Young Master Jian, Pamper To The Heavens Chapter 3


Young Master Jian, Pamper To The Heavens

Young Master Jian, Pamper To The Heavens Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Wiping her nose on his expensive suit (1)

She hit the bed in joy and rolled several times!

“Oh my G.o.d! Oh my G.o.d….. really? I'm have been reborn?!” Lu Yu'an was so happy that she rolled onto the bed excitedly.

And accidentally rolled to the ground!

“Ai…..” Lu Yu'an sat up and touched her head. The floor was covered with a thick carpet so when she rolled from the bed it didn't hurt at all!

Suddenly the door was pushed open and a maid dressed as a servant came in. She had heard some noises outside the door and thought something had happened to Lu Yu'an!

When Lu Yu'an saw that someone had come in, she immediately got up from the ground and looked at the maid.

“Miss, is there something I can do for you?” The maidservant looked at her carefully and asked.

Lu Yu'an looked at the servant. Her name was Xiaoxue, and she was almost her age. After she had come to ‘An Villa' all her eating and daily concerns were taken care of by Xiaoxue.

Lu Yu'an approached Xiaoxue, smiled gently and said to her: “Xiaoxue, where is Jian Yihan?”

“Young Master? He is in the study.” Xiaoxue blushed. Miss had never smiled at her in the past few months….

“Thank you Xiaoxue!” Lu Yu'an patted Xiaoxue on the shoulder and went out the door.

Lu Yu'an bounced out in slippers. The villa was very large, covered all around with carpets so stepping on it was very comfortable but of course, going barefoot was the most comfortable.

The first thing to do after being reborn was to go find the husband who was poisoned by her in her past life!

As she walked through the hallway, she thought of his kindness to her in the past life. No matter what she wanted he would give it to her. Once they had gone out together and saw a wandering singer singing in the streets. She just said, ‘She sings well' and Jian Yihan heard it. The next day the singer showed up directly at home and sung to her everyday until she got bored.

And what she liked to eat. She had said, ‘This sashimi tastes good'. The next day and many days later, there was this dish on the table until she got tired of eating it.

She couldn't help but shed tears when she remembered how good he had been to her….

There was also the first time she had cooked for him in her previous life. She had poisoned it. Li Huachen said it was a general sleeping pill. Who knew that it was poison? He ate it all and said, ‘delicious'.

And in the last moments when he had bled from the corners of his mouth he said, “Wife, even if it is poison, as long as it was given to me by you, I'm willing to eat!”


At that time she had thought about how to leave him everyday, how to elope with Li Huachen, but she didn't know that Li Huachen regarded her as a chess piece!

Then he tricked her into transferring the company, the real estate and more than a billion dollars to him and she had just agreed….. hehe! She was such a fool!

The most inexcusable thing was, that sc.u.m male had killed housekeeper Zhong. After the death of her parents, housekeeper Zhong had liked her as her own biological daughter. How could Li Huachen kill her!

Fortunately, everything could start over…..

Unwittingly, she had come to the door of the study!

How do I get along with him?

Lu Yu'an was stunned!

A few months ago, Jian Yihan had inexplicably brought Lu Yu'an to ‘An Villa' to get accustomed to it and told her that she would live her in the future. Lu Yu'an had been very resistant then because at that time, she and Li Huachen had been together. Although they hadn't yet reached the point where they were boyfriend and girlfriend, they were almost there. Jian Yihan had broken them apart.

Since then, ‘An Villa' became restless. Lu Yu'an argued all day in order to go home, but Jian Yihan just let her fight and hit him but didn't let her go because as long as he allowed it, she would go find Li Huachen. They had almost eloped several times!

In these two lives, she didn't know why Jian Yihan liked her so!

Don't know how long she had been thinking when the door to the study was opened and Jian Yihan's image was imprinted into her eyes!

Jian Yihan, the capital's rich and powerful man. He had a pair of bright and deep eyes, thick eyebrows. A man with long eyelashes that really made women envy him as well as that long nose and thin lips, with a perfect figure and 1.87 meters tall. Completely and utterly perfect!

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