Zhan Long Chapter 851


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 851

Fire Yun City deploys about half military strength to arrive in the fire G.o.d mountain range, this was the use online main force preparation has resorted to violence to Tian Ling Empire obviously, no one has thought that fire Yun City will unable to sit still, unexpectedly fought in the country just from the beginning began, I also think they will begin after the Chinese war zone and Port City and Full Moon City seized the chance to sneak attack!

Is riding the G.o.d fierce fine horse, speeds away along the formation that [Zhan Long] fire Dragon Rider and Steel Blade ride forward several hundred meters, does not turn over to the soul valley already dense and numerous is the [Zhan Long] person, rides the war is before, long-distance and auxiliary all, Lin Wan Er actually one group of a.s.sa.s.sins ahead of time embarked, in the front explored the way, draws out Dragon Reservoir Sword, I refer to the south, said with a smile: „!"

The enormous and powerful formation starts to march forward, the cavalry soldier full speed advance, has not needed to worry, that side the fire G.o.d mountain range had the player in Chinese war zone, we will late arrive have not related.

Across the station of legendary Emperor Yu regiment, broke through the armed forces to open up wasteland, after one hour, a be continuous hundred li (0.5km) mountain range horizontally in the front, the mountain ma.s.sif presents the flame color, above is the volcanic rock, highly is about 300 meters high and low, can only be a hill top, but is exceptionally steep, this fire G.o.d mountain range becomes a Tian Ling Empire defense fire Yun City natural blockade, the Indian players are either direct the breakthrough fire G.o.d mountain range, either detours for about 5 hours to enter in Tian Ling Empire from the wilderness.

The distant place, a giant mountain valley appears in the fire G.o.d mountain ranges, this was an only channel, in the mountain valleys has constructed a fort, called „fire G.o.d fort", the fire G.o.d fort belonged to Tian Ling Empire, was guarding the 3000 people of military strength of Tian Ling Empire hot axe armed forces, the fortress was too not firm, but cheap by city who the stone laid on top of one another, thinks that the beforehand Locker Great Emperor has not thought going too far Yun City will launch an attack suddenly.

When we arrive, in this mountain valley has almost been filled with the player in Chinese war zone, each Guild person has, everybody is waiting to perform good deeds! But during the city fills the player quant.i.ty that can hold approximately not over 5000 people of appearances, the player pushes one group, the person in mountain valley wants to enter the city to fill again was more difficult, only after can wait for the players in city dead in battle to return to the city completely, comes up again.

Li Mu stops the warhorse, is raising the Zhenhai blade, resigned-looking [say / way]: „Does this also hit? MLGBD...... The person speed of male tyrant wind and cloud is really fast, Xiao Yao you looked that Liu Ying, young pig ran this group of people already the city wall that filled in the city, was this must s.n.a.t.c.h in all Guild front fights points above the Indian with the country first?"

I swept a Chinese war zone country to fight points first 100 , the young pig ran ranks first unexpectedly, he in person of city borderland flintlock second of killing as if many, this fellow really had one.

The knitting the brows head, I said: „4 : 00 am times didn't have 700 thousand fire Yun City players to fall Dragon Lin to be repelled? How do that 700 thousand players come?"

Lin Wan Er said with a smile in my arms: „They come from the wilderness, the Indian also heard the rumor, therefore has prepared ahead of time many people on the international boundary, the country fights opening time they in the wilderness, the plan suddenly had attacked to ruin the Chinese war zone NPC army's armed forces in military G.o.d West Bank to open up wasteland."

Old K grins to say with a smile: „This crowd do 213, ruin the armed forces of NPC army to open up wasteland the wool to use?"

Li Mu also smiled: „Old K this you do not know that the armed forces open up wasteland are the source of supply of NPC army, once the armed forces open up wasteland are ruined, the system will tacitly approve the NPC army to be at the hungry condition, the troops who when the time comes can set out greatly will sell at a discount, must know that in the NPC strength above the player, fights in the country until now as before is the noticeable strength, this game does really, the country fights no longer is «Conquering» that game kills that simply, must emphasize the strategy!"

Old K is stunned, expressed that is not quite clear, actually does not need him to understand that is [Zhan Long] No. 1 Berserker, so long as he understands when [a.s.sault] breached enemy lines to kill the enemy was enough, as for strategy, gave Li Mu, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and w.a.n.g Jian such resourceful general to be OK.


„Now what to do, Xiao Yao elder brother?" Wolf raises the dagger origin station to ask in crowd.

I said: „Everybody guards a meeting first here, Wan Er, sending out 1000 people of Steel Blade to ride to reconnoiter, 10 people of one group, altogether 100 groups explore to the depth of surrounding different map, fire Yun City dispatches 2000 thousand people not to be impossible like this to wait, they will certainly seek for the new channel to attack Tian Ling Empire."

Lin Wan Er nods: „Understanding, I manage immediately!"

Young lady's working efficiency is not general high, in one minute has many Steel Blade to ride to progress, but went out of the mountain valley, other people as before await orders in the mountain valley, and [Zhan Long] about 4 thousand players also only then entered the mountain valley less than 1 thousand person, other people guard outside falling Ryongrim-ri, the person who the acceding state fights were too many, all over.

Above looked up to the distant place, the city of fire G.o.d fort fills to fly flames, and heavy artillery sound rumble, this was the sound of dragon crystal artillery, making my moral nature sink, the player did not have the strength to use the dragon crystal artillery temporarily, that only then a possibility, the fire Yun City NPC army also partic.i.p.ated this has attacked, will otherwise not have the dragon crystal artillery, worried looked to creaky the fire G.o.d fort that once the city filled is rumbled evenly, in mountain valley on vast stretch of flat land!


Has drawn out Zhen Yue Blade, I look to behind [Zhan Long] people, said: „I had a look first in the past, you wait for the opportunity to act!"

Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian nod: „Relax!"


I progress to overrun, in the crowd has almost not been able to force one's way, then hesitates, under the place G.o.d fierce fine horse long hissing changes into the fragmentary ice glow to linger in me behind, the energy stirs, ices the wing behind to bloom suddenly together in me, obtains the flying ability instantaneously, rose straight from the ground, having incorruptible energies to fire into the fire G.o.d fort.

In in the upper air, looks to the south of fire G.o.d mountain range, is out of control has held breath a cold air/Qi, south fire G.o.d mountain range on the plain of length and breadth almost dense and numerous is the fire Yun City player, just likes the sea of army is ordinary, before heard that what more than ten million players send out together are, has not actually thought such scene, has shocked simply, but the Chinese player in fire G.o.d fort has not actually dreaded, brandishes the pointed weapons to kill the fire Yun City player who the attempt is attacking a city, entered the condition that the country fights, the distant place fire rumble, an all trades dragon crystal artillery and fire crag artillery is causing heavy losses to the defense barrier of fire G.o.d fort., Points is disintegrating this physical defense very pitiful city.

Sees such scene, unexpectedly I cannot bear somewhat one's blood bubbles up to the brim, but immediately has not actually dived to harvest, has actually promoted the flight alt.i.tude, flies high, the bird's eye view the situation of entire battlefield, was discovering that the distant place has the fire Yun City player to well up to as before continuously, their goal very obvious breakthrough fire G.o.d fort, the entry China war zone of vast stretch of flat land, looks again behind, military strength Chen Yujiang Dragon Lin of Chinese war zone, quant.i.ty compared with the opposite party, and also has about 10 thousand people high and low to crowd in the mountain valley of fire G.o.d fort, once the fire G.o.d fort were broken through, perhaps this group of people on must directly facing. Fire Yun City heavy artillery.

Thinks of here, I cannot bear moral nature tremble, immediately raises the sword to graze, is built on the city edge suddenly, is running, Bai Li Ruo Feng to say to city on Liu Ying, young pig loudly: „Fire G.o.d fort wanted avalanche immediately, making the person in mountain valley remove Going out, we were falling Dragon Lin to exhibit the battle formation with them to hit again, otherwise the heavy artillery of Indian can make us lose seriously!"

Liu Ying sneers: „What you are the country fight commander-in-chief, why do you direct us?"

I for it illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy.

Is leading the [Hero's Mound] second point pledge player, is a face is contemptuous, said with a smile: „Does not dare to hit speaks frankly, solemn [Zhan Long] Guildmaster by at present that many A San being scared?"

Bai Li Ruo Feng is quite calmer, said: „Xiao Yao Zi Zai, the fire G.o.d fort is our first barrier, if hands over easily, this morale effect on the Chinese war zone was really too big, therefore we rather here hung 100,000 people, will not make A San break through this barrier easily."

I was somewhat helpless, said: „Key was the fire Yun City NPC army has attacked along with the player together, they had the long-distance heavy firepower, the NPC army of our China war zone did not have first Cooldown to come, as the matter stands our consumptions specially will be big, we can draw back 12 li (0.5km) road to let greatly them, once the fire Yun City NPC army pushed the heavy artillery to enter the fire G.o.d mountain range the north, we can send the cavalry soldier to rush ahead immediately, ruin these dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery."

Bai Li Ruo Feng laughs: „I know that your Xiao Yao Zi Zai was in player the quite intelligent person, but considered as finished, our [House of Prestige] was the dead brain, rather here died in battle will not make one inch land of national territory be blasphemed!"

I had nothing to say in reply, said: „Good, since this, that defends till the fire G.o.d fort downcast, but I suggested in mountain valley to remove Going out, the person in fire G.o.d fort died has not related."

Bai Li Ruo Feng nods: „Good!"

I give a Lin Wan Er round of news immediately, making her wait the [Zhan Long] person to withdraw from the mountain valley, after several minutes, the 10 thousand armies in taking a quick look around mountain valley have drawn back Going out in tidal welling up, but I also relaxed, behind suddenly a hot crag artillery, directly has actually rumbled my 3 thousand + HP, hears a sharp sound: „Collection fire that Xiao Yao Zi Zai, he is Chinese area CBN fights the online sixth player!"

I spin the body to leap from the crenelation, the front surface is dense and numerous round arrow arrows, is mixing at least several [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrows, my physical defense is too what a pity high, almost disregards this attack, and Hero's Helmet effect does not eat the negative effect, therefore does not have one to be able the dizziness to fall me, was the attack of this group of people have enraged me on the contrary instantaneously.


Jumps to leap from the city wall, having the effects of thousand frost wings, both hands to hold up Dragon Reservoir Sword to rumble, [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


Under the city in the crowd of fire Yun City player surges, the sputtering and Zhen Yue Blade of Dragon Reservoir Sword [Unbroken Blade Slash] grows a shock-wave effect unexpectedly, falling blood of surroundings player uneven Shua Shua, I turn around am [Tempest Sword], around me already had formed immediately a no war zone, about hundred people like this fell by my second, one group of fire Yun City players are startled dumbfoundedly.

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