Zhan Long Chapter 1186


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1186

After dawn, heavy rain voluminous falling in the sky of seven luminaries forest, flushes in the jungles full is being the lawn of b.l.o.o.d.y water, washes the bloodstain on player armor cleanly, but the horse's hoof treads is combining the spate lawn, is wreaking havoc in the jungle as before, less than at the last minute, the contest of this Holy Ghost treasure box will not end.


Under a wryneck subtree, I open thousand frost wings to sit there, is embracing the Holy Ghost treasure box, looks at final Cooldown.

The bloodstain that Xue Rou wiped the face, raises is turning over to the Yuan sword to stand before me, said: „Boss, the person died more and more, [Zhan Long] came 76000 + people, now only remaining was less than 1 thousand person, this is the sky rose and maplewood is drunk to collaborate 4 th time to attack!"

I have a look at the distant place, the war cries are just thick, then shows a faint smile: „Has not related, 17 minutes had the valuable box full 7 hours on me, they did not have what opportunity, but, I may want to go to kill several hundred individuals really again......"

Nearby, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and Yue Qing Qian three female almost said together: „You cannot move!"

Also looks on their three people, otherwise I definitely still in the frontal line, the final 30 minutes, the [Zhan Long] high-level player unanimously had decided that made me hide in the rear area, for fear that my accident hung to blow out the Holy Ghost treasure box, that first 6 hours of efforts were in vain.

Has a look at the surroundings, Lin Wan Er personally to lead the elite players of 100 + [Zhan Long] guards to defend beyond my several meters, the milk that the violent walks leads 500 + six palace cosmetics Guild players to defend in the surrounding, again outside, is Fox, Xing Lie and Dancing Forest leads 2000 + [Zhan Long] main pledges players to encircle, the archer and Mage non- difference skill covers the surrounding terrain, lets opportunity not to be missed that any a.s.sa.s.sin has not submerged, again toward the north, is Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian, Old K and Drunken Spear and the others leads about 7000 people to fight a b.l.o.o.d.y battle.

Such defense line, is doomed n.o.body to break through, even, Lin Wan Er emits silver dragon Little Bai from the sky to circle, coordinating 20 + flights of [Zhan Long] to be the cavalry soldier controls the air zone, achieves absolutely safe, 17 minutes, even if perhaps were everyone does not have the means to break through our defenses to encircle.



The highest heaven city a.s.sa.s.sins who not far away, three try to submerge had been solved [Stealth] by the Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands dark night meteor, in an instant was shot the hedgehog, the pitiful yell sound is very sad and shrill, is farther, can see the Fox form, is holding the artillery tube, consecutively for three times murders the attack effects of G.o.d three artillery, attempts the [a.s.sault] riding war one crowd is the player rumbles scattered about, in addition a Dancing Forest multiple arrow, the second killed all!

It seems like that this time was doomed to wait for the result peacefully.

The distant place transmits the combat report unceasingly, Guild that around us how many are responsible for protecting loses seriously, [Legend], [Hero's Mound], [Prague] and [Judgement] four big Guild lose more than half, [Flying Dragon] almost almost lost completely, looks at alarmed combat reports, I could not bear lower the head to have a look at the bosom the Holy Ghost treasure box, making us pay the so serious price, what will this Holy Ghost treasure box start out finally?

Cooldown pa.s.ses bit by bit, 17 minutes pa.s.sed were really quick, I even can hear the angry roar that the surrounding sky rose and maplewood were drunk, but they were helpless, no one could control this situation, the demon mountain of highest heaven city led 1000 + people to try to break through forcefully, finally was brought person of blocking stiffly by Drunken Spear and Xue Rou, even after an operate miss, the demon mountain was walked milk female to settle to a sword by the violent directly, during fought randomly, the death of peak master was too simply frequent.


However the [Zhan Long] battle loss speed too was also fast under this crazy attack, the short 17 minutes, 1 thousand + the personnel losses have been over half, not far away can see that US, Russian and players of German several big servers have been attacking crazily, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others starts to breakneck, does not make the match jump over Lei Chi one step, the fight carries on extremely frigidly!


I shook the hand of b.u.t.terfly sword to start to shiver, wishes one could to kill immediately, killed the enemy with Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others shoulder to shoulder, but I also know that this was not quite wise, if the Holy Ghost treasure box lost, will only disappoint everybody.

Therefore, I still stand under tree, looks that the subordinate died in battle, calmly waits for the final result.






After the countdown ended, suddenly the entire seven luminaries forest was illuminated in the haze, the direct impact heaven of astonishing golden light from the Holy Ghost treasure box, it was separated from me to grasp together, in my front airborne was shivering fiercely, „" a cover of Sampo box opened voluntarily, can the final treasure draw a charge finally?


A golden shock-wave suddenly is centered on the valuable box explodes, the next quarter, the Holy Ghost treasure box vanished does not see, what replaces it is a handle lingers the long bow of fire red roaring flame, the bowstring is red, understood at a glance that was not every, no one thinks equipment that finally left drew a bow unexpectedly!

I put out a hand to grip this to draw a bow, in the meantime, system ting from the sky surged, seemed is propagandizing this to draw a bow the multi- force to be ordinary for me


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) opened the Holy Ghost treasure box successfully, obtains 【Shot day to bend】( World Country Weapon), and obtains the reward: The Level + 2, Charm + 200 points, other compete for the player of Holy Ghost treasure box to depend on the murder number to obtain the respective different reward in the seven luminaries forest!


Everybody control can not have anything to reward, asked that I shot the day bow am any attribute, I directly attribute sharing of long bow in the guild channel, have then brought in intermittent calling out in alarm, this was not Country Weapon, but belonged to Country Weapon of entire mainland, went far beyond existence of Country Weapon, by the attribute, has perhaps been able to compare G.o.d Tier!

【Shot day to bend】( World Country Weapon)

Attack: 21200-24800

Strength: + 800

Stamina: + 795

Magic: + 790

Agility: + 780

Additional: Promotes user 245% attack power

Additional: Promotes user 170% attack speed

Additional: Neglects goal 65% physical defense

Special effect: Violent, the injury effect of fatally striking promotes 30%

Special effect: When anxious spin, target creates the mark effect, after same end continuous attack 7 times will cause one time to strike the flying effect

Special effect: When blood shield, attack will output 5% transformation of injury is protects the shield to protect itself not injured

Special effect: The quick line, kills a goal every time , to promote own 1% Movement Speed, does not have the upper limit

Special effect: The long range , to promote 20% striking distances

Only effect: Shot the day to be regretless, when the life value was lower than 20%, the long-distance attack effect promoted 100%

Introduced: Shot the day to bend, pointed weapons in the before the Flood East [Legend], emperor Jun will shoot the day bow to bestow Houyi, Houyi kills the [Gouge] tooth with this bow , the ripple fire, saved the common people common people on the 9 th in the water and fire, after Houyi died, shot the day bow to lose in every, successively by Yun Tianhe, sword soul black nightshade and the others obtained, became the immortal proper way [Soul Army] sharp weapon, killed the evil spirit to be innumerable, afterward lost once more, finally broke the seal several thousand years later, re-entered the world, it is said obtained to shoot the person of day bow to grasp the life and death

Needs the charm: 1000

Needs Level: Non- rank limit


„Went against heaven's will......" looks to shoot the attribute of day bow for a long time, in the people only Li Mu spoke a few words.

Everybody looks to me, was waiting for my words, this already became the matter that the ownership of bow everybody most antic.i.p.ated, but I did not have that many anxieties, in [Zhan Long] two big bowmen, one was Dancing Forest, one was general Lian Po, the Dancing Forest strength, because was young, the perception and reaction rate must by far in Lian Po, therefore was also our [Zhan Long] the first archer who focused on training, this shooting the day bow naturally was belongs her.

I raised shoot the day to bend, said to Dancing Forest: „Small dance, you give up Huang Zhonggong give Lian Po, I this shooting day bow to you."

Huang Zhonggong is Country Weapon, shot the day bow is world Country Weapon, this disparity could be imagined, Dancing Forest said immediately joyfully: „Good!"

I will shoot the day bow to separate have thrown to her spatially, Dancing Forest exchanges rapidly, and has given Lian Po Huang Zhonggong, such came the [Zhan Long] two big physics department long-distance attributes both to progress by leaps and bounds.


The distant place, the Indian and American are fiercely attacking as before still our battlelines, Lin Wan Er look to me, said: „Retreats, hit not to have what significance again."

Li Mu said: „But the Indian and American do not want, but also is continue chase down."

I said: „They continued to chase down to kill in revenge, did not have what significance, Li Mu you led everybody to retreat, have the opportunity directly to return to the city, I brought up the rear, now does not have the Holy Ghost treasure box, n.o.body can prevent me to kill people again!"

Li Mu nods: „Good!"

Dancing Forest raised is shooting the day to bend, said: „Boss, I do not want to be so quick, I must with you in the same place, kill the enemy!"

I smiled: „To try to fire the might of day bow?"

„Um!" She nods earnestly, this but actually is also, the Dancing Forest present operation strength in archer Cla.s.s is the domestic few master, now obtained to shoot the day to bend, does not think that the great talent tested in a small task one blamed.

Therefore I said: „OK, that Wan Er and East city stay behind with me together, Wan Er and I am responsible for protecting the small dance, East city coordinate the small dance output, we hit while retrocede."

Two female consented joyfully: „Good!"


Arrives in the frontal line, duty of shield gave us, informing the ally 11 to retreat, now should be Dancing Forest performance Cooldown.

Was distanced less than 50 yards time Dancing Forest to open to shoot the day to bend, „whiz" the arrow arrow plundered to empty together, „bang" in the bang Swordsman was the chest of player, carried over 30 thousand + the violent struck the effect, suddenly to strike injures is promoted.

„Ma.s.sacred that with shooting the female of day bow, exploded to be also same!" One group of American players are bellowing.

Arrow arrow flies a piece by piece, the Dancing Forest backlash avoidance, did not eat 6 arrows unexpectedly stiffly, HP fell 17% times left to draw back anxiously, lifted the hand is one time inundates the Tien Chien rain skill!

The instantaneous front degenerates into the purgatory, a trim surpa.s.ses the 200 000 injury digit chaotic dance, when I plan the [Heal] technique she, Dancing Forest hurried [say / way]: „Boss do not treat, felt relieved that I am all right!"

I understand instantaneously Dancing Forest intention, she must maintain her HP below 20%, after downloading [Drain] equipment, by own every struck has to shoot the day regretless only effect, double injuries!

Again after the meteor arrow penetrates the crowd kills dozens people, around the body of Dancing Forest condenses a blood shield, above has the tough value, over 30 thousand, this has also meant Dancing Forest present actual HP should be 30 thousand + appearance, this shot the day bow good terrifying, wants to wipe out Dancing Forest 17% HP, was difficult such as to ascend to heaven simply!

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