Zhan Long Chapter 1029


Zhan Long

Zhan Long Chapter 1029

Daybreak, the dawn punctured thoroughly the rosy cloud together, flowed swiftly to fall on mountain peak that in three sharp knife blade towered.

Three blade edge mountains, to!


Daybreak in game, is actually the realistic Beijing Cooldown 5:45 minute, is the Delhi Cooldown 3:15 minute, the Indian players should be [Lullaby] Cooldown at this moment, but Fang Ge Que decided this Cooldown to fight a weary war, the person who we gathered were too many, was insufficient 400 thousand people to keep one's mouth shut, therefore besieged the news affirmation clear pupil of day Pingshan to develop black ink and the others already to know, that visibly came, when they were most exhausted start to fight, this point I approved of Fang Ge Que actually, the genuine war should stop at nothing.


The speed rapidness of melt G.o.d cavalry, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian kill several that the front blocks the way to scout the player rapidly, we are in the mountain ma.s.sif the west side, but Sun raises from the East, therefore our mountain ma.s.sif as before jet black, but can see some flames faintly, in addition the foot position can see defense of player organization, on the tree, stone is grasping the Indian archer of long bow everywhere, is waiting for us to attack the mountain!

Q-Sword holds on the reins to stop the warhorse vanguard, gains ground to have a look on the mountain, deeply inspires: „Really high...... How haven't they needed the dragon crystal artillery to entertain our?"

I said: „Is our crowds is not very probably crowded, they worried that can waste the sh.e.l.l."

„Ahem, this actually......"


Again shortly afterward, the following team comes one after another, when Fang Ge Que, Enchanted Painting and Mu Xuan and the others arrives, attacked the mountain fight formally to start, Ye Lai, Jian Feng Han, Drunken Spear and Yan Zhao Warrior and the others led own team to attack the mountain from several respectively, but main battlefield, was the direction that the hot lion armed forces garrisoned rides, kamikaze to ride by the melt G.o.d cavalries and hundred deep pools attacks together, this first battle engagement we did not evade.


Draws out the sharp knife blade suddenly, I have a look at Cooldown, said: „7 hours of this King will hunt for had finished, our Cooldown are not many, rides the war is in the front, long-distance, supplies follow immediately, with us on together, rushing mountainside in one vigorous effort!"

The [Zhan Long] people nod in abundance.

The [Legend] direction, Fang Ge Que also raises the fan that the flame is lingering step by step is treading the mountain road, rode the war is the player got up together, Commander even
connected Zhanqu personally got up, but also there is anything saying that went all out!


G.o.d fierce fine horse neighed, to the front line of formation, Ancient Heavenly Tiger was also following close on me, was not only I, all people summoned the pet, many pet many strength, therefore at the foot of the hill of three blade edge mountains have covered entirely various living thing, brandishes the poisonous bee that the praying mantis of both arms, humming sound called, to whoosh repet.i.tive Greedy Wolf, to wind, but the good water snake, entered the zoo likely.

At this time, finally the dragon crystal artillery of hot lion armed forces gave up to use!

„Bang bang bang......"

The bellow is continuous, I behind continuously bloom four mushroom clouds, is not infrequent by the melt G.o.d cavalry who the shock-wave sweeps across, but this is not anything, everybody projects on the present, already „life and death looked that pale, refused to accept to do".

The dead ahead, the first blockade line, the total number of people probably in 200 000 about, is the small guild composes, spheres by shield, on one crowd of faces has „life and death" the look Indian player to visit us wickedly, but I in marching forward on the way continuously several arrow arrows, the shape is itchy with flexure, the next quarter arrived in shield, immediately dance of + [Tempest Sword] ghosts and G.o.ds breaks through the enemy lines, one side not far away, Li Mu opens the match for ten thousand effect to explode in the crowd edge gets angry not to touch the attack skill of Zhoushan, grasps the cavalry soldier of shield to give to hit continually one crowd draws back dozens meters, was too ruthless..

The melt G.o.d cavalry crosses, just likes the overwhelmingly superior force is ordinary.

However when we rush to the second blockade position was not simple, NPC army of one group of hot lion armed forces supposes here, dense and numerous arrangement a row of crossbow laager, thick such as the steel arrow of thumb „Shua Shua Shua" one ** shoots, immediately kills about hundred people the front melt G.o.d cavalry, bombing that the additional getting angry crag artillery keeps, let in our buckle eye instantaneously.

Not only so, here defensive player impressively is the hot shape that goes on an expedition the world rides, ignition surrounding hostile player who the fire fierce skill keeps, the rear archer and Mage output fully, melt G.o.d cavalry who also causes first wave of rushing besides Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others almost completely uneven Shua Shua fell to the ground dead in battle.


A dragon crystal artillery erupts on the Meng Yao Lady Wa stone shield directly, rumbled flies to draw back several steps with horse, HP her fell 9 thousand + the point, on her pretty face even contaminated on several black ashes, gaining ground that could not bear looked to me, said: „Elder brother, this is not good!"

I am raising the b.u.t.terfly sword, kills dozens fires like riding continuously, takes advantage of opportunity to erupt time 19 levels of G.o.d level skills to ride the wind to cut, broke a gap directly, however Star Blade brings one group of melt G.o.d cavalries are flushing level gap the time, was actually killed by a hot crag artillery and crowded crossbow arrow completely, indeed, the defense without me, attack and [Drain], is truly difficult to survive in this environment.

This time we not only attack from bottom to top, must greet the heavy artillery and crossbow of car(riage) baptism opposite party, in fine weather and favorable geographical position us, is not the population that can take advantage only!

Blooms the effects of thousand frost wings, I raise the sword to continue to proceed to clash, simultaneously releases Zhen Yue Blade [War Song of Zhen Yue] skill, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Must break through, on, does not hesitate the price together!"

The melt G.o.d cavalry is almost Large expanse of pouring under the fire, but the people do not have what objection , to continue to take the blood to attack the mountain as the price.

[Zhan Long] situation still awful to this situation, that [Legend] and [Hero's Mound] situation also can only be worse, looked at the past from afar, Enchanted Painting brandishes the water deity halberd to rush ahead in the frontal line, carries over halberd glow attacks, periphery going on an expedition world player Large expanse of will strike to ma.s.sacre, the battle loss speed that but the kamikaze rode was faster, a dragon crystal artillery artillery got down at least several people dead a tragic death, about hundred people to damage the blood, which [Hero's Mound] also very to goes, at least over a thousand hundred deep pools have ridden to fall on the mountain road, Tian Ling Empire first three Guild of Guild wind and cloud list like this paved the attack by the blood the path!


The fight is conducted very frigidly, completely is the battle of attrition, we were constrained enough over 2 hours in the second position, person who we hang are many, the Indian players were also many, the player who went on an expedition the world to send out the defense almost die certainly, but rapid came a Guild seam protector, was taking advantage of the heavy artillery and crossbow car(riage) continues to hinder our offensive.

When my N th releases ride the wind to cut the second kills at present the enemy, finally, the front path is. .h.i.t to empty!

The Li Mu whole body is bathed in blood, around the eye is the blood, raises catches fire to burn the sword forward to clash, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Ruins the hot crag artillery and crossbow car(riage), on!"

Melt G.o.d cavalry Mashangchong of one -and-a-half crowds of blood in the past, ripped the smashing the crossbow car(riage), then gave to shut off the steel and iron artillery tube of hot crag artillery with the h.e.l.l fire, takes advantage of opportunity kills off hot lion armed forces NPC of the heavy artillery camp completely, therefore we slowly have also pulled open with the points disparity in Indian area, killed NPC to be equal to killing 50 players, this was the reason that we attacked the mountain.

At this time, had Cooldown to stop to have a look at the frigid battlefield on mountainside finally, was melts the G.o.d cavalry and kamikaze to ride the corpse that hundred deep pools rode everywhere, this war at least let our three big branch of the services buckles more than half, the price that but the Indian must pay at least was our 3-5 times . Moreover, has to admire to go on an expedition the will of world player, the sh.e.l.l of their hot crag artillery and dragon crystal artillery has polished completely, the steel arrow also complete radiation of crossbow car(riage), this made us break through the defense line, otherwise at least must come for one hour on all fronts to collapse again!


From will hunt for the conclusion also 3 hours is less than!

I will be full am the b.u.t.terfly sword of blood to the previous finger, said: „Continues to attack, to the opportunity that they pant for breath!"


Melts the G.o.d cavalry to regroup after a defeat numerously, full speed overruns toward the mountain on along with me once more, what a pity the terrain too did not favor our has displayed, the [a.s.sault] speed of melt G.o.d cavalry could not achieve 50% throughout, otherwise there is the flying general and speeding away dual effect words, perhaps already broke through the defense line.

Again upward, already approached three blade edge mountains the crests, above is a more crowded player and NPC Team, this time saw leader finally, the maplewood was drunk stands above a great crag, was directing this defensive war, was Yorozuo of several hot lion armed forces is long in his side, NND, was the fellow who one crowd of PC, gambled and fights to stop at no evil, the hot lion armed forces were the hot lion mercenary soldier, was one group of hoodlum soldiers, now gave shelter to finish rapid revolting by the empire, should dismember a body them really completely!

Last blockade, was more brutal, the mountain road is exceptionally steep, even the majority is straight, needs to crawl along the rope, on several alleys has the trace of haulage heavy artillery, but the midway had been blown up, the intention that the maplewood is drunk was really too obvious, making our heavy cavalries not have the opportunity!

„How then also to rush?" Looks at steep starting off, Li Mu clenches jaws, „NND, is really mean, attracts here us, unexpectedly gave the mountain road!"

Fang Ge Que is also stunned, but the complexion is as before tranquil, said: „Since does not make us ride a horse, that discontinues a war, the kamikaze rides, discontinues, prepares to climb up the attack! Wind Elf flew, the firepower covered the shield!"

I nod: „Starting is a cavalry soldier, discontinues is the infantry, the melt G.o.d cavalries discontinues, prepares the storm!"


Does not wait for our storm, the place above started to launch the heavy artillery, is good is scarce because of the heavy artillery quant.i.ty, moreover as if the maplewood is drunk was also worried that collapsed to the bang the entire mountain top, therefore does not dare to order the dragon crystal artillery to act fully, Yorozuo of that several hot lion armed forces long is bossy, in fact should not by the direction that the maplewood is drunk, if as expected, was the clear pupil develops black ink and Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire reached the agreement, otherwise hot lion armed forces impossible with player common onset and retreat.

They love the free life, is the same with the manner of xing fire.

Such natural, such uninhibited, in a wolf like wind.

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