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Zhan Long Chapter 275 - Ten Way Blade

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Chapter 275 – Ten Way Blade

As our boots crossed the line of fire, everyone ran for their lives, hoping that they could be the first to see a BOSS and lead it back to their own battle camps. Every BOSS that was killed had a game-wide system notification, so that the players not only got the drops but, more importantly, got the bragging rights for killing it. Due to those extra benefits, [Flying Dragon] also desperately wanted to capture the BOSS!

More than 50 players from [Flying Dragon] entered the range of the Archers practically at the same time as me. Raising my head towards the city walls, a rain of arrows flew straight at us. I immediately raised my hand and [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] rose from the ground to surround my body. Right as [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] encased me, my body shook as I was struck by a dozen arrows. When my health fell below 50%, I hastily cast [Heal] and as it continued to drop, I gulped down a Lv 8 potion!



Once my health was almost full, I looked around to find b.l.o.o.d.y bodies scattered around. Of the dozen players from [Flying Dragon] that Fierce Tiger brought over, the arrows killed over half of them. But, as before, there were still a few Swordsman under the protection of their party who had rushed towards the BOSS, immediately raising their swords to activate skills!




Those were sorry damage numbers, and they were far from breaking the BOSS’ defense, but it was still enough to aggro the boss over!

As I locked onto the BOSS, I waved my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


There was a substantial break in the defense, and more than 77% of the aggro moved onto me. A Berserker roared and lifted his battle axe, charging straight at me. I turned around to run, and at the same time, I heard a yelp of pain behind me. Sixty of the people Fierce Tiger had brought over had become hedgehogs, and only thirty or so people desperately retreated as they ran for their lives!

I felt a chill behind me as another round of arrows shot straight at me. I couldn’t just withstand that!

My body dipped as I activated [Blade Rush]!


Five numbers appeared in the air, along with many MISSes. At the same time, I stepped out of the range of fire, and the NPC archers on the wall no longer targeted me. Behind me was Fierce Tiger, bringing around 20 people who were chasing after him, one of who’s face was red with anger as he yelled, “F*ck, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you didn’t think that you could just waltz in here and claim the BOSS as yours, did you?”


Raging with flames, Fierce Tiger hurled his battle axe, activating the third advancement skill, [Battle Axe Throw]!

I came to a running stop and turned around just as a big MISS flew above my body. The time it took to activate [Battle Axe Throw] was fairly long, making it easy to dodge.


I ducked as it brushed past my body, and my sword stabbed a Knight in the chest with [Wind Blade]!


At the moment of the instant kill, there was a system notification: Congratulations! You killed a player and your weapon【Emperor Qin’s Sword】’s attack power has been raised by 1% until you log out!

Using [Haste], I rushed towards our battle camp. Li Mu, Matcha, Song Han, Yue Qing Qian, and the others also brought a team of [Zhan Long]’s elite and charged towards us. On the other side, Drunken Spear also brought a group of [Flying Dragon]’s players to come at us. This was truly a guild duel for the BOSS. There was no way to avoid it. Since [Zhan Long] and [Flying Dragon] were old enemies, any sparks now could easily start a war.

My eyes flashed and I shouted, “Matcha, Thousand Suns, bring people here to kill the BOSS. Li Mu, bring the Valiant camp to kill [Flying Dragon]. I’ll join as well!”


General Li Mu laughed aloud. The players of the Valiant group had a deep seated hate for [Flying Dragon]. This time, they were fighting [Flying Dragon] under [Zhan Long]’s banner; their hatred for each other was completely understandable!

Soaring Dragon lifted his staff, and locked an [Indigo Sea Arrow] onto Li Mu.


A third advancement mage was very strong against heavy armor users. It was too terrifying!

Li Mu chugged down a potion and continued to advance. He ran in a zigzag to avoid being locked onto by spells. However, the opposing Archers began to launch a barrage of arrows, stopping the leaders of the Valiant Bravery Camp from advancing.

“Here I come!”

The Emperor Qin’s Sword shook as I ran over to Li Mu’s side. Waving my sword, seven shooting stars formed and [Seven Star Fragment Slash] was cast, aimed towards [Flying Dragon]’s Mages and Archers. In that instant, a row of damage numbers appeared——-




At the same time, Emperor Qin’s Sword’s unique skill increased to 11%. With my blade, I killed another 10 people in one go. I continued to advance under the protection of my Flaming Tiger G.o.d. I started targeting flying opponents and three of them fell. Under the effects of the Pardon Card, I did not have to worry about anything.

Behind me, a large number of Valiant group players arrived. Under the command of General w.a.n.g Jian, they started to resist against [Flying Dragon]’s attack!


In the middle of an explosion, Old K used [Whirlwind Blade] and killed a dozen players. With [Savage Jump Slash] he took out a few more mages. After chugging down a potion, he attacked back with [Skyshaker Slash], but such attacks were a bit too brazen. Cang Lei also lifted his battle axe. Charging in with his [Absolute Zero Megrez Wall], he sent a few shielded players flying. His innate G.o.dly strength was practically a BUG in battle.

Unfortunately, Old K’s weapon did not have a lifesteal effect. Otherwise, he would be the most terrifying death G.o.d on the battle field!

The Emperor Qin’s Sword shook as it emitted a sound. It hadn’t even been three minutes, but I had already killed off 47 people. At the same time, the Emperor Qin’s Sword’s attack increased by 47%. In this situation, the more I battled, the stronger I became, while the more [Flying Dragon] battled, the weaker they became!

“Drunken Spear, aim at Xiao Yao Zi Zai and kill him off quickly!”

Fierce Tiger was yelling from far away, his battle axe raised. He had already lost the courage to fight with me himself.


Drunken Spear’s spear pierced through a [Zhan Long] Swordsman, and continued his advance forward, piercing through the armor protecting my arm—–


That guy, his attack had gotten better again! With his feet planted firmly on the ground, he activated [Scorching Spring]. It was a direct hit, and I was left with only around 20% health!

With my blade shivering, I quickly ran towards him. While he was pulling back his spear, I jumped and landed a flying kick on his knee. His body buckled, and I immediately activated [Fierce Ice Blade] at his waist, giving him no time to defend against it!


Drunken Spear groaned as my blade directly hit his body, dealing 3718 points of damage!

“G.o.d, how is his attack so high?!”

With his arms pressed against the ground, he jumped back quickly and yelled, “Quick, lock all your [Heal]s onto me. If you don’t want me to die, do it quickly!”

I waved my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]. Drunken Spear’s eyes were filled with despair, “Please don’t. Please don’t kill me…..”

A line of numbers flew. His luck was not bad….





Unfortunately, he was able to escape! With a ‘Pa’ sound, a [Scatter Shot] struck me in the chest. For a brief moment, I was stunned, and I was forced to stop chasing after him. If I was to advance, I would probably end up being the one killed.

I quickly retreated. As I looked into the distance, cutting down any approaching [Flying Dragon] players.


Soaring Dragon gritted his teeth: “How is Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s attack so high? He almost killed Drunken Spear in a few seconds. This doesn’t even make sense. This is too……”

Black Tortoise pondered aloud, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s sword is the number one ranked Emperor Qin’s Sword, a Valkyrie Tier weapon. It has an unique effect that raises 1% weapon attack for every kill. It looks like it has raised by at least 50% already. If not, it would have been impossible to damage Drunken Spear this much. What a shame, Drunken Spear was focusing all his damage, but he was still unable to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai in that moment. With that unique effect, Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s strength will become greater and greater….. Boss, unless we can kill him and send him out of the Ancient City now, it is best if we do not fight against him. Truth to be told, right now, we can’t beat Xiao Yao Zi Zai.”

Soaring Dragon folded his arms, “I know. We shouldn’t act rashly and should change up our tactics. Have all the mages stand in the front and aim their [Pillars of Fire & Ice] at Xiao Yao Zi Zai. I don’t believe that with over 100 mages casting [Pillars of Fire & Ice], we won’t be able to kill a mere Swordsman. He’s human, not a G.o.d!”

Black Tortoise nodded, “Mhm!”

At that moment, a system message appeared: [Zhan Long] had slayed the second BOSS.


[System Notice]: Congratulations to Player Strawberry Matcha for successfully killing the second BOSS in the【City of the Ancients】(Ba Huang City). As rewards: Charm +2, Experience + 10%, and the S-Rank skill book【Ten Way Blade】!
“We got the BOSS!”

I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and yelled, “Ceasefire!”

As expected, the players of [Zhan Long] stopped. With mutual understanding, [Flying Dragon] stopped as well. Everyone was considered smart; there was no point in battling anymore, and immediately ceased fire. On the battlefield, there were 400+ dead [Flying Dragon] members. [Zhan Long] did not lose much in comparison; since I was tanking in the front, only around 50 members were killed.

Soaring Dragon gritted his teeth, “F*ck, it really was stolen….”

Drunken Spear raised his spear, “We never had the chance to steal it anyways. We had n.o.body that could contend against Xiao Yao Zi Zai, how would we possibly steal it…..”

Black Tortoise’s eyes grew cold, “In my opinion, we shouldn’t stop fighting. We should just directly kill all of [Zhan Long], or else we won’t be able to take the next BOSS either!”

Drunken Spear shook his head, “No, that would make it even worse. If [Zhan Long] is attacked, [Blood Contract], [Ruined Bones], and their allied guilds will come to help. With the five allied guilds, even [Vanguard] was taken down; [Flying Dragon] is not much stronger than [Vanguard]. Even if we did beat the five guilds, we would not have many members remaining. How would we survive the next 8 waves? These monsters are already very strong, and the ones in the later waves will be even stronger; everyone has witnessed it. We should be setting our sights more towards the long term.”

Soaring Dragon laughed, “Ha. Drunken Spear is right. Our initial goal was to gain experience and obtain the G.o.d of Commerce Badge. If we can’t get the G.o.d Commerce Badge, even if we stomped [Zhan Long], it wouldn’t be considered a victory!”

[Zhan Long] held its formation.
Matcha happily held a green skill book. With a wave of her hands, the details of the skill book appeared—-.

【Ten Way Blade】(S Rank) : Call forth three sharp blades around the target and continuously damage the target over a period of time. Required Level: 60. Required Cla.s.s: a.s.sa.s.sin.

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