Travel Through Time And Become His Stupid Ex-wife Chapter 1


Travel Through Time And Become His Stupid Ex-wife

Travel Through Time And Become His Stupid Ex-wife Chapter 1

In the dim light and the deafening music, there were two figures intertwined in a corner of the box.

Xue Jiayue felt dizzy and someone was holding a cup, feeding her something to drink. Her ears were filled with all kinds of screaming and howling music, which made her head crack with pain.

Beside her, a man was feeding something to her mouth with one hand around her shoulder and the other holding a gla.s.s of wine-red liquid,. 

The man was called Su Ziqiao. His voice sounded very soft, "Yueyue, drink the wine and I'm sure you'll feel happy like a G.o.d..."

'It is so weird,' Xue Jiayue looked at the man and asked herself in bewilderment, 'Am I in the KTV box? Who's this guy? And what's it? Make you happy like a G.o.d...'

An alarm bell suddenly rang loudly in her mind. She pushed him away in fear while instinctively slapping him in the face loudly. "Get out!" She growled at him in disgust. 

The gla.s.s in Su Ziqiao's hand was pushed away, and the wine spilled all over him, leaving a red stain on his newly bought clothes, which made him very sorry. Suddenly, Xue Jiayue slapped him in the left face leaving him a burning pain.

Su Ziqiao had been concealing his temper well in front of Xue Jiayue. But now as he was slapped by her, a gleam of irritation flashed over his unrelenting face.

He felt so painful in the left face that he  wanted to slap Xue Jiayue back to remind her of the consequences of hitting him.

However, it immediately reminded him that his goal was to approach her and complete the tasks, so he pressed down his anger and continued to coax her gently,

"Yueyue, are you ok? Didn't we just have a good time? Didn't you say that you can't stand your frigid husband any longer, and that we'll go to get a room for the night after drinking?"

'To get a room for the night?' Xue Jiayue came awake to its meaning. She frowned and cursed him in her mind, 'f.u.c.k you! I've been single for twenty-two years and I don't even have a boyfriend. I don't know where you indecent guy came from. I know you're trying to take advantage of me. See how I'll kill you!'

Thus, Xue Jiayue grabbed a bag at hand and smashed it on Su Ziqiao's head. And this was not enough to relieve her anger, so she kicked him again, hitting his p.e.n.i.s.

Her reaction was quick, fierce and accurate, while Su Ziqiao was completely unprepared. 

So with a scream, "Ouch", Su Ziqiao was kicked directly. He hugged his lower body and knelt in pain on the carpet of the box.

Taking this opportunity, Xue Jiayue grabbed her bag and ran out of the box.

Outside the box was a corridor that connected both the left and right sides. The lights were dim. From time to time, screaming and howling music came from the rooms next to it.

Xie Jiayue had no idea where to go, and was afraid that Su Ziqiao in the box would come out, so she hurriedly decided to run to the corridor on the left.

Just around the corner of the corridor, there was a toilet. Two girls were going in smilingly while a woman with heavy make-up was walking out on high heels.

Thinking that Su Ziqiao wouldn't enter the women's toilet even if he came after her, Xue Jiayue followed others into the toilet hurriedly. She found an empty compartment, and locked her inside quickly.

She sat on the toilet cover to wipe the sweat on her forehead. At last, she calmed down to think about what had happened to herself.

She clearly remembered that she was on her way home from work.  Then she pa.s.sed the traffic light, when suddenly a runaway car rushed over her, and her head fell to the ground with a dizzy spell... But how did she turn to run into the KTV instead and get mixed up with that indecent man?

Just as she was thinking about what was going on, many memories that did not belong to her emerged in her mind, while the people and things in her memories were exactly the same as those in the book "A Cool President Dotes on His Wife", which she read last night.

At last, Xia Jiayue figured out what had happened to her. She had been killed by a car, and then her soul was transcended onto a book, which was ent.i.tled "A Cool President Dotes on His Wife".

However, she was not lucky enough. Instead of transcending to be Han Mengxue, the beloved heroine in the book, she transcended into Xue Jiayue, the nonesuch ex-wife of Xu Yanwen, hero in the book, who was a vicious woman with the same name as hers.

The original called Xue Jiayue accidentally lost her parents when she was six years old, and was taken over to the Xu family by Grandpa Xu, who loved her tenderly.

Thus, Xue Jiayue grew up with Xu Yanwen, the eldest grandson of the Xu family, and called him elder brother.

Grandpa Xu always remembered his agreement with Xue Jiayue's grandfather that Xu Yanwen would marry Xue Jiayue after she graduated from university.

This request was naturally opposed by Xu Yanwen. In his heart, he had always been treating Xue Jiayue as his sister. He had only family affection but no love for her. Naturally, he was not willing to marry her.

Xue Jiayue, however, loved Xu Yanwen secretly. She found that Xu Yanwen opposed their marriage. She pretended to agree with Xu Yanwen on the surface, but secretly she drugged Xu Yanwen's wine. Then she pretended to have had s.e.x with Xu Yanwen and made it to be seen by Grandpa Xu, too.

As a result, Xu Yanwen had to marry Xue Jiayue.

However, Xu Yanwen still regarded Xue Jiayue as his younger sister after marriage and didn't live in the same room with her. Xue Jiayue tried many ways to seduce Xu Yanwen but failed. Thus, she was angry and annoyed.  

One day, after another failed attempt to seduce Xu Yanwen, Xue Jiayue complained angrily to her best friend Zhang Renyan, "Xu Yanwen is frigid and impotent!"

Zhang Renyan was amused. She suggested Xue Jiayue half jokingly, "Then would you like me to introduce you to a top-notch man, whose p.e.n.i.s is magnificent? Would you like to have a try?

At that time, Xue Jiayue happened to have drunk some wine, and her heart was filled with anger. So she agreed abruptly, "OK, try it. Who fear?"

Therefore, Zhang Renyan introduced Su Ziqiao to Xue Jiayue. Then came the story that Xue Jiayue and Su Ziqiao, held each other's arms to drink and even said they were going to get a room for the night.

Of course, the original Xue JIayue did get a room with Su Ziqiao. Worse still, they left behind a lot of unsightly evidence, which triggered a series of serious chain reactions...

At the moment, Xue Jiayue, who had travelled back through time, was sitting in a toilet compartment, very upset, holding her forehead.

'Why am I so unlucky to be transcended onto such a book? Why am I so unfortunate to be a vicious woman, the hearo's nonesuch ex-wife! How nice it will be if I can be transcended into the beloved heroine, Han Mengxue!' thought Xue Jiayue.

At the thought that her original kept on her defiant excesses even after her infidelity was exposed, Xue Jiayue could not help but shiver. She didn't want to be locked up in a mental hospital.

Fortunately, this time after she had time travel, she beat Su Ziqiao severely to protect herself.  Consequently, there would be no room to get and there will be no infidelity.

There was no infidelity, and there would be natuarally no any chain reaction after it.

But before she could calm herself down, the cell phone in her bag suddenly rang. She was startled.

Hurriedly, she took the phone out of the bag, but when she saw the name displayed on the screen, her heart pounded again.

It was from Xu Yanwen!

The name of Xu Yanwen on the mobile phone screen reminded Xue Jiayue of his cold face, and his words that he had coldly taught her original, "No drinking in KTV, no hanging out, no returning home after 10 o'clock at night, no ..."

Oh, how terrible it was!

Just when she was hesitating whether to answer the phone or not, it rang off. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Still, she kept on staring at the mobile phone for five more minutes for fear that Xu Yanwen would call again. As none of that happened, she put the mobile phone back into her bag.

She thought of the family rules made by Xu Yanwen to the original—

she must go home at ten pm. It was half past ten pm, and now she was in a KTV toilet... 

What a bad luck!

Xue Jiayue thought about her present situation. She knew that there was no way to linger there any longer. Before she found a way to travel back to her real state, she had no other place to go. Moreover, as a single woman, it was very dangerous to wander outside. Finally, she thought she'd better go back to her and Xu Yanwen's home.

Coming out of the toilet compartment, she stood in front of the sink and saw what she was like in the mirror. She wore heavy European make-up and exaggerated false eyelashes. She found she looked like a ghost. She was afraid she might frighten the pedestrians on the road when she went out at such a midnight.

Imagining about the situation on the road, Xue Jiayue also shook with fear. She quickly opened the bag to find something to use. Fortunately, her original had put makeup remover in it, which was exactly what she needed. She quickly removed the false eyelashes as well as other makeup. After that she washed her face again. She was relieved until her face was restored to its original appearance.

It was true that her original was indeed  beautiful, with fair and tender skin on her face, a pair of clear and bright big eyes under her curved eyebrows, an upturned nose as well as ruddy lips without lipsticks ...

Xue Jiayue did not understand why her original was wearing such heavy makeup when she was so beautiful, which completely lowered her taste and beauty.

She shook her head and sighed. She then packed her bag and walked out of the toilet.

"Xue Jiayue!" 

a man shouted to her as soon as she came out. What a bad luck!

Xue Jiayue was surprised. She thought it was Su Ziqiao. However, when she looked up, she saw a tall and straight man with a solemn look standing at the door of the opposite men's toilet.

Oh my G.o.d, the man was none other than Xu Yanwen, the husband of the original, who had just called her and she didn't answer.

There was a voice in Xue Jiayue's brain calling her to run away, but she was so scared that her legs were weak. She even dared not breathe in the face of Xu Yanwen with a strong aura. She stood still and did not  move at all.

With a poker face, Xu Yanwen went up to her, looked down at her and asked her in a low voice, "Why are you here so late at night?"

Author's note—

   As expected, I come back today because I need to add new articles. During the writing process, every time I think differently, the content changes a little. However, I insist on writing good articles. And my heart of writing good articles will never change. I hope everyone will support me. Thank you!

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