Truely Yours Chapter 1


Truely Yours

Truely Yours Chapter 1

What is the most important day in a girl's life? . ?

When she gets married. . . . When she becomes someone's bride. . .

And if her husband is the person who is her first and last love, then surely every girl will consider herself the luckiest girl in the world.

But Momal's feelings were.....

Today, after so many years, the day came in her life, which she once wished for. And the same wish she could never have imagined to be fulfilled.

But today she was seeing this dream come true before her eyes.

In a red bridal suit , she was sitting on bed , waiting for Huzaifa Mueez, whom she loves immensely.

But even after all of this, she is not feeling lucky. . .

She is not feeling any happiness. Rather, her heart was groaning in pain, she was feeling suffocated in this heavy lehnga suit.

Because after the conditions under which she was able to get Huzifa, can she really say that her years old dream has come true today . . . ?

no . . .

Moomal usman. . , Who lost her father at the age of four, and after which she came here with her mother, to the house of her brother Moeez .

She still remembers the first time she set foot in this house. She was just four year old. Hiding her face in her mother's scarf, she hesitantly looked at new people in front of her from time to time. Which she had never seen before.

Huzifa was the first person to approach him and ask for her name. In response, she sighed and turned away. But instead of being angry, Huzifa smiled, grabbed her arm and told her his name first and then, almost commandingly asked her name again.

And the one who was already so scared, now tears began to flow from her wet eyes.

The rest of the family was watching the two of them with interest, but Mueez uncle scolded Huzifa, freeing her arm from Huzifa's hand.

"Baba, I'm just asking her name, but she's not answering. Can't she speak...?" Eight-year-old Huzifa defended himself in a low voice.

"Huzifa , don't speak like this." Sughra Begum also explained it gently. Hazifa was about to say something again when a faint voice came.


Hazifa looked at her unintentionally. "What..."

"My name is Momal."

"What a strange name..."

* * * * * * * * *

This was their first meeting When there were tears in her eyes because of Huzifa. But then the same Huzaifa accepted her in his family with an open heart.

Since Hazifa's own sister was much older than him, and he was not allowed to go anywhere except school, Huzifah would keep her with him from that day on, playing with her . And if Sughra Begum had givpermission, he would have put her to sleep on his own bed.

She had become his favorite toy.

And Momal was also happy in this new environment because of Huzaifa. Who would spend his time with her like a shadow.

But then time pa.s.sed like wind and they became an important part of each other's lives.

But it is unknown at this time what she will do after leaving her past relationship with Huzaifa.

Since the age of four, first he met her as her best cousin, and then a few years later how his "best friend" became her love. She did not realize anything.

Only If she had realized this earlier, she might have stopped herself from stepping into this burning city of love. . . . .

She still remember the year when, immediately after university, Huzaifa stepped into the s...o...b..z with the help of an uncle without telling anyone. At first only she was the one who knew this, and she tried to stop him several times from doing so but he was adamant in his decision.

And a few days later, when the news reached Huzaifa's Baba Mueez uncle, he was too angry at him. It was the first time that anyone from his family was involved with such a field, which he did not like,There was a storm in the house that day. Mueez uncle had clearly told Huzaifa to leave the house if he doesn't want to leave the s...o...b..z.

And she knew Huzaifa . If he had made a decision, he won't change it in any case. Which means he will surely leave this house.

And only the thought of Huzaifa's moving away from this house, away from herself, became heart wrecking for her.

When everyone had given up on Huzaifa , she was the one who almost kneeled in front of her uncle for Huzaifa's sake , without caring about everything else.

Mueez uncle tried to persuade her too , but she was not ready to listen to anything else, she just wanted her uncle to accept Huzaifa' profession and stop him from leaving this house.

She knew in that look that she had offended him by doing this , but at that time, she didn't want anything else.

On the other hand, her dear uncle, seeing his beloved niece weeping and begging so much in front of him, was ready to accept what he would not had accept at the request of anyone else.

That night, Momal, stopped Huziafa from leaving the house, from leaving her...

But it was the same night she found her deep feelings for him were too painful for her too.

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