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Zhan Long Chapter 502 - To And From

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Chapter 502 To and From

“Prepare for battle!”

Li Mu suddenly pulled out his sword, Tian Chen. “Keng keng keng” the rest of [Zhan Long] pulled out their weapons. One after another, these swords and battleaxes started to glow as they readied their skills. [Zhan Long] didn’t just have above average battle power, we also had 120 warriors that were equipped with Garrison Outfits. All of them were elite warriors with over 10,000 health, 4,000 defense, and 5,000 attack. They were our best chance at protecting Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing!

“Ji ji ji….”

Behind us, I could hear our Archers pulling back their bowstrings, increasing the tension in the air, while we waited for our target to enter firing range.

On the hill, Not Ordinary and Lu Dong Bing both led their guilds in a frontal charge. All of their players raised their battle axes and long swords and started off with high morale. However, once they hit the uneven terrain, several players who didn’t have a good sense of balance ended up falling and rolling down the hill. By the time they hit even ground, they were already within 40 yards of us.

Dancing Forest let loose an arrow, “Open fire!”

“Sou sou sou….”

Countless arrows flew right into the enemy lines. “Keng keng keng”, it pierced through their armor. One after another, [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the G.o.ds] players were made into pincushions. Rays of white light shot into the sky and in the blink of an eye, over a hundred people had been killed by the volley of arrows. Not Ordinary was dumbfounded, “F*ck, what kind of attack power is that? All Knights, activate [Heavenly Shield Wall]! When the distance is right, use [Fierce Ram] to break through their defensive formation!”

[Fierce Ram] was a skill that used a ram type of attack on any target within 10 yards. This skill has a 70% chance of interrupting a skill. To use this skill for the sake of rushing through a defense was too wasteful. As for [Heavenly Shield Wall], that was just a skill that could increase physical defense.
“[Heavenly Shield Wall], will that work?”

Dong Cheng Yue stood behind me and grinned. She raised her Mage staff and cast a [Magma Abyss] into the enemy formation. The red hot magma flames burned all of the Knights of [Thousand Burial]. Magic attacks were unaffected by physical defense. In the blink of an eye, a whole crowd of Knights ended up with critical health. With another [Magma Lance], the crimson magma rocks broke through the ground with a “Pa Pa” and all of those Knights with critical health fell to their knees. Dong Cheng Yue then opened her hand and lightning flashed between her fingers. She didn’t give the enemy a single chance to recover, and those Knights who used [Cleansing Wind] to save themselves from the first attack, died under this next attack!

“Pa ts!”

Lightning shot through the crowd, invoking agonizing screams. For Dong Cheng Yue, this killing machine, to join our [Zhan Long] was an incredible help. Thousand Suns over Snowy lands lead a group of Mages to deal damage. Hundreds of [Magma Abyss]s locked onto the enemy lines and activated, killing several hundred heavy armor players.

“Shua shua…”

Quite a few Knights had gulped down a potion and managed to survive and fight their way through the fire. When they were within 10 yards of us, they all activated [Fierce Ram] and charged right for us!

“Sha sha….”

I slightly bent my knees, preparing for my chance to attack. I then swung both my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword and spun around. Spinning twice, both of my swords sliced through everything in my range. “Peng peng” I blew away 7 Knights who were in the middle of [Fierce Ram]. With my understanding of sword based skills, it was extremely easy to figure out the best way to interrupt [Fierce Ram].

Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, and Old K all charged forward with their own skills. After a few days of training, all of the players that had lost 10 levels more or less had recovered their strength again. Furthermore, their equipment was still top tier, losing a few levels was nothing.

Wan Er raised her Dragon’s Kiss daggers and walked up to the frontline. She crossed the two daggers and killed a Knight with a single blow. However, she then caught the attention of a few other Berserkers. One of them was a Barbarian with a hairy chest. He raised his battle axe and shouted, “F*ck, Cang Tong has appeared! Brothers, follow me! Let us kill Fan Shu City’s number one G.o.ddess!”

“Vice Guild Master, be careful!” One Second Hero quickly cautioned.

Wan Er glanced at me and said, “Don’t come over, I can deal with them!”

As she finished talking, Wan Er advanced forward without hesitating. “Keng!” Her Dragon’s Kiss dagger parried the blow from the Barbarians battle axe. Her other dagger then flashed from her hip and hit the Barbarian directly in the stomach, letting fresh blood spurt out. Shen then spun around with her Dragon’s Kiss and threw a [Blade of the Death G.o.d], killing a Berserker in three blows. Drops of blood dripped onto her snow white cloak, but our little miss didn’t seem to care. Instead, she lunged forward and thrust her Dragon’s Kiss dagger. “Pu Chi!” She killed a half health Knight in one stab. She then turned around and jumped, kicking another Berserker who tried to use [Skyshaker Slash] on her. She threw out her Dragon’s Kiss and activated [Flying Dagger]+[Ice Pick Whirlpool]. “Hong!” She instantly killed all of the [Thousand Burial] heavy armor players that surrounded her.

One Second Hero was stupefied and his jaw dropped. He would never underestimate Wan Er the a.s.sa.s.sin. With such an enormous explosive power, and her superb mobility, the beautiful little miss wasn’t just a pretty face but even more so a G.o.ddess of ——Cang Tong, ranked 6th on CBN’s Battlenet List. This ranking didn’t come from her beauty, but rather her skill and talent.

Old K began to roar and he threw a [Whirlwind Slash] into the enemy crowd. In one explosive attack, it cleared out a whole crowd of people. I followed the attack with a [Sword Tempest], while w.a.n.g Jian activated [Halberd Whirlwind]. In the blink of an eye, the lights from three blade skills flashed over [Zhan Long]’s formation and blew away the enemy troops. The sight made it such that Lu Dong Bing and the others all wanted to die.

Even though [Zhan Long]’s frontlines were strong, there were just too many enemies. Very soon, a large number of [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the G.o.ds] players all rushed into our frontline, and our swords began to clash. We still held the advantage with the shape of our formation, since our Archers, Musketeers, and Mages were completely protected, while the enemy, on the other hand, didn’t have a complete formation while they charged, leaving the heavy armor players vulnerable to our attacks.

Dancing Forest raised her long bow and used a [Meteor Shot] that sliced through the crowd, killing several Archers and piercing right into the hill. After our adventure through the Sword Saint Abyss, our number one Archer obtained an attack that could even kill Archers that were on the same level as her in one shot. This was a substantial leap for her. This also meant that she would be able to become a top tier expert in long range instant kills. The enemy would have no way of dealing with her!

The battle was extremely fierce and both sides steadily lost players. Not Ordinary waited 200 meters away from the frontlines, and avoided making contact with our close combat players. Instead, he continuously used his battle axe time after time to cut down the players that had critical health. Lu Dong Bing followed the same battle plan. While those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds remained spectators, they didn’t seem to plan on actually crushing [Zhan Long]. All they wanted to do was kill as many of our players as possible, and then get the system’s Saint Tier Equipment reward.

That, however, was a great opportunity for us. [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the G.o.ds] weren’t fighting for their lives, but [Zhan Long] was. That also meant that we would have the advantage, and that we would be able to minimize our own losses, while killing the enemy.

“Sha sha….”

My Cloud Stepping Boots stepped into the b.l.o.o.d.y gra.s.s and I began to move across the battlefield, looking for the enemy’s flag bearers and team leaders and began to specifically target them, killing all of their officer level players. Soon the 24,000 enemy players would be tossed into chaos.


Wan Er’s snow white cloak was already dyed red. Right now, the sun was high, leaving her at a disadvantage because she was part of the Moon Elf tribe. She held the iron umbrella up in one hand, and used the other dagger to attack. This was the only way for her, or else she would’ve been seriously burned by the sun. Her health was continuously rising and falling. All of the Moon Elf girls on the battlefield faced the same difficulties. Only nighttime was their true spring. Wan Er shouted and signaled to someone near her, “Come over and kill You Yi. Let’s cut down Not Ordinary’s right arm!”


Without another sound, I charged over. You Yi was cutting down one of [Zhan Long]’s Monks. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s bald head was covered in injuries, but he still managed to swing his staff as he stabbed You Yi. “Peng!” The sharp point of his staff pierced right into You Yi’s lower body. He immediately shouted, “F*ck, my treasure, it hurts!”

I couldn’t help but smile and opened my left palm, [Dragon’s Hook]!


My Dragon’s hook flew out and “Pu Chi” pierced through You Yi’s thigh. I then pulled it back towards myself, dragging him right to me. No matter what he tried to use, even [Blade Rush], it wouldn’t let him escape. My Dragon Reservoir Sword flashed and I threw a [Wind Blade]. Wan Er dashed over and with one dagger, she threw out a [Combo]. “Shua shua shua” six attacks flew out and You Yi grunted and fell to his knees.

Li Mu laughed, “Very good, you killed a team leader. Let’s have these [Thousand Burial] players fall into chaos. Let’s kill them all, charge!”

The frontlines were covered in piles of bodies. The fierce fight lasted for 30 minutes and at least 7,000 [Thousand Burial] and [Valley of the G.o.ds] players had died in the abyss. In other words, half of their heavy armor players were killed by us and their formation was starting to lose its shape. Now, as long as [Zhan Long] launched a counter attack, then both guilds would be finished.

Lu Dong Bing shouted from a distance, “Not Ordinary, we can’t keep this up, our foundation has pretty much been destroyed!”

Not Ordinary only raised his blood battle axe and said, “Let’s wait for a little longer, our opportunity is almost here!”

Before he even finished talking, a hawk screech rang through the air. Enormous black birds that had a 5 meter wing span, were clad in iron feathers, and had sharp beaks. On their backs were strong knights armed with halberds with a deadly look in their eyes.

“Oh no….” Qing Qian looked up into the sky and said, “It’s the Wolf Hawk Knights, Ba Huang City’s most elite cavalry. Wu, these are Lv 90 Thunder Tier monsters. They have around 5,000 attack and are a long range type!”

Wan Er revealed a beautiful smile, “Melon, don’t get anxious. We can hold them off, you just need a little more confidence…”

Dancing Forest raised her longbow. She waved her hand and teams of [Zhan Long] Archers all moved forward and pulled open their bows, targeting the Wolf Hawk Knights in the air. She then shouted, “Fire!”

“Sou sou sou…..”

Countless arrows flew into the sky and in the blink of an eye, these Wolf Hawk Knights’ were turned into porcupines. We had successfully dragged the aggro to us and making them charge at us. F*ck, the Ba Huang City army had finally arrived!

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