Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 75.3


Why Not Soar Your Majesty

Why Not Soar Your Majesty Chapter 75.3

Chapter 74.3 - Mu family's change

She'd worked so hard for so long, acting in films and dramas, even doing commercials and sponsorships.

But her account only had $23,333.30!!!

“F***! Ning Jing! I'm going to sue you! How long has it been since you've paid me!” Tang Xiao bellowed. “Why does my account only have this much? Also what the heck does 23333.3 mean?! Are you mocking me!”

Chief Ning didn't even raise an eyelid.  “Previously, Xiao Lin spent quite a bit of money fixing up your game account. So I took some management fees for her. But that's not right, it should be called a ‘trainers fee'. When you add up all of those small fees and expenses, you only have about $20,000 left over. I only left you the extra $3k because you're Xiao Lin's friend.”

Tang Xiao howled, “Beast! This is exploitation! I can't live any more! I need to sell my blood! Beast!”

“Xiao Lin! Go on her game account and destroy some equipment.”

“Boss! Let's use words, not actions!”

Tang Xiao: QAQ!!!

That night, Mu Cheng called Tang Xiao.

It was slightly windy at night so Tang Xiao was leaning outside of her window as she spoke on the phone.

It was nice and comfortable as she watched the night lights below.

She blew a breath against the gla.s.s, making it slightly blurry.

“Do you miss me?” Mu Cheng sounded like he was in a good mood, his voice held a bit of laughter.

Tang Xiao hadn't seen him in a long time.

Especially with how she was staying at the Ning family. So she couldn't even send him some posters of her as a care package.

“I miss you.”

Hearing her answer, Mu Cheng felt even better.

“I heard from Chief Ning. You're putting yourself in too much danger. What if they still have some moves up their sleeves?” Tang Xiao couldn't help but furrow her brows. She started to draw with her finger on the fogged up gla.s.s.

“Mu Jin was involved in an accident, but even if it wasn't their fault, I can't help but blame them. You can probably understand it as taking out my anger on them?” Mu Cheng was using Su Muzhe's att.i.tude from in-game, which felt weird.

“Wait, you're this mad because of Mu Jin?” Tang Xiao found the important point.

“Your comprehension skills really are lacking. The points you focus on, are also strange.” Mu Cheng felt a headache coming on.

Afterwards, he seemed to have thought of something as his eyebrows smoothed out. “There's only one more week, and it'll nearly be over. Wait for me to come back.”

Tang Xiao thought for a moment and then realised it'd be the same time when Night Changan would be filming. She couldn't help but grumble, “Even when you come back, I'll be busy.”

“No, I'll take a week off to stay with you.”


Mu Cheng heard how happy she was and he felt warm all over. “I'm the boss, I have a say in what goes on.”

“Then can I ask for a raise! Or if I can't get a monetary bonus, you can pay with your body too.” Tang Xiao started getting c.o.c.ky again.

But towards the end of her sentence, her voice grew small.

Mu Cheng answered her very seriously. “I have to consider this question seriously. We can make this a long term contract.”

Tang Xiao: !!!! Good, very good!!!

“After Night Changan finishes, let Chief Ning organise some other work for you.” Mu Cheng said.

“En, I don't think I really want to act in films any more.” Tang Xiao's eyes were shining. “I want to be a game live-streamer!”

Mu Cheng paused. “Stream yourself asking for death?”

“....” Tang Xiao quickly reb.u.t.ted, “It was all because I wasn't familiar with the quest, that's why I died so quickly. You have to be remember, I'm the flashiest enchantress in Spirit Road~ Last time, when Spirit Road was streaming, it was so fun! Playing on the battlefield was really great, I want to do it again.”

Mu Cheng laughed lightly, his voice was deep but it went all the way to the bottom of her heart.

Tang Xiao could already imagine Mu Cheng right now.

He would have one hand holding his phone up and his mouth corners would be slightly lifted up.


The originally fogged up gla.s.s now had a clear love heart, drawn by Tang Xiao.

The years are peaceful, they're as gentle as you.


TL note:

Live streaming suits TX better than serious acting.

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