Top Strong Cultivator As A Teacher Chapter 8


Top Strong Cultivator As A Teacher

Top Strong Cultivator As A Teacher Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Face spensation allowed all the teachers to clearly see what had happened. Without further explanation, Zhang Danteng's face ie her teacher, he would probably be pestered to death by her in the future."I helped you today, so you owe e the Tianhai First High School's teacher and will be in charge of the thirty-second cla.s.s' physical education and the cla.s.s teacher." Lu Xinran said." Lu, how can it be that this has nothing to do with Xiang Yang? As a teacher, he can only watch helplessly as the students fought in the cla.s.sroopletely stop the students froing a teacher of the Tianhai First High School anying a teacher in the Tianhai First High School …" Zhang Danteng looked at Xiang Yang with a ridiculing expression."..." Lu Xinran opened her e angry, gritting her teeth she made the decision to expel Xiang Yang."Don't be in such a hurry, I haven't even spoken yet." Just as Lu Xinran was about to speak, she saw Xiang Yang chuckling leisurely."It's useless for you to say anything …""Pah …"Just as Zhang Danteng was about to mock, he saw Xiang Yang slapping a certificate on the table, and leisurely said: "This is the doctor's degree in physics from the Stanford University.""Pah …""This is the doctorate in psychology from Stanford University.""Pah …""This is the certificate for the Doctor of Mathematics Department of Stanford University.""Pah …""This is …""Pah …""This is proof of teacher's qualifications!"The entire meeting room quietened down, only the sound of Xiang Yang slapping the certificate on the table could be heard, Zhang Danteng's expression became extremely ugly, Xiang Yang's clapping of the certificate on the table was like slapping his face, it became so red. It was indeed a slap to the face.Especially since when Xiang Yang took out the last proof of qualifications, it was truly a decisive blow, causing everyone's hearts to tremble.Originally, he had thought that no matter how many school certificates Xiang Yang had taken out, as long as he lacked the proof of qualifications to be a teacher, he wouldn't be qualified to be a teacher. Who would have thought, that Xiang Yang actually had all the qualifications?After Xiang Yang slammed the seven certificates for doctoral degrees and proof of teacher qualification from different departments in Stanford University onto the table, he had a carefree smile on his face as he swept his gaze across everyone in the conference room. He said indifferently: "I don't have a master's degree and an undergraduate's degree in one of the top universities in the country, that's because I grew up abroad. I've been in the Stanford for a few years, and I came back after obtaining these few certificates, you all can verify their authenticity."..."

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