Zhan Long Chapter 694 -Training


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 694 -Training

Chapter 694 - Training

“Pu Pu pu…”

Fiery arrows pierced through the Greedy Wolf Raiders. Then the white light from [Lightning Eagle Formation], Not Ordinary’s 2000 Greedy Wolf Raiders were destroyed. On top of that, You Yi’s rear had been caught up to by Jian Feng Han’s party. With a [Combo]+[Corrupt Wolf Edge] he was instantly killed Not Ordinary then picked up his battle axe and roared as he charged after w.a.n.g Ze Cheng. 

w.a.n.g Ze Cheng was adorned with a gleaming suit of armor. He carried a large shield in front of his horse and used it to parry Not Ordinary’s attacks. Not Ordinary hacked at his shield three or four times with his battle axe. w.a.n.g Ze Cheng shifted it for a second and threw a sudden stab that pierced right through Not Ordinary’s chest. In the next moment, all of the archers behind him each shot a [Rising Dragon Shot]. Flashes of light exploded in the shape of a dragon, and turned the guildmaster of [Thousand Burial] into a porcupine. The moment Not Ordinary fell was the moment that signified the defeat of his 9000 Man Greedy Wolf Brigade. 

“Pu Chi”

My Dragon Reservoir Sword smashed an attacker while my Brilliant Fire Emperor flashed and killed a knight riding on a Greed Wolf. I suddenly cracked my whip. My Flying Scythe War Horse was but five steps away from w.a.n.g Ze Cheng. My horse raised on its hind legs, and stood majestically before One Second Hero's Division One army. Behind me was Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Old K and Wan Er. We had nearly clashed with his army. I'm afraid that would’ve resulted in yet another ma.s.sacre. 

[Zhan Long] and [Hero's Mound: Division One] had never gotten along, this was no secret. 

I raised my sword and shouted, “Stop your advance!”

Once this sentence rang out, Old K, Li Mu and the rest didn't make a move. I'm afraid they were already prepared to go after w.a.n.g Ze Cheng in one. Swoop. w.a.n.g Jian’s blade was just a meter away from Yan Suo. That b*st*rd really was savage, and didn’t care a single bit for women. The first thing he went after when this battle started was w.a.n.g Ze Chengs girl. 

At that moment, Jian Feng Han and Simple brought Goodbye Tears, Don't Be Foolish and the others along. When Jian Feng Han looked at the 1000 man cavalry behind me, a sliver of fear entered his eyes. It seemed that he had not even dreamed that Zhan Long would be able to create their own cavalry without anyone noticing. Simple was much more mature and smiled to me,” Thank you very much for [Zhan Long]s a.s.sistance. Only with your help were we able to break this Greedy Wolf Brigade so smoothly.”

I nodded, “This time Thousand Burial took a hit. All of them lost a level and dropped quite a bit of equipment. They've pretty much taken a permanent injury to their forces. I think that for the moment, they won't have the courage to attack Vanguard again. ”


Jian Feng Han's face seemed a little embarra.s.sed, but at the same time, he didn't want to lower his pride any more. I was right, this time, it was Zhan Long who saved Vanguard. Finally, Jian Feng Han sheathed his sword and said, “I never would have thought that Thousand Burial had gotten this strong. There's little difference between their battle power and that of a first rate guild. Besides with that many Greedy Wolf Raiders, he will become a plague if we let him continue.”

I smiled, “Nearly ten thousand Greedy Wolf Raiders have turned Tian Ling City on it's head. However, guilds like [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] had seen it all. Today, just who came to stop Thousand Burial in the end?”

Jian Feng Han looked at me and then bitterly smiled, “There probably is no true hierarchy. After all this is a virtual world where the strong eat the weak. There's pillaging and bullying everywhere you look.”

Li Mu grunted and said, “Every single one of them stood clear from this fight because they don’t want a target on their back, right? That's no problem, even if they all wouldn't dare battle the Thousand Burial Greedy Wolf Raiders, Zhan Long will battle them. We aren't afraid of then. Zhan Long will only become more and more stronger, and more and more braver!”

Simple seemed to think of something and added with a smile, “Wes, Zhan Long is a guild that will grow much stronger. This is something we've all observed… All in all, thank you for lending your help. Even when Vanguard used twenty thousand of its troops it wouldn't have necessarily been able to beat nine thousand of their Greedy Wolf Raiders. “

After she said that, Simple glanced at the Steel Blade Cavalry behind me and send, “That's right, what level are those mounts?”

I replied, “Saint Tier Level 115”

Simple was stunned, ”What, … Zhan Long actually has 2000 heavy tier players that are around level 115? That's a terrifying level… our Vanguard probably only has around a thousand.”

Good bye Tears quipped,”1147 players vice guildmaster !”

Simple bit her lip and praised us, “Xiao Yao truly is material for a great general. You actually managed to let Zhang Long grow to such high potential is so short a time. It's truly impressive…”

Wan Er walked over and said,” In my heart, Li Xiao Yao is not only General material, but more so Commander material….”

I was speechless. Wan Er and Simple were already b.u.t.ting heads. When Simple said that I was General Material, it revealed her desire for me to be in Vanguard. Wan Er had completely rejected it with the commander sentence to tell Simple that Zhan Long did not listen to anyone else’s commands. If there was going to be a king that rises up in the end from this virtual world, it was going to be Zhan Long. 

Simple smiled and raised her staff, “Alright then, let this be the end of our battle… there's no need to guard the bodies. These Greedy Wolf Raiders run away too fast anyway. We won't be able to catch the ones that revive. Everyone head back then. Thank you Zhan Long for your a.s.sistance this time…”

I nodded. I turned around to Li Mu and the rest and said,” Healers, revive all of the Steel Blade Horseman that have died. Once they've revived, everyone go grind levels in the Green Qilin Valley. At the same time, well go and see if there's any quests around the Dragon’s Den. It's been awhile since our main forces have returned home.”

Li Mu heartily laughed ,”yes, understood!”


Rays of light flashed in the forest as players were revived. All of the Steel Blade Horseman that had died in battle all flipped over and got up.  They had all lost a level and needed a quiet place to earn it back.  At the same time I glanced at the level of rankings. The entire rankings for the City had refreshed. Yan Zhao Warrior, General Li Mu, Drunken Spear and the other players that usually frequented the Ba Huang City rankings didn't make it on this. There was no other way, after all there were just too many strong players in the entire server and the rankings only listed the top ten. 

Fang Ge Que LV 127 Job: Mage

Xiao Yao Zi Zai LV 125Job: Dragon Knight

Mu Xuan LV 123 Job: Mage

Cang TongLV 123Job: Hermit G.o.d

Q-SwordLV 123Job: Smith Swordsman

SimpleLV 121Job: Mage

Cang YueLV 122Job: Mage

Ye Lai LV 122Job: Flame Berserker

Jian Feng HanLV 122 Job: Swordsman

Bai Li Ruo FengLV 121Job: Primordial Archer

And so, there were two golden rankings behind my name. One of them represented the second place ranking I had on Tian Ling City level rankings. The other was my place as twelfth on the CBN Battlement rankings. The two were very bright. However the difference between me and Fang Ge Que was just too great. He was both number one in Tian Ling City and number one on the CBN Battlenet. He was truly a legendary player!

Not long after, all three thousand of [Zhan Long]’s players entered Qilin Valley. Qilin Valley now sp.a.w.ned new monsters that were over level 130. As before, it was the best place for everyone to grind levels. If there weren’t enough monsters to kill, then we could also go to the Ice Ridge mountains. There were some very high level monsters that sp.a.w.ned there. And they were all Thunder Tier and t.i.tan Tier mobs. If we could climb high enough, there were even some Level 1, Level 2 Hybrid Demons to kill. But, their difficulty level was just too high. The equipment and levels of the players at the current stage had increased quite a bit, but even then we didn’t want to face the Hybrid Demons. Their explosive power was enough to make anyone shudder. 

After I sent everyone to go grind levels in Qilin Valley, I then entered the Dragon’s Den. After neglecting to come for a few days, I saw that the resources were about to burst out of the storage again. Without hesitation, I leveled up the city to Level 8. I used the rest of the resources to recruit more Heavy Flame Archers to strengthen our defenses. I was secretly hoping that an enemy guild would come here and try to battle the Dragon’s Den, just once. I wanted them to see the power of soldiers with 95% of the city’s owner’s stats. 

After thinking about it for a moment, I couldn’t help but shake my head and smile. Looks like it’s just as Wan Er had said, my love for battle had seeped right into my bones. 

I lead my horse outside of the city by myself and headed towards the north. I took my Ancient Heavenly Tiger towards the Ice Ridge Mountains. As I looked towards the east, I could make out Dragon City. I decided against going to Dragon City for the moment. I killed a few monsters and then went to train some of my skills. 

When I entered Ice Ridge Mountain, Frost Poachers appeared. These were a frost type of demon beast that carried long halberds. They opened their big mouths and lunged at me. As I was on my battle horse, I dipped my body forward and gathered energy in my two swords. I focused on the essence of the Flying Sword Play and instantly activated stabs, sweeps and cuts. This sword play’s essence was to continuously attack, and deal enormous damage. After the first attack was completed, the second attack was already prepared and ready to be executed. This required intense focus from the user. In reality, I could deal around twenty five different attacks within three seconds. The old man once told me that the human limit was around eight punches every second and three sword attacks. My own abilities already allowed me to surpa.s.s the average human limit. But I was most vexed about the game. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make the Flying Sword Play appear. No matter how familiar I got with the moves, and no matter how fast I executed my moves, I still couldn’t break the game’s attack speed. That was something I couldn’t change no matter what. 

Based on the attack speed of my twin sword play, I could deal seven attacks in a moment. Afterwards, there was 1-2 seconds where I was in a sluggish state where I couldn’t deal normal attacks. In reality, every second made a 2-3 tattack difference. This was also equal the normal attack speed of two solo hands. I just managed to compress it all into one second. But even so, I couldn’t truly break through the game’s limit. 


But, if I could figure out [Turmoil Sword] I should be able to think of an attack skill that’s considered my own, right? 


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