain an appropriate number of points. Once the points reached a certain number, one was able to gain a t.i.tle. In this apocalyptic world, t.i.tles represented strength and status.

As for other things, Dong Wu wasn’t quite sure.

The upgrading of the apocalypse watch’s system was completed two years ago. It only needed one’s bank account information to be entered into the apocalypse watch. A fee of 100 white crystals would be paid, and the satellite system would automatically upgrade the watch. A person’s bank account information was binded to their DNA, so it was very safe.

Dong Wu had always put aside a bit of his savings, so when he had 100 white crystals, he could upgrade his apocalypse watch and become a apocalypse watch mercenary. This was his biggest wish at the moment.

“So it seems this apocalypse watch is actually quite significant.”

After listening to Dong Wu’s presentation, Lin Feng laughed with all he had.

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