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Urban Carefree Immortal Emperor - Chapter 22 Translator: Yuchaoz

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Chapter 22: Drift? I'm Learning It Now

An Ya and Ruonan felt that things were under control, so they wanted to leave. Everyone had a huge scare today. They wanted to go back and have a good rest.

Mu Xiaoqiao was emotionally unstable now, so the three of them discussed and made a plan. Zeng Caixuan would send Yan Huang back while the two of them send Mu Xiaoqiao back.

Zeng Caixuan returned to her BMW and saw Yan Huang in the driver's seat. Thus, she sat in the pa.s.senger's seat.


Yan Huang started the engine and the red BMW drove steadily towards the highway.

“You drive quite well.” Zeng Caixuan glanced at Yan Huang. She didn't expect Yan Huang to like cars so much and get his license within a year too.

However, the next moment, she heard a loud roar from the engine. The entire BMW shot forward at a fast speed.

Zeng Caixuan looked at the speedometer. The car was speeding at 120km per hour.

“Are you racing?” Zeng Caixuan was elated. She quickly stabilized herself and grabbed the handle. She didn't know that someone like Yan Huang liked to race.

Zeng Caixuan was excited the moment she thought about racing. She licked her lips.

As an 18 years old young girl, it was normal for her to like excitement. The shock and unhappiness she felt at the Imperial Flourish Hotel were gone.

As she looked at the accelerating BMW, she remembered something. Yan Huang's family were poor. They didn't have a car.

If they didn't have a car, where did he learn his racing skills from?

Zeng Caixuan felt that something was amiss. She turned her head. Yan Huang was looking straight ahead while feeling the gear handle and the accelerator paddle.

She heard him muttering to himself, “In Initial D, you need to accelerate before turning a corner and release the accelerator after that so that your car will drift. The people in the movie turned their steering wheel quickly at this moment…”

“After the car started drifting, I have to lower the gear and press the accelerator. This will allow the car to drift and turn at the same time…”

Zeng Caixuan got more frightened as she listened to him. Cold sweat appeared on her forehead. She stuttered as she asked, “Yan Huang, do you…. know how to drift?”

Yan Huang replied honestly, “No. I am learning now.”

“Ahh!” Zeng Caixuan felt her heart drop. She started screaming hysterically.

At this moment, a sign appeared on the side of the highway. It showed that there was a sharp turn in front.

“Hurry up and lower your speed. Lower the speed and stop the car. I want to get down!” Zeng Caixuan screamed furiously.

The red BMW continued moving forward under Yan Huang's control. He showed no signs of stopping. Instead, he accelerated. The car was moving at 130km per hour now.

“Yan Huang, hurry up and lower the speed!” Zeng Caixuan screamed. “Even if you don't want to live, I still want my life!”

“Why should I slow down? The movie says that before you pa.s.s a turn, you must accelerate.” Yan Huang glanced at Zeng Caixuan. “I can't believe that you don't know this simple knowledge.”

“Movies are fake… Ah!” Before Zeng Caixuan could finish her sentence, the BMW's engine roared again and the speed increased further. It was at 140km per hour now.

“Oh my G.o.d. I'm dead.” Zeng Caixuan was in a frenzy. “I'm just an 18 years old beautiful young girl. I managed to escape a pervert old man but now, I'm going to die soon.”

“Help me! Help me!” Zeng Caixuan grabbed the handle on the car tightly. She closed her eyes in fear and used her left hand to hit Yan Huang. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, stop the car. Stop the car!”

Yan Huang completely ignored her. He continued revising the knowledge… oh no, the movie in his mind diligently.


Under Yan Huang's control, the red BMW rushed towards the sharp turn like a ball of red fire. The moment it reached the start of the turn, Yan Huang released the accelerator and quickly turned the car to the right.

The entire car leaned towards the left. Zeng Caixuan felt her body flying up. If she didn't have her seatbelt and wasn't grabbing the handle, she would have fallen onto Yan Huang.

Yan Huang saw this and immediately operated the remaining steps based on his memory. His actions were smooth. He lowered the gear and stepped on the accelerator.


The car that almost flipped over, turned back and with a roar of the engine, it drove out of the sharp turn.

“Huh?” Zeng Caixuan touched her body. She confirmed that she was unscathed. She couldn't help but opened her eyes. “Why am I not dead?”

She turned her head in shock and looked at the sharp turn which was disappearing at a fast pace. She glanced at Yan Huang in disbelief. “Oh my G.o.d, did you just drifted past that turn?”

"What do you think?”


After the exciting sharp turn, Yan Huang lowered the speed of the BMW. It was already around 4 am in the morning. A storm brew. Lightning and thunder followed.

“Pat, pat…”

Raindrops splattered onto the car and made loud sounds. The people in the car were silent. Yan Huang slowly reduced the speed once more.

“Which b.u.t.ton should I press to activate the wiper?” Yan Huang asked Zeng Caixuan. The rain was blocking his view.

“You…” Zeng Caixuan just managed to calm down but Yan Huang's words frightened her again. She looked at Yan Huang as though he was a ghost.

“Don't you know where the wiper is?” Zeng Caixuan asked him in surprise. She quickly reached out and pushed a lever under the steering wheel. The wiper started moving.

“When you drove it was not raining. You didn't use the wiper so it is normal that I don't know where it is.” Yan Huang replied naturally.

“Huh?” Zeng Caixuan was confused. "What do you mean?"

“Where did you get our license? Your instructor is not good. If it rains and you don't know where the wiper is, what will happen?” Zeng Caixuan frowned.

“I don't have a license,” Yan Huang replied.

“Ah!” Zeng Caixuan was stunned again.

“Then who did you learn your driving skills from?”“You.”

“Huh?” Zeng Caixuan was in a daze. “When did I teach you how to drive?”

“When you send me to the hotel just now, you drove.” Yan Huang didn't understand why Zeng Caixuan was so astounded. He frowned and continued, “The car is such a simple machine. I learned how to operate it after seeing you do it once.”

“Ah!” Zeng Caixuan was totally dumbfounded. She looked at Yan Huang liked he was a monster.

“You… you have learned how to drive after seeing me do it once? Then… what about the drift just now?”

“Driving is such a simple thing. How many times do you want to learn it?” When they reached Yan Huang's house, he stopped the BMW.

“I… I…” Zeng Caixuan was speechless.

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