Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 2


Welcome To Freak Class!

Welcome To Freak Class! Chapter 2

January 5th was the opening ceremony for the new semester for Yuri Academy. Cherry blossoms fell, their petals drifting in the wind as footsteps sounded once more. The students entered the academy one after another. Yuu, who was carrying his suitcase, was standing at the gates. With excitement, he looked at the school in front of him and took a deep breath before stepping in.

Yuri Academy had a pentagonal architectural design, with five towers in each corner, a large fountain in the middle, a garden and a library in the back of the academy. The auditorium was on the left, the cla.s.srooms were on the second floor, and the restaurants and cafes were in the northeast section. Besides cla.s.srooms, there were clubs and Home Economics rooms on the third floor.

Yuu couldn't wait to start the new semester. He sat in the auditorium and looked around. The headmaster was about to begin his speech.

“Um, welcome to Yuri Academy! …………Lastly, I hope everyone will work hard, especially Cla.s.s X.” The headmaster said the last sentence almost sarcastically. After the opening ceremony, the students went outside to look for clubs to join and some seniors were handing out leaflets leaflets to their juniors. Yuu walked around but didn't see any clubs he was interested in. He tiredly sat down on the bench by the fountain to take a short break.

“Hmm, which club should I join?” Yuu sat there worrying. Right then, a female student came over.

“Excuse me, are you Moris.h.i.ta Yuu?” The girl asked humbly. Yuu looked up and saw a female student with black hair, red pigtails and blue-grey eyes. She was wearing a black b.u.t.ton-down school blazer with white tr.i.m.m.i.n.gs, a white long-sleeved blouse with a red bow, a black school skirt, black stockings and brown school shoes.

“Yes, may I know who you are…” Yuu asked.

“I'm Takamaru Chiko from 3rd Grade Cla.s.s X like you.” The girl introduced herself.

“Oh. Wait, how do you know my name?” Yuu asked.

“That's because when I entered the cla.s.sroom earlier, I saw that names had been placed on the table, and most of the students have arrived except for you.” Takamaru explained.

“Oh~” Yuu nodded.

“Wait, how do you know it's me?” Yuu asked, but she smiled and said nothing.

“Well, it's time for us to go to cla.s.s.” Takamaru said. Yuu follow her to 3rd Grade Cla.s.s X but strangely, they went in the opposite direction.

“Um, Takamaru, isn't the cla.s.sroom there?” Yuu pointed to the second floor which was behind them.

"Yuu, our cla.s.s is over here.” Takamaru smiled and pointed gracefully to the front. There was a small green tunnel in front of him. He couldn't see the interior clearly and could only follow Takamaru.

They pa.s.sed through the green tunnel, the circular library and the garden before arriving at the cla.s.sroom.

“Er… is this 3rd Grade Cla.s.s X?” Yuu looked at Takamaru and asked. The cla.s.s in front of them was half the size of the cla.s.srooms in the academy. The exterior was a little old and overgrown with creeper vines but still looked st.u.r.dy.

“Let's go in.” Takamaru walked in front with Yuu following behind her. Although the exterior wasn't very good, the design of the interior design was pretty nice. The cla.s.sroom looked clean as if someone had just cleaned it. It was divided into three floors-the first floor was the cla.s.sroom, Home Economics room and other departments, the second floor was the toilets and shower rooms, and the third floor was the dormitories.

“Yuu, your room is on the third floor, last one on the right. Here's your key. Please come to the cla.s.sroom when you're ready.” Takamaru walked into the cla.s.sroom after handing Yuu the key and pointing him the direction.

Yuu got to his room according to Takamaru's instructions, and opened the door with the key. There was a bed on the left, a desk facing the window on the right, a wardrobe at the end of the bed, and a small table in the middle. Although it sounded a bit crowded, there was in fact still a lot of room. Yuu put his luggage on the bed and went down to the cla.s.sroom.

[By the way, 3rd Grade Cla.s.s X was different from the other cla.s.ses. The direction of Cla.s.s X was opposite to that of the academy, so whenever they want to gather in the auditorium, Cla.s.s X students walk from their cla.s.sroom, which is also their dormitory, to the auditorium and then back to Cla.s.s X. Poor things~ (Gets beaten up)]

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