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Zhan Long Chapter 180 - Demons’ Descent

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Chapter 180 – Demons’ Descent

Translated by: SoloNeko, Vk, Ciel and GGP

Edited by: Video, Kaylee, Sac, Zephir

This chapter was sponored by Wee Chee Foong and Tjandra Johannes! Thanks!

The next day… After waking up from my dream, I could scarcely remember anything from yesterday except for those moments in the heavy rain. It was like that memory was deeply imprinted into my mind, impossible to be erased.

In the morning, I met with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. I only grinned at Lin Wan Er, “Miss, I’ll be online at 10 AM, and you?”

Lin Wan Er pursed her lips, “I won’t be going to cla.s.s either. Besides, I’ve already previewed the material for today’s cla.s.s.”


Dong Cheng Yue stared at me then at Lin Wan Er and suddenly narrowed her eyes at us, “Why do I feel… that something must have happened yesterday night, but…but Wan Er definitely came home to sleep… Xiao Yao, what did you do to Wan Er last night?”

I jumped: “Nothing happened, stop thinking weird things…”

“Hmph! I don’t believe you!”

Dong Cheng Yue waved her hand, “Forget it. Go do your work, Wan Er and I are going to Thousand Demon Valley this afternoon to kill monsters. Too bad you’re so occupied by Zhan Long and can’t join us on our adventure.”

I laughed: “There will always be chances to train together in the future, so you don’t have to worry about that not happening. My first priority right now is to establish my guild. d.a.m.n it, there are already 7 guilds established in Ba Huang City, and my guild won’t even be the 8th one. So depressing…:”

Lin Wan Er couldn’t help but laugh and patting my shoulder, she said, “Go find some people to kill the Bosses, and see if you can get the Guild Creation Tablet today!”


After seeing the two beautiful girls off, I returned to my room.

When I got online, it was already 10:07. Matcha sent me a message: “Boss, you’re late!”

“Yeah…I’m sorry…”

I coughed lightly and said: “Is everybody ready then?”

“We are getting ready now. Boss you should get ready too, shall we meet at Ba Huang City later?”

“Yup, okay!”

In the city, I repaired my equipment and purchased a lot of healing potions. Then I brought 3 Pardon cards with me —which should be enough. The Demons’ Descent Event will definitely catch the attention of many guilds; PKing will be unavoidable.

It was almost 10:30 when I finished getting ready. The Zhan Long group had already a.s.sembled at the bridge outside of the North Gate of Ba Huang City.

Carrying my Frost Rain Sword and the Ancient Tablet on my back, I treaded across the mossy stone bridge, walking at a steady pace. Wolf, Matcha, Old K, Darling Duck and the others were already there waiting. Besides the players of the studio, there were around ten others mixed in. Altogether, including me, there were 20 people!

“Is everyone present?” I asked heartily.

Wolf nodded: “Basically everyone is here; there’s an a.s.sa.s.sin who suddenly had a fever today, so he couldn’t come online, so we have exactly 20 people. Brother Xiao Yao, would you like to see their cla.s.ses?”

Scanning the crowd, I counted under my breath, “3 Swordsmen, 4 a.s.sa.s.sins, 4 Healers, 3 Mages, 1 Monk, 1 Knight, 3 Berserkers, 1 Musketeer. The number of damage dealers and Healers should be enough. Okay, this group should have no trouble defeating a Purple Tier BOSS!”

I clenched my fist as I said with a big smile, “A warm welcome to every newcomer who joined Zhan Long. From today onwards you’re one of us! We are Zhan Long, an ambitious team with big dreams to become a legend in . Our mission is to uphold justice and fight for the weak. Never will we allow this game to be a place where the strong eat the weak or let the weak shed tears!”

Everyone nodded one after another and Darling Duck excitedly exclaimed, “Well said, boss! We’ll stand up for the weak!”

Wolf coughed: “Let’s get the Guild Creation Tablet first before making an inspiring guild speech…otherwise our 20 men won’t even be a match for the other big guilds. [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragon] would only need half of their army to obliterate us!”

At that moment, amongst the crowd, a 19 year old Lv 47 Healer blinked her eyes and said: “Not necessarily. Though those guilds might win in numbers, it doesn’t mean they are stronger. Didn’t our Boss, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, take on hundreds of players from the [Wrath of the Heroes] guild in Green Qilin Abyss alone and ended up victorious?”

Dong Cheng Lei tightened his hand and said with a grin, “Definitely! Having a big number of people doesn’t mean they are better. As long we are united, we’ll be able to defeat those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of the Heroes]. What do you think, Brother Xiao Yao, did I say it right?”

I nodded: “Yep, you are right. But [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of Heroes] aren’t b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. They are all players like us, they’ve just chosen to walk a different path.”

Matcha looked at me: “Boss, are we just going to wait for the BOSSes to sp.a.w.n? That…doesn’t seem professional at all…”


I shook my head and laughed, pointing into the distance and said: “The borders around Ba Huang City are extensive and the 83 BOSSes will sp.a.w.n randomly. Since there are too many players near the city, it would be hard for us to even get an opportunity to kill a BOSS. That’s why I’ve decided that we’re going to set off immediately. The 20 of us should walk towards Jiu Li City and go to Green Qilin Valley. The moment a BOSS sp.a.w.ns, we’ll immediately defeat it. How does that sound?”

Matcha lifted her sword and smiled a little. Her beauty was second to none. She glanced at me and continued: “With such a wise boss, I know I didn’t follow the wrong person. The plan to go to Green Qilin Valley is a smart one; the maps there are vast with high level monsters and few players. [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of the Heroes] may not be able to find us, even with their abilities and wealth. It’s very safe!”

I nodded with a growing feeling that Matcha was indeed best suited as the team’s G.o.dly Strategist: “Yup, since Matcha has approved our plan, we should set off. Based on the location of Green Qilin Valley, I think we should be able to reach the place before 12. At that time, we should be able to slaughter any boss that will sp.a.w.n. Let’s go, this is for the ladies!”

Old K was surprised: “Why is it for the ladies?”

I smiled wryly, “Once the guild has been created and becomes larger, a Lv 5 guild has a 10,000 member limit. Even if you, Old K, can only be the leader of a team, you’ll be in charge of at least 1000 people. Since the ratio of boy to girl players is 6.2:3.8 according to the game statistics, then there will at least be 360 girl gamers. Some may already have a boyfriend or husband, so there should be around 200 single ladies. As their team leader, with so much wealth and resources, won’t you be able to at least land a single girl? Do you want to live single forever brother?”

Old K thought about it, curled his hands and said with a stern voice, “Looks like creating a guild is of the utmost importance…”

Aside Matcha laughed lightly and said, “Actually, with Old K’s looks, even with 200 single ladies, it’d still be very tough…”

Old K’s face became bitter and tears pooled in his eyes.

Together we left the city and entered the Ba Huang Forest, heading northwest. The levels of monsters in the forest weren’t too high, so relying on Wolf, Old K and Dong Cheng Lei to attack was enough. Matcha and I walked slowly at the back, protecting the rear, as there were many potential dangers on the map. Especially since Zhan Long, despite being relatively weak, was still an enemy of guilds like [Flying Dragon] and [Wrath of Heroes]. Lowering our guards was not an option.

An hour later, at Green Qilin Valley.

Standing at the edge of Green Qilin Valley, viewing the land that I hadn’t visited in such a long time, I grabbed a vine and laughed: “This Green Qilin Valley is our land of fortune. Should our guild have a guild base later, I’ll definitely choose Green Qilin Valley and no other place!”

Matcha smiled sweetly: “Boss’s Frost Rain Sword was dropped by a BOSS here right? But then again, the Green Qilin Valley has a legend already. There was once a swordsman who battled with more than 300 people and in the end, made the enemies run away with tails between their legs. Even Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword, those skilled professional players, may not have been able to do it. But you, boss, you managed to pull it off!”

Little Wolf laughed softly, “That’s the reason why we let Brother Xiao Yao be the Guild Master!”

I glanced at them: “Don’t joke around, I fought for this Guild Master position!”

Darling Duck opened her eyes widely: “Fought for the position?”

“Haha…” Old K laughed heartily, feeling a little awkward. “It’s an old story… Don’t mention it anymore. We should enter Green Qilin Valley now; let’s spread out and wait for the bosses to sp.a.w.n!”

I nodded, “Yup, those who can defend themselves, spread yourselves out in the forest and wait for the bosses to sp.a.w.n. Little Wolf, take a few a.s.sa.s.sins and observe the terrain with your [Stealth] skills. All Wind Elves fly out and spread out. Old K, Ah Lei, both of you stay here to protect the Healers and Mages while I also scout around. This will be our meeting place. Everyone should maintain communication with someone else. There are still 20 minutes before the event begins. Everyone be on alert!”

Little Wolf laughed heartily: “Understood, I’ll go immediately!”

Quickly, everyone dispersed into the forest situated where the monsters were between Lv 49-53. Everyone could pretty much solo them, especially players like Old K and Little Wolf who had both high levels and high quality gear. Soloing 2-3 Elite Monsters of the same time wouldn’t be a problem for them.


Stepping onto the lush green gra.s.s with Baby Bobo buzzing happily above my head, I made my way through the forest. I stood still in a meadow that was a fair distance from the meeting place and waited for 12 o’clock; the 20 minutes pa.s.sed in a flash!


A bell rang above my head, and a notice sounded: System Announcement: All players please pay attention, 83 powerful bosses have advanced onto the lands of Ba Huang City. Sharpen your blades, steel yourself and step onto the frontline! You must defeat these 83 bosses in 120 minutes, otherwise the surviving bosses will summon a legion of soldiers from the underworld to besiege Ba Huang City. May the odds be ever in your favor!

“It’s starting!” In the party chat, Little Wolf muttered under his breath, “Everyone quickly find the boss. Green Qilin Valley is a big map so there should be at least 1 to 2 bosses!”

I quickly lifted my sword and raced forward like the wind while looking at the map. The boss’ position would be shown by an extremely big red dot, but on the map, the surrounding dots were all small and red–all the normal Dark Green Vine Monsters!

Above me, a female Wind Elf flew past. It was Matcha, flying at a high speed!

After a long 5 minutes, one a.s.sa.s.sin shouted into the party chat: “Boss, I found one, it’s in the canyon with the coordinates of (4277,1983). It’s a Lv 58 Gold Tier BOSS. Should we kill it?!”

TL: Boss – Xiao Yao and BOSS = monster

With a stern voice I said, “Terminate with extreme prejudice. If you see one kill it! There are only 83 BOSSes. Everyone quickly head towards the location and once everyone has gathered we’ll make our move! a.s.sa.s.sins keep a good lookout on the boss, don’t act rashly!”

“Yes, Boss!”

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